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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Snow's POV

"Where the hell is this place?" Violet freaked out.

Lahat naman siguro kami eh naalarma sa pagbabago ng lugar. Yung totoo ang tingin ko sa lugar nito ay imbakan ng mga namatay o pinatay. The place is so eerie that made me shiver not to mention the demonic energy as well.

"Crap, we can see now his real form." Saad naman ni Luna na talagang napapalatak pa.

"Are those tattoos?" Nagtatakang tanong ni Avis. Minsan may pagkaslow din ito.

"Hindi Avis, he is a fan of hena tattoo." Sarkastikong sagot naman ni Violet.

"By the Gods, how can we even get out of here?" Nag-aalalang tanong ko.

Yung iniisip ko talaga ay kung nasaan kami. Are we still in Windolia? Or are we now inside the demon's continent? Base sa itsura ng lugar, it screams negative energy.

"There is only one way." Saad naman ni Yuan na mukhang naghanda na sa pakikipaglaban. "Kill that goddamned demon and we will escape this hell hole."

Right. In the first place mukhang related to illusion naman kasi ang abilidad ng demon na ito kaya there is a possibility na nandito pa rin kami sa Windolia and just under illusion yung buong lugar. Well, I was wondering how did I manage to see the demons real form where I am affected with his illusion. Sa totoo lang may pros and cons talaga eh, hindi na lang talaga nilahat.

"You will never be able to escape my illusion. You will all be my prisoner. Fear and hate will eat your flesh and condemned your soul to eternal darkness." Nakakakilabot na saad ng demon nagsitayuan na ata lahat ng mga balahibo ko.

This demon sounds like he is some kind of a witch, yung mga magkukulam o mambabarang. But we all so know about his illusion but the question, is this only his power? A demon who is dare as this? I am already doubting that this is still not it the way others think. The cards were not yet turned, if the demon has, we do all have more.

The demon position himself and suddenly he multiplied like he is around 50 but not accurate with the number, estimation lang mga teh, hindi naman ako ganyan kagaling na isang tingin lang ay alam na kung ilan.

"This is not good." Naisambit ni Luna. "We are going to fight all of this?"

"Let see first." Saad ni Avis and he dashed to strike the clone in front of him. It dodge.

"Do you think you can really defeat me, fledgelings? I am not sent for nothing, or to be handled by mere kids." The demon mocked.

Yuan released an grin as if he is a grim ripper and finally found his target for searching it over millennium, he is really scary when he do that.

"Overestimating yourself will sent you to hell." Yuan replied.

The demon smirked at the thought. "We came from there. We live there, I will be happy if you send me off."

Burn! Hindi ko akalain na may talent din itong demon na ito na magsunog na usapan eh. I can already imagine the frown and how cloudy now the face of Yuan as I saw his fist bulging it so tightly.

"Snow, stay at the centre. We will be the one who will take care of this." Saad ni Yuan and it seems like it was a signal and all five of them dashed towards the clone, swinging and finding the real one.

Naiwan na lang ako sa g

wer me or I am gonna cut that neck of your and feed them with the worms." Banta ko rito.

Nanlaki naman ang mga mata ng demon. "Yes. I know him. He was higher rank than me." Sagot nito.

I smirked. "Have you heard that he was dead and turned into ashes?" Tanong ko ulit dito.

"Yes." Maikling sagot nito.

"Then, if you don't want to turn into an ashes then send us back to the mansion." Banta ko rito.

Tumawa naman ang demon. "Do you expect me to help you? Did you already lose your screw?" He mocked.

"I was the one who killed your friend and turned him into ashes. It is your choice, die or live?" I ask darkly.

The fear crossed the face of the demon and immediately we were returned to the mansion. We immediately scooted outside dragging the demon who is currently bind with my water whip.

We walked back the dirt path and the poor demon was struggling to free but there are no use since the bind is stronger than the demon.

"You look like you are dragging some horrid pet." Komento ni Luna. "Somehow, I pity him."

"You shouldn't be. Pity the infected." Sagot ko.

Not so long, we already reached the cave but to our surprise, there are other people standing there. They look like in a poor state. Lumapit kami sa kanila at lalo na si Jin.

"Who are you?" Tanong ni Jin sa mga ito.

"We were the prisoner in this village. We've been lock up by a demon and some others are already dead." Sagot ng babae na marumi na ang damit at may mga punit punit pa.

Our eyes widened with the revelation to know there are still more people alive after all those long days or even a month being missing.

Napatingin naman yung mga tao sa nakagapos na demon. Nanlaki naman ang mga ito at napatakip sa bibig. It seems like they recognized the demon.

"Save up all the energy with the question. We need to go, before it gets dark." Saad ni Yuan.

We all walked together with the missing villagers ad as I dragged the demon to surrender it with the highest division for interrogation.


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