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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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Clad's POV

I almost lost control with the uprising feeling I was holding beneath. Even without asking I know this Human has a desire feeling with Snow. I can even feel it as well that Snow reciprocates the feeling. Every time I think about it, it makes me want to loose control and just destroy everything. I did not come up this far to lose. Not to a human.

I look at Snow and I caught her taking sneak peeks at the human Prince. I don't even like saying his name, it is like a plague and a bitter taste food. But sometimes, I really have no choice but to speak his name. I don't want to blow my cover and I don't wan't my plans to be ruin. I am here in this academy to take away what's originally belongs to me. I am here to take Snow or to be specific, Calypso, the woman I loved and waited for thousand of years.

I tried my best to lure Snow out from her obsession with the human prince. It is not a typical obsession but it is half way there.

"Hey Clad, why are you so silent?" Tanong sa akin ni Luna na hindi na sumabay kay Avis dahil parang asar pa rin ito kay Avis.

I smiled. They look so bright, I don't hate them, but I hate them for pushing Snow to human prince. It is obvious that they into with the two and I don't even like even a tiny bit about it.

"I'm fine. I am just observing the environment." Sagot ko naman rito.

Hindi naman ako talagang nagmamasid. There are lot of things running on my mind. I need to get the core and Snow and I don't have any idea where the core is. I can't feel it. It seems like the Core knows I am here and it is intentionally hiding its presence from me.

"Ang swerte mo environment! Ang gwapo ng nag-oobserve sayo!" Sigaw naman ni Luna.

I almost laugh. She really has this carefree personality which I really envied the most. I can't even be happy since I was not able to obtain yet my goal.

Ilang oras na din kami na nasabiyahe at napapatingin ako kay Snow na napapahawak na ito sa tiyan. Napatingin naman ako sa oras at nalaman ko kung ano ang dahilan. It was already past noon at hindi pa kami kumakain ng tanghalian. Ni hindi nga din ito nagreklamo o nahihiya lang. Hindi naman kasi ugali nito ang magdemand. Maybe she is pero pinipili lang nito ang sitwasyon.

"Don't you think we need to take our lunch?" Naitanong ko dahil parang walang balak ang mga ito na kumain. Wala naman akongg pakialam sa sarili ko dahil hindi naman ako gutom. Ni minsan ay hindi ako nakaramdam ng gutom dahil hindi naman aki tao.

"Shookt! Its past one!" Nabigla naman saad ni Violet. "Guys, you should check the time. I don't wanna die from starvation." Reklamo nito.

"That should be my line." Reklamo naman ni Snow.

Napangiti naman ako dahil sa nakangusong pagkakasaad nito. Halatang gutom na ito at sa napapansin ko rito at malakas itong kumain pero piling pagkain nga lang.

"Then why did you not complain? We are so into this freaki

urdered. Her entire family. The worst thing is, it was her who murdered her family at it was an accident. The girl lost her control with her power and she accidentally killed her entire family in just a snap.

A smirk formed in the side of my mouth. I felt this girl will be a bog help for my next move.

"Why are you crying?" I stepped in.

The girl was surprised and she almost stopped her sobs and looked at me. She went still and I can even read her mind that she was shock because I am too handsome. For a human, they will really call me handsome since our beauty is unearthly.

"W-who are you?" She asked with a scared tone.

"If I will take away your pain, will you choose to live and come with me?" I asked the girl.

She was liked hypnotized and she unknowingly nodded. Without hesitation, I took her pain away and erased her memories, but left something to know her name is. But now, she no longer remember her family.

Her sobs stopped and she showed a blank face. And few seconds, she wondered why she was crying without any reason.

"What's your name, Human?" I asked her.

She was drawn into me and was like hypnotized. "My name is Hera Calypso Freed, my Lord." And she kneeled down and bowed to the ground.

I was stopped from my reverie when Snow made her fingers snapped at my face.

"Hey! Are you with us?" Nagtatakang tanong ni Sbow sa akin at pati yung iba ay sa akin na din nakatingin.

"I'm sorry. I just remembered my past, doing thos stuff." Paliwanag ko naman. Part of it was true.

"Oh, so it is like a deja vu. But forget about it. We need to hunt now, let's go!" Yaya na sa akin ni Snow.

Then all of us aside from Hera and Violet gone in an instant to start the hunt.


So how was it? First time ni Clad na may POV. Don't be disappointed with Clad dahil yan talaga ang personality niya as a Dark God. Walang Dark God na mabait hahaha.

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