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Thousand of years ago....

Clandestine the god of darkness did not wish anything but aside from Love. He longed to be love and Gods are forbid to love. It was the God of Fire who created the rule.

"Clandestine, seeing the world who has happy people living, it makes us Gods happy." Saad ni Aeroela, the God of Winds.

He envied the humans. Humans can love without any restriction and no boundaries. How he wish, he was born as human and not as a God.

"They look very happy." Saad naman ni Clandestine.

Years have past and the Gods once created a cell that holds the six elements. And it was born as a God holding our elements. It was a female God and her name was Calypso. A very beautiful creation by the Gods who is a god itself.

Calypso grown into a fine woman and holding the balance of all elements. Pero sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari, Calypso and Clandestine fell in love. Two Gods was fallen into the most forbidden love happened in the universe.

The two Gods who was ready to defy the law that was being stablished, but the God of Fire interjected.

"This is forbidden!" Sigaw ni Magmus. His hair was blazing with red fire.

"Please, I am begging, please let us be." Nagmamakaawang saad ni Calypso na kulang ba lang ay dumapa na sa sahig.

"My love, please stand up." Agad naman na agad ni Clandestine at pinigilan si Calypso sa gagawin. "Please brother. We love each other so much." Nagmamakaawang saad naman ni Clandestine.

Naging mas lalong tumigas ang anyo ni Magmus at mas lalo pang nagliyab ang apoy nito.

"How dare you!" Asik nito.

"Please Magmus, calm down! Why don't you just let them be!?" Halos mangiyak na pigil ni Litche, the God of Light.

"Are you all siding t

hem?" Asik na tanong naman ni Magmus.

"It is not that. Look at them! Instead of sticking with your law, why can't you let them be? They are honest and ask for your acceptance." Sagot naman ni Litche.

"Brother, the law is irreversible, defying the law means death." Saad naman ni Aeroela.

Napahagulgol na si Calypso. Clandestine was hugging Calypso so tightly and seems like anytime she would vanished and he is afraid as well for that to happen.

"Calypso...." Bulong ni Clandestine dito.

Napatigil naman sa hagulgol si Calypso at napatingin kay Clandestine.

"No matter what will happen. I will love you eternally, even in my second life." Saad ni Calypso.

And with that sentence, her body went into specs of light bubbles and vanished into thin air. Clandestine was crying so hard and blaming himself for what happened.

"Why can't you just let us be?" Hagulgol na tanong ni Clandestine. "The only thing I wish for is love and you take all of it."

"Clandestine...." Naiiyak na saad ni Litche. "Please stop..."

Many days had passed Clandestine was in his most downfall form. He was gloomy and not talking. He hated everything including his brother and sisters. He hated them for making his life miserable. His only love and happiness is now gone, long gone.

And his wrath leads to vengeance on destroying the world where the Gods loves the most.

Destroying the Universe is Clandestine's revenge for taking away his only love and happiness.


Unedited and lots of typos. I am only using a phone not a laptop so expect the typos.

If you hadn't read yet, book 1 and 2 please read it first before this. You can check them out on my profile and pick GODS and MYTH.

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