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Snow's POV

I feel like not going outside. Kanina pa ako nagmumukmok sa kuwarto and even Glendel doesn't have any idea why my eyes are puffy. I am sure she knows that I cried but not the reason why. But she did not asked me, which is very favorable to me. Naiinis ako kung naiisip ko lang yung pagmumukha ng babaeng yun.

May kumatok naman sa silid ko at agad naman itong tiningnan ni Glendel. Hindi ko alam kung sino ang nasa pinto at wala akong pakialam kung sinong poncio pilato pa.

"Miss, Lady Luna is looking to visit you." Paalam nito sa akin.

I don't know if I wanted her to see me in this state, but also she will wonder why I am not letting her in. So I sighed and wave to let her in. Sumunod naman si Glendel at pinapasok na nito si Luna.

"I've been looking for you, what-" she froze when she saw my state.

I wave Glendel to go outside and she manage to get what I meant. Lumabas ito ng hindi nagtataka at nag-aatubili.

"What's wrong?" Nag-aalalang tanong naman ni Luna.

I don't know kung sasabihin ko ba sa kanya o hindi. Pero ang bigat sa loob na may dinadala ka pero wala kang mapagsabihan.

"We had an argument with Princess Osiris." Saad ko rito.

Kumunot naman ang noo ni Luna. "Osiris? How? She seems good." Saad naman nito.

I know dahil puno ng kaplastikan ang katawan nun. Kung sa environmental law pa ay hazardous yun at dapat sa recycle bin itatapon.

"I know that she is good around you. But not with me. She is very particular with titles and she seems to hate commoners and loves to insult me." Sagot ko rito.

The frown went further. "That snake woman?"

Napakunot naman ang aking noo. Snake woman? She is far from snake, she is a leech. "Snake is too honorable for her." Sasd ko naman na suminghot pa.

Ikinuwento ko sa kanya ang pagtatalo namin pero hindi naman lahat-lahat pero may pahapyaw ang pagsali kay Yuan since alam naman ng lahat na may gusto ito kay Yuan dahil sa mga titig pa lamang.

"Betrothed? Is she crazy? Yuan wouldn't even pick her or even throw a single glance." She outrageously objected. "That damn imbecile must learn her lesson. This is not her world to throw a fit."

"Luna, she is still our guest. Let her be, I can somehow manage her." Saad ko naman rito. Ayoko naman na masira ang relasyon ng dalawang mundo ng dahil lang sa akin di ba? And to think kung lalake ito, baka ako pa ang mapapasama.

"Let her be? She can't do anything she wants. She must know her place. And this place and not for her." Determinadong saad nito.

"Please. Don't, I don't want to make this big. She might just be throwing a fit on something I don't know." Saad ko naman rito.

"She is obviously jealous on you. I clearly saw it that she was trying hard to get the attention of Yuan where you can get his attention easily. That bitch is trying hard and I bet she will stop on nothing to get what she wants." Saad pa nito na talagang ito pa ang galit. Natatawa na lang ako rito. Totoo talaga na pag-ikaw nasaktan yung bestfriend mo ang sobrang magagalit ang mang-aaway pa talaga maipagtanggol ka lang.

"And her intentions are pointless. Yuan is a difficult guy after all." Saad ko rito and I feel calmer with that thought.

"Yeah, you got a point. I can only say good luck to her, but it doesn't mean that I can just let her loose of what she did to you." Saad nito. "From now on, your enemy is my enemy."

"Just don't be too obvious." Saad ko sa kanya at nagtawanan pa kami na parang ewan.


The palace was in chaos on the second day of our stay in the palace. There are lots of people roaming around the garden, everywhere in the palace and I don't know what is happening.

We are all gathered in the living room and of course, Luna and I are linking together and Luna was secretly sending death glares to unaware Osiris who is sitting right across us and wearing a red ball gown. Hi


The pup eyed me right away and when he recognized me, he came running to me with bright silver eyes and then snuggle between my arms and cooing. He sounded like me his missed me based on the sound he created. I have no idea why he is acting like this towards me. I carried the pup and he is licking me nonstop.

"I found it!" Sigaw ko. Someone heard me and the news spread and we gathered right away and the queen as well even the king is present for this small so called hunting event.

"Thanks the Gods it was found." Saad naman ni Osiris.

"Thanks to Snow she found it." Kontra naman ni Luna.

The queen did not say anything. I don't know if she is thankful or not but I don't give a damn. The queen forwarded and tried to touch the pup to get it away from me, but the pup growled and flashed his long fangs to the queen.

The face of the queen turned dim. Is she going to get mad at me again? What did I do this time?

"Can you explain why the wolf won't let me touch him?" Tanong ng reyna and her tone is deafening.

"Your majesty, the white wolf imprinted to this girl." Saad naman ng barn watcher.

I saw the face of the queen how it turned to scowl but she can't even say something because of the Kings presence.

"Ridiculous. I am the owner of these wolfs." Saad ng reyna she still maintained her usual stoic face.

"Wolves do imprint. If they already imprinted on someone, there is nothing you can do about it. Let the wolf go wherever he wants. You don't spicifically own them. They belong to the Gods." Saad naman ng hari.

Seems like the tongue of the queen got stuck and can't say anything. She fumed but leaved the area regally. I was somehow happy.

"Lucky for you, you were chosen by this silver eyes." Nakangiting saad ng hari. "Raise it well." Saad nito at umalis na rin ito.

I was beaming and my silver eyed wolf seems happy as well. For the first time, I will have a wolf and not just a wolf, it is a great white wolf.

"Oh my gosh. You are so lucky Snow. How did you tamed it?" Interesadong tanong naman ni Snow.

"There is no need for taming. The great white wolf will choose its owner." Saad naman ni Yuan.

"Then, what will be his name?" Tanong naman ni Avis.

Now that I think about it. I am wondering what should be his name but I came up with one. Staring at his lovely silver orbs I came with a conclusion.

"I will call him Silvan." And my my little silver eyed pup howled in bliss.


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