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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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Snow's POV

The morning comes up and we are all outside and about to board a ship. On the second day our gears came more weirder. I just can't believe that our gears are like some sort of cosplay. I was like some kind of a bunny without bunny ears, wearing high cut boots tube top with laces and skirt which is high low style.

Luna looks pissed with her gear and Violet she seems okay wit it. Our gears are provocative and I don't know who the hell designed this piece of shit. Mabuti pa ang boys, they wear almost the same gear, pero kami parang pinagkakatuwaan ata kami.

"It is serve as disadvantage. Since we are the winner last time they put more handicap with our group." Saad naman ni Jin.

I really do not call this handicap dahil kung tutuosin ay mas mabilis at magaan ang galaw namin unlike with the usual gear na mabibigat at hindi komportable. It is just about decency and we look like we are not about to fight at all, we look like we are about to go to a photoshoot! Crap!

"Stop complaining with the gears. We must maximize the things we are given." Saad naman ni Yuan.

"Time to board!" Sigaw naman ng emcee.

All of the teams knew the second task. We are flying to Mount Vendicula where our task will take place. No one will be watching but here in the arena they have some sort of wide screen TV and we are seeing our faces. It is responsible of the image manipulator. There are abilities who can project images video like on what happening thousand of miles away. So basically even no one is watching us in Mount Vendicula people are still watching us.

Sumakay na kami sa ship and it floats in the air, similar to a plane but not. Umupo kaming anim sa isang 6 seaters table doon and everyone did the same. Nararamdaman namin ang tensyon doon. We are about to face a real dragon. Hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. I just really hope na hindi talaga dragon ang makakasalamuha namin. Dragons are gigantic and impossible enemy.

Ilang minuto pa ay huminto na ang ship at ibinaba na kaming lahat isang parte ng Mount Vendicula where there is a big hole and deep.

The hole looks too deep and darker and seems like endless pit. The hole was surrounded by moss and weed. I can even hear water dripping.

"The hell. How are we going to go inside?" Naitanong ko na lang. We did not bring any rope o kahit anong material for climbing or anything. I just wish na sana si spiderman ako ngayon so I w

just realized out position. In one look, we are embracing! For the love of God, forgive me! I saw the snicker on Luna and Avis face while Violet was pretending to see nothing and Jin was facing backwards. These people are impossible, imbes na tulungan nila ako eh nanunudyo pa!

"Are you okay?" Mahinang tanong naman ni Yuan sa akon.

God, I can smell his minty breath and it drives me crazy! Sana mabaho na lang ang hininga nito para mawala itong pesteng nararamdaman ko at ng maturn-off na ako rito. But no, it seems like it was a fuel added to the fire.

"I feel like my legs are jelly." Sagot ko naman rito. Totoo naman kasi, nawalan ako ng lakas o tinakasan ata ako ng lakas dahil sa sobrang takot kanina.

"You want me to carry you?" Tanong nito.

My eyes went wide. Did he just offer to carry me? This jerk?

"No thanks." Agad ko naisagot and I was finding my will to feel my legs and in a matter of seconds, I can already feel my legs. "I think I can stand now." Saad ko at bumitiw ako kay Yuan. He released me slowly and seems hesitating to let me go, but still he did.

"Are you finish guys?" Tanong naman ni Avis.

"If we won't hurry, there will be no eggs left for us." Saad naman ni Luna.

"Lets go." Saad ni Yuan and he turned again into his cold facade.

This experience not in a million years I will never forget this.


Guys, I am thinking about the soundtrack of the second book.

Will you be able to select or recommend the best soundtrack for book 2, your answers are needed. I will be posting the answers.

Write in the comment section the soundtrack and why.

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