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   Chapter 17 No.17

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot By CSeanMcGee Characters: 9610

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It didn't take long for reports to start circling about what had happened. Within minutes of the heroes departing, there was media and police all over the place.

"What exactly did you see?"

The Reporter was beside a dumpster on the other side of the street.

"Not many people know this, " said Mary, a fifty-seven-year-old prostitute. "But on my knees, I can see everything. Ya have to. Never know who's gonna sneak up. That's why I hate it when they ask me to look em in the eyes."

The Cameraman kept his shot as wide as possible. In the background, The Assistant was barely visible, arguing on her cellular phone. And while The Reporter got her interview, The Cameraman did and she asked; keeping The Assistant in focus - spying on her every move.

"So yeah, I may have a mouthful, but my eyes are always open just as wide, and I see all sorts of stuff. For the first time in a long time, Mary, not only had something to say, but she had something worth listening to. "You'd be surprised at what goes on in a place like this."

As she spoke, door after door was knocked off their hinges as police searched for their suspects. They found nothing outside the expected filth and depravity.

"What did you see?" said The Reporter. "What happened here?"

Mary looked as if she'd had an epiphany; the moral kind.

"Normally I'd make you pay but it's been a good day, " she said.

"Ok, " said The Reporter apprehensive. "Thank you, but…"

"I sucked a lot of dick tonight is what I'm trying to say."

The way she stood, you'd think she was expecting a medal or a first place ribbon.

"Listen, " said The Reporter, quickly losing her patience. "We don't have much time."

At the crime scene, bodies were being removed in black plastic sheets while a handful of detectives scoured the carpark for clues. And as they did, scores of vans came roaring into the parking lot, stopping in all sorts of anti-social angles. Their doors burst open and their contents spilled out into the night – an unfathomable amount Social Justice Heroes, shouting before they even had a thing to say, and all of them looking equally underprivileged, picked on, oppressed, or shamed in one way or another.

"Brace yourselves, men, " shouted a Lieutenant.

Their presence was devastating. It didn't take long then for the placards to come out and for the fists to start pumping in the air.

"I'm a slut and proud, " said one.

"Gender is Patriarchy, " said another.

And while they made their diversion, The Assistant called her boss.


Her voice shook like a leaf.

"I don't know what happened, " she said. "It a fucking war zone."

On the other end of the phone, The Doctor chased a young child around a room.

"You told me you had this, " he said whilst scanning the room for that insolent little…

"I do, I swear; just give me time."

She didn't


"And the robot did this? You saw with your own eyes."

"Your eyes don't stop working just because your mouth is."

The Reporter signalled to cut taping.

"Oh I'm sorry, am I makin' you uncomfortable? Sucking dick is what I do, bitch, just like taking pictures of dead people is what you do. You're no better than me. Fact is, somebody has to die for you to get outta bed. Somebody has to be beaten up or raped or kept like a slave in a dungeon for half their life. You don't stir your coffee until some poor motherfucker had the worst day of their life – until they're dead or wishing they were. What you do for a living is fucked up. Me, I just suck a few dicks, but you, you're all kinds of sick."

Mary's tirade didn't end there.

"And another thing…"

The Reporter didn't have the time for the insight of a back alley whore, and so she ran across the road just as The Assistant's beetle was slowly pulling out of the parking lot; back the way it came.

"Follow them, " screamed The Reporter.

"What about the robot?"

"She's involved in this somehow. I know it; her and The Doctor. I can feel it. I can't explain it, just trust me. We have to follow the smoke to the fire."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, " said The Cameraman, starting the engine.

"You don't get it, do you?"

She'd have more luck explaining the dynamics of a spinning top to a four-year-old.

"Get what? It's a story. They're all stories. That's the point. The whore actually had a point."

"This isn't any story. This isn't any unfortunate event."

She had The Cameraman by his collar, shaking him.

"This is the end of times, " she said. "Whatever the hell The Singularity is, it's happening right here, right now."

Then she looked at him as a mother might, her weak and addled son.

"We are the closest people to it. The end of the world is nigh…"


"I'm gonna report every goddamned second of it."

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