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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Snow's POV

Our arrival was announced and the people watching us from their seats were beaming with pride, after all the Elites is famous in the entire nation. We all gathered admiration when all of us dressed in a serene colour and represents peace and unity.

Hindi ko rin alam kung anong trip ng mga ito kung bakit kailangan puti ang suotin namin. We can wear blue naman o di naman kaya pula. They chose white, this is my second time wearing long gowns and lahat sila puti.

"This is a lot of crowd." Bulong naman sa akin ni Luna.

"Yes. I did not expect to be watched with so many people." Sagot ko naman dito.

"Yeah, after all it will be the first time where there will be from other planets who will join the Knighthood." Bulong nito ulit.

"Greetings Elites." Bati sa amin ni Queen Eirreena with a cold smile. Her eyes landed into mine and she slightly smiled and I can only think that was just for a show. I always feel that she doesn't like me or something.

"Greetings, Your majesty." Bati naman namin lahat. We held our breath, the superiority of this woman is very overwhelming.

"I am glad that you are all here and dressed pleasantly." Nakangiting saad nito. I don't know but the last time I saw her, she was cold as ice. Is it because there are guest coming? "You will be our root of success for this upcoming knighthood. Don't disappoint us." Saad nito.

I can feel shiver with my spine. Though she was smiling, we can feel the heaviness of her words. Fuck, she is putting pressure on us and did not even consider where we are all newbies in this event. And take note, the opponent are from other planet as well and I have no idea what planet they came from.

"Count on us, mother." Saad naman ni Yuan.

The queen tapped the shoulder of Yuan. "I know you will not fail me." Saad nito. Pagkatapos nun ay tumalikod na ito at umupo sa trono nito. The king was not around yet.

I was wondering where could be the king in this important event. But speaking of the devil the king just arrived riding a white horse. He was dressed regally and stand out. He is wearing the golden crown that seems too heavy.

Lahat kami ay yumukod even the viewers as well. It is a natural thing to do when the king arrives in a vicinity. We practiced this culture and passed down generation by generation. Lumapit naman si King Rupert Richmond Vel Versailles.

"Our champions!" Bati sa amin ng hari.

We bowed the second time. And we utter our thanks and appreciation.

"My son, I believe in your capability and your team." Saad nito na nakangiti. I can feel the genuine words from the king. Then his eyes landed on me. "Oh dear, you are the one who was the escort of my son last ball." Tanong nito sa akin.

I gulped. This is my first time talking to the king and heck, my hands are swearing and I feel like my face twitched. He was smiling looking at me and I can't feel any negativity.

"Your excellency, I am Snow Brielle Sylveria." Pakilala ko rito.

"You have a lovely name my dear, just complimented with my son's temperament. But you look very lovely as always, no wonder why my son chose you." Nakangiting kuwento nito sa akin.

I gawked in front of the king. The face of Yuan turned sour. Jin turned into something like he swallowed some big ice chunks. Avis snickered and Luna was almost dancing in victory while Violet almost rolled her eyes but stopping herself doing it in front of the king.

"Stop this instance Father. You are making a big deal out of it." He frowned and said it coldly.

I can see now where he inherited this attitude, it must be his mother's since his father feels so warm and happy.

"Just like I said, you still gotten that temper of yours. I was wondering how could this little girl keep up with your attitude. Prolong it and you will regret." Pagkasabi nito ay umalis na ito sa harap namin at pumanhik na sa upuan nito.

I just can't believe what happened. Was the king just shipped us? His son? The prince? I can't believe it. The face of the four was snickering and I am in awe and still gawking

mitless power thing she is talking about. She may be bragging but those are true.

"That was really exceptional. I hope you can teach us as well to annihilate demons. They are pestering us all over the years." Saad naman ng Reyna.

"Well, we can talk about that." Nakangiting saad nito and she glanced at Yuan na parang walang pakialam sa mundo.

The queen somehow catches what she is hinting and her gaze diverted to Yuan.

"By the way, the man beside you is my son Yuan Rave Vel Versailles, the heir of this kingdom." Pakilala naman ng reyna.

I felt the urge to walk out but I don't have any valid reason to do that. First, Yuan and I have nothing to do with it. I have no right to get mad by it. Second, it is suppose to happen, royalty belongs to royalty and not commoner.

"Nice to meet you my prince." Saad naman ni Osiris in a very sweet voice that I almost developed goosebumps.

Yuan eyed the girl and said nothing. He went back to eat as if nothing happened. The scene was picturesque and I almost stand up and danced. Even the king smiled a little, so basically it means, the king doesn't like this new comer.

"Where is your hospitality, Yuan." Malamig na banta ng reyna.

Yuan somewhat eyed the girl back. "Welcome." He said shortly and said nothing after that.

"Just don't mind him dear, he is really like that to everyone even me." Saad naman ng reyna na halatang apologetic dahil sa kabastusan ng anak. For the first time, ngayon lang ako natuwa sa kabastusan nito hahaha.

"Enjoying the food Snow?" Tanong naman sa akin ng Hari.

There gaze diverted to me. Yuan looked at me and contemplating. Osiris was eyeing me somewhat profiling me and the queen I can swear her eyes turned into slits.

"Yes your majesty. You have a wonderful chef." Nakangiting sagot ko naman rito. But actually I felt too awkward.

"You want seafoods?" Tanong naman ni Yuan.

"No, I am fine." Sagot ko naman.

The look on Osiris face was distorted and the queen did not like the single bit of it.

"Just eat my dear, after all I am rooting for you." Nakangiting saad ng hari.

I almost gawked when he said that in front of everyone. I swear to god, the look on the face of the four Elites are in bliss while the queen was already in a verge of berserk.

"How wonderful." Saad naman ng reyna na halatang pilit ang pagkakangiti.

"Well, if you comes my way. I'll do it my way." Makahugang saad ng hari and we don't know who he is pertaining to.

The meal ended with question and from them on, Osiris was giving me cold glares as if I am her mortal enemy from this forward.


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