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   Chapter 21 No.21

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot By CSeanMcGee Characters: 3672

Updated: 2018-02-26 12:01

It wasn't easy being a villain. Most folks assumed that it was; that one merely sat around all day doing little more than conspiring horrible and terrible deeds. In truth, they were half right. What they missed, though, was the humanity; the thoughtful planning and careful consideration that The Doctor gave to all of his horrible and terrible deeds. Where would Christ be after all, if it weren't for the brave and gallant betrayal? And The Doctor felt just as bold and courageous as Judas. What better test of one's ideals than to sacrifice their own good name for an eternity?

"Honey, have you seen The Girl?"

Her timing was as inconvenient as ever.

"We need to talk, " said The Doctor.

He had the face of a man who'd just gotten his assistant pregnant.

"You know I adore you, " he said.

There was no way this was going to end well. She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. She wanted to amass the courage to break his jaw and demand a good goddamned reason why; and at the same time, she wanted to crawl back inside her mother's womb and hide.

The Doctor rested a consolidat

is worth a little sorrow. And if none shall agree, then let me have an eternity in hell if I can just spend one more day by your side."

The Girl gave it all she had. She could see her mother just barely when she stood on the very tips of her toes. No matter how loud she screamed, though, she couldn't get her to turn. Eventually, she stopped kicking and carrying on, and sort of gave up; she collapsed on the floor and sobbed unendingly. It would have been terribly sad to see, were anyone looking. And even still, though it was as dark as night, the little brat wouldn't fall asleep; she just kept on sobbing, as if that was going to save the day.

"I love you, " said The Doctor. "But there's something I have to confess."

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