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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot By CSeanMcGee Characters: 4592

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As man and machine made their way out of the station, heading north through the centre of the city, in the farthest corner of his workshop, The Engineer cowered beneath a blanket of choking, black smoke. The floor around him was littered with shards of broken glass and projectiles; some of them bricks and some of them large, jagged rocks. Most, if not all, were wrapped in handwritten notes; abusive tirades of one kind or another. The open windows, all of the smashed to pieces, did little to alleviate his suffering. Instead, the air rushing in invoked a raging fireball that swarmed like an orange storm cloud through every room in the house.

"Burn it to the ground, " screamed the baying crowd. "Oppressor!"

Struggling to breathe, The Engineer thought little about whether anyone would come to his aide. Instead, he clung to the small and delicate components of his latest contraption, keeping them tucked beneath his belly while his back bore the savagery of the flames above.

Though he remained quiet, outside the mood was anything but. And as fire spewed into the sky, consuming the entire building, the baying crowd erupted in magmatic applause. They cheered loudly as if their favourite team had just scored a winning goal, and as parts of the roof began to cave in, they all chanted, one and all, like some well-rehearsed, rapturous choir, thrusting their c

didn't find the robot? At least for now; this was spectacular.

The fire had taken over nearly everything now. Even if The Engineer was alive, he'd be wishing that he wasn't. Outside on the grass, the men in silver suits made their way to the front porch of this shabby old cottage, and with barely a flinch in their step, they walked through the front door of the workshop, and into a great wall of fire.

"The robot's not here, " shouted one of the men. "Get the hell out. Get the hell out."

Before he could say another word, the fire consumed the room he was in.

"Get me the old man. I want him alive."

The Doctor feared nothing and no-one. It wouldn't matter if it were a dictator or a catastrophe, he wouldn't fall; he wouldn't step down. He may have looked like he wasn't strong enough to push his own shadow up a hill, but The Doctor, he could move the world.

"This world is mine, " he said.

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