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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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Snow's POV

The crowd was too loud cheering and screaming. Some brought banners and waiving supporting the Elites. There are banners as well with other groups as a support. This is the 3rd task and up until now, we are not able to crack the code of the task. Race the flag, I don't even know if that is grammatically right. But I decided not to give a damn, it will only stress out my brain cells.

"The crowd is getting heavier." Puna naman ni Violet.

"Of course, having us for consecutive champions with the last two task, it can't be help." Sagot naman ni Luna.

"'Cause were good!" Hiyaw naman ni Avis.

"That is the spirit students." Biglang saad naman ng boses na pamilyar sa amin.

Nagkasabayan naman ang aming paglingon para tingnan ang nagsalita.

"Headmaster?" Sabay pa namin na turan.

"Hello, Elites! I am here to congratulate you. You've done well for the last two task so we are here to support you." Nakangiting saad naman ni Headmaster.

"What do you mean we?" Mataray na tanong naman ni Violet na nakakasanayan ko na ang ugali.

"Of course the students!" He answered with glee and he surveyed the crowd. "See that banner? They're from the academy." Sagot nito.

"What? Today is class day, how could you make a student go off, it is not even holiday." Madilim naman na saad ni Yuan.

"Common guys, your victory is as much as special holiday!" He answered smiling, hindi naman ito apektado sa pagsusungit ni Yuan.

"But the education is more important than-"

"Shut it grandpa. They are here to support so give it a rest." Sita ko naman rito. He is no fun at all. Every students love holiday and he is acting like a grandpa or something.

"What did you just call me?" He ask me darkly.

"A grandpa?" Sagot ko rito ulit. Duh, I am so done with him terrorizing me.

"You are unbelievable." Naisagot na lang ni Yuan.

Himalang hindi ako nito sinapak ng mga masasakit ba salita nito. He is like a human that spits sword.

"Well well. Good luck with the game! We wish you all the best." Saad naman nito and he retreated.

"He was talking like someone got married here. Wish you all the best? Seriously?" Reklamo naman ni Violet.

"That is not too far to happen anyways." Komento naman ni Luna.

"I won't marry!" Hindik naman ni Avis.

"I am not talking to you Bimbo!" Irap naman nito kay Avis.

"I am not a Bimbo!" Tutol naman nito.

"Can you please shut up?" Sita naman ni Violet.

Natahimik naman kami ng makita namin na papalapit si Osiris sa amin. Well, her eyes are particularly trained on Yuan. I just can't believe that this girl always take the initiative, nakakahiya kaya yun.

"Yuan, I wish you good luck." Nakangiting saad nito.

"You should say that to your team." Saad naman ni Yuan.

Hahahaha. May silbe din itong pambabara niya eh. Kaloka lang talaga itong si Yuan, feeling ko talaga eh hindi ito lalaki kasi ke ganda-ganda nitong si Osiris mukhang wala naman ka-inte-interes at wala man lang akong napapabalitang nakarelasyon nito. This is really intriguing, the fact na inaaway din ako nito, insecure kay

can feel the burning pain like my skin is about to peel or some acid is burning my skin. Alcohol that was put on wounds is nothing to this. The fire is licking my skin and I can feel the stings but my skin were not burnt at all. I can feel how hot it is, how painful it is but it can't burn me.

I sighed and my power was already churning and the red flame was staring to turn into blue and the blue flame feels cold on my skin. The sizzling sound covered the field, like a fire was being put out by cold water. The face of the person standing in front of me was held into shock. I am sure he was surprised since fire won't harm me, though it is painful but it will never harm me.

"How did you do that?" He was asking me with a petrified voice.

I smirked. "I eat fire, I can melt ice, I am a water element." Sagot ko rito.

"Impossible! Water element can never defeat my fire!" Tutol naman nito.

"I just did." Sagot ko naman rito. "Now, it is time to pay back." Saad ko at agad na nagpakawala ako ng tubig and he wasn't able to move and the water froze and he was frozen inside.

I searched for everyone and they are still fighting some other group. May mga napatumba na rin sila kaya agad akong tumakbo para tumulong. I released a big amount of water and froze the hell fire and Yuan released a fire sphere and silver ice group was trapped inside. They were trying to break the sphere but it is unbreakable. Trust Yuan to this things.

When there's nothing left squirming Yuan jump so high that he is almost flying and catches the white flag with his bare hands and he landed gracefully to the ground. Ang gwapo ng buset. The crowd screamed and confetti was released.

"And the winner is The Elites!" Sigaw ng emcee na halata naman na panig sa amin.

The whole nation rejoiced with our third win. Now, there is one remaining task and the end will determine the true champion of the Knighthood.


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