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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Snow's POV

The under ground cave was creepy. It is actually pitch black since there is no sun in the area but still illuminating with lava rocks. The inside doesn't feel hot but rather a bit cold but not chilling. Hindi na rin namin nakita ang iba pa. Malamang ay kanya-kanya na rin ang hanao nila. Now, We really don't know where to start. This area was vast and there are no walls. There is no path but seems like a basketball court like area. Saan ba kami pupunta? North, east, west or south?

But we just follow the lead. Since the area is aimless the we just have to find a way. The lava rocks helped to light the dark areas. I was wondering if they are hot or not.

"Are we on the right track?" Tanong ko naman. I am just afraid na baka maligaw pa kami. Baka dito na rin ang aming libingan kung magkaganun.

"There is no right track inside a dragon's nest." Sagot naman ni Yuan.

Well he is right. There is nothing can be right here. This is an absolute wrong idea. Sino ba naman kasi ang nagpasimuno nito? They can definitely select a different task which is more possible than this. Paano kung hindi dragon egg makita namin dito what if it is worst? We are trapped inside at hindi pa naman ako nakakalipad.

We walked deeper and I can feel there are some sorts of crawling in the area. Nanindig ang balahibo ko, I am thinking about roaches, my ultimate fear.

"Ahm, did you heard that?" Tanong ko sa kanila.

"What?" Sabay nilang lingon at tanong sa akon.

"Something is crawling. It couldn't be a cockroach right?" Tanong ko sa kanila.

"Be happy if its just a cockroach, not anaconda." Sagot naman ni Violet.

Kinabahan naman ako sa sinabi nito. I watch the movie anaconda, nakakatakot dahil kelaki laki pa naman ang ahas tsaka talagang nanghahunt pa ng tao.

"Violet, stop scaring her. It won't help." Sita naman ni Luna.

"What? She is funny. She is scared for something which is not supposed to be feared." Sagot naman nito.

This is really not my thing. But heck with the cockroach, tama nga naman si Violet. May mas nakakatakot pa sa cockroach in this unknown vicinity.


Nanindig naman ang balahibo ko. Nakakatakot kasi yung tunog and swear to god, it is a living thing! I can even hear it is crawling. Then suddenly I smelled something gross and similar with cockroach.

"Shit." Naisambit na lang ni Jin.

Then we saw the shadow rise from the ground and a gigantic centipede appeared!

Nanindik ang balahibo ko sa hindik. These looks like a prehistoric centipede! Sobrang laki niya at tsaka sobrang baho. It is already salivating looking at us and I bet it is already thinking about us his lunch.

The centipede immediately attacked us but the 3 boys attacked in one time and without a second the centipede was cut into pieces. That was pretty brutal.

"There's no reason to be scared." Saad ni Yuan.

I fell in silent and silently smiled. Even he is jerk, there is still a soft part in him. Nagpatuloy lang kami sa paglakad at iniiwasan ko yung mga nahiwang bahagi na katawan ng centipede, it is more gross now its dead.

We went deeper and I can already hear a heartbeat. I am sure it is. A loud heartbeat, but what is it?


We are down to the deepest part of the cave and the silence is already deafening. I can feel my heavy legs that feels like it is being suck in the ground. The pressure felt heavier. Is it because of the gravity? Malamang dahil nasa pinakailalim na ata kami ng mundo.

Grab that!

Rinig k

rd about knighthood?" Sagot ko naman rito.

The event every five years. Humans, this is the first time they made my nest into a game. How insolent.

"I know, but we don't really have a choice. Our competitors are from other planets and they are really weird including that Osiris beyotch." Kuwento ko naman rito.

So they came from other dimension. That's why they look very unfamiliar.

"They look alien." Saad ko naman rito.

You are looking for three golden eggs.

"Yes. And I don't even know where they are, do you somehow have any idea where are they?" Tanong ko naman rito.

The dragon snickered. This young one is funny. I am a dragon itself, what do you think?

Nanlaki naman ang aking nga mata. I almost forgot I was talking to a dragon! Gosh, I am so stupid!

"Ahm, I thought you were male and only females lays eggs." Saad ko naman rito.

There are no other dragon here aside from me. But there are thousand of eggs that will soon be hatch and reign the new generation.

"Thousands of them?" Di ako makapaniwala sa sinabi niya. Totoo? Eh paano yun?

Look behind me. Saad nito at umalis na kinauupuan nito and creating a mini earthquake dahil sa bigat niyo.

My eyes went wide when I saw another cave but full of golden eggs! This is so amazing! I looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Can I ask three of them?" Inosenteng tanong ko rito.

I can only give three young one. You'll loose the egg, there is no more I can give you.

"I won't loose it." Saad ko naman.

Galladeer breathe and three eggs went into floating and was put on the ground in front of me so gently.

"Thank you!" Masayang saad ko.

Anytime young one. It is rare to have a visitor that can speak to me. You owe this with your rarest ability.

"Thank again Galladeer, you are the best dragon!" Saad ko naman as if may iba pa akong makilalang dragon di ba? Hahaha.

Now I am wondering how the hell I am going to carry this 3 huge eggs! They are as large as a basin and heavy! Kaya ko naman dalhin ang isa pero ang dalawa? Baka mabasag ko lang ito.

God, the problem is solve but another one appeared. Paano ko bubuhatin ito?


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