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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Queen Eirreena's POV

I stood there and staring with this girl in front of me. I was still in my reverie and thoughts why this girl doesn't even bear any resemblance from her father. I knew his father, I knew him very well since he is the one who turned me into pieces and broken. I loved her father but at the same time I hated him. The dislike I felt to this girl is not because she is commoner, but because she is her father's daughter.

It is a big mystery how come him and that woman gave birth to a very powerful child. I knew what I saw earlier today. She can deceived anyone but not me. I know she can wield the rarest fire and water and to change its nature is beyond exceptional. Is she really his daughter? If I only didn't knew she is a Sylveria, I will really not think she is related to that man. But is she really? My mind is pestering with the idea about it. I heard before the woman he married was having a hard time for creating a child and one day the news came off that they had a child.

But I never heard about the woman got pregnant. I hired people to investigate for years and I was never told that she was pregnant. It was reported suddenly that she gave birth to a girl. I have a doubt she may not be his daughter after all. With her looks, it concludes everything.

"Snow, have you talk to your father?" Tanong ko rito. She looks like a rabbit that got cornered by a wolf.

"Not so often, your highness." Sagot naman nito.

"How about your mother?" Tanong ko naman.

"I-I never knew my mother. She died giving birth." Sagot nito.

Dito naman ako nagulat. I never knew that woman died. After they reported that they already have a child I ceased on spying on them. From then, I never knew the what happened.

"Sorry to hear that." Saad ko.

"It's fine your highness." Sagot naman nito.

"The competition this morning. You've done well." Saad ko rito but still I am showing my usual stoic face.

Mukhang nagulat naman ito. I know that she is under the impression that I do not like her. So it is really reasonable for her to be surprised.

"Thank you your highness. Everything for our country." Sagot naman nito.

"Seems like you and my son is quite close." Tanong ko rito. Yun din ang napapansin ko. Una, talagang nagulat ako na may dinala si Yuan na escort na dati naman kahit anong pilit namin ay ayaw nito ng may escort, kung meron man ay iniiwan niya ito. I can sense my son was changing a bit, he is now showing reaction towards this girl. Hindi naman ako magtataka if Yuan is attracted to her, she has an incredible beauty that everyone would get envy.

"Uhm.... We are not your majesty. He is just like that and bossing

on my bed and we continued on playing mobile legends.


We are now in the common room at pinatawag kami ni Yuan. Silvan was following me kaya wala akong magawa kundi isama ito aa meeting namin. Yuan was holding some paper and I have no idea what is it.

"So what's the deal?" Tanong naman ni Luna. Naputol kasi ang paglalaro namin sa ranking at talagang nainis ito kay Yuan. Wala daw konsiderasyon hahaha. Basta laro eh.

"The second stage will be tomorrow. The quest will be collecting 3 golden dragon egg." Sagot ni Yuan.

Dragon egg? I knew dragons existed but I never saw one and I thought they are extinct.

"That is just some sort of metaphor right?" Tanong ko naman. It could be it is just a title right?

"No. It is really a dragon eggs." Sagot naman ni Yuan.

Naguguluhan naman ako. Even Luna was confused. Everyone knew that dragons was extinct million years ago, due to a meteorite and all prehistoric being was vanished.

"Dragons still exist." Saad ni Yuan.

He doesn't make any sense to me! Kung may mga dragon pa, bakit wala akong nakikita ni isa? Ka laki-laki ng mga dragon at wala man lang isa na lumilipad! Ginogoodtime lang ata kami nito eh.

"These will be our gears for tomorrow. Fireproof vest and we need to used our agility." Saad naman nito.

It sounded like we are thieves and we are about to steal the golden eggs. Hindi ko alam kung totoo ba ito o nantitrip lang itong si Yuan but whatever will happen tomorrow, we will finish stage two with success.

Silvan bark at nothing and I smiled when He catched my attention. Papansin din itong tutang to eh hahaha.


It was really hard creating a plot for every chapters. I am still glad I did not ran ideas yet. Book 2 is not easy.

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