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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Snow's POV

"Silvan, how are you? Have you been a good boy lately?" Nakangiting tanong ko dito sa tuta.

He is wagging nonstop and letting me pet him freely. He is such a baby and I can't even scold him for sleeping all day long.

"He's adorable Miss Snow." Sagot naman ni Glendel.

"Thank you for taking care of him. Because of the event, I can't even check him from time to time." I said guiltily. My time was eaten with the event and I can't even bond with Silvan, my great white wolf. But I can never see in his eyes that he hated me, it seems like he understands what is happening as well.

"It is not a problem Miss Snow. Taking care of him is really a good thing. He is a stress reliever." Sagot naman ni Glendel na nakangiti.

I smiled while nodding as my agreement. "True."

Tomorrow will be the last battle and after that we will go back to the Academy and make things normal. I am excited as well to bring Silvan in the Academy. Will he like the Academy? Will the students accept him? But he is too adorable to be hated. I am probably thinking too much but I know, everyone will love him.

"Snow!" Tawag naman sa akin ni Luna na pumasok sa kuwarto ng walang paalam. Nasanay na ako, ganito naman talaga ito kahit nasa Academy kami. Hindi nito alam ang salitang Privacy.

Pumasok din si Violet na ikinabigla ko naman. Never pa itong sumama at pumasok dito. As far as I am aware, she hates me and she doesn't like me and what the heck is she even doing here? I am dying to ask but I held back myself, baka kasi biglang magwalk out ito.

"What brings you here?" Tanong ko sa kanilang dalawa na may pagtatakang tingin.

"We wanted to talk about the new comers." Sagot naman ni Luna.

Napakunot naman ang noo ko. What the sense of talking about them? Napag-usapan na ito kanina, tapos pag-uusapan ulit?

"Why? Does your interest perks up again?" Tanong ko naman dito and I am glancing Violet while she silently seated on the edge of my bed.

"Who's not? I mean, the chosen one was finally found. Who would not be interested?" Sagot naman nito.

"I still find it suspicious. With their description, there is one here fits as well." Saad naman ni Violet while throwing

e is unearthly beautiful. This could rival the prince or equal maybe. The prince is known to be the most beautiful face in the entire universe, but this one seems equal and with a terrifying presence.

"G-good a-afternoon." The president stuttered and he eyes was directed to the ground and seems like his instinct is screaming at him not to stare at the guy.

"Good afternoon!" Masiglang bati naman ng babae at nakangiti. She looks so bright and happy unlike the other one who looks so gloomy. As equal as Yuan's coldness.

"You must be Hera Calypso Freed." Saad naman g president and he is eyeing the girl with adoration.

"Yes!" Masiglang sagot ulit nito.

"And, Clandestine Drone?" Tanong naman nito sa lalaki.

The guy just gave a cold glare that made the chills run down through the spine of the president. He almost regretted to confirm his name. This guys is screaming not to mess with.

"I guess, that answers. So you can follow to familiarize the school-"

"Where is my room?" Clad ask with an icy cold voice.

"B-but-" his glare made his sentence cut. As sharp as a double edge sword. "Yes, I will send you to your room." Naisagot na lang niya.

Hera was left in confusion but somehow tagged along and think about it as the beginning of her tour inside the academy.


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