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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Snow's POV

As we walk by the dirt path walled with cornfield, we noticed that there are hays stack up piled somewhere like there are people doing maintenance with the vicinity. Nothing is destroyed and so far yung kalat ko lang na ginawa ang tanging maiipintas sa lugar.

We were walking with caution and our senses is in heightened alert. I can sense the strong demonic energy everywhere but there is no miasma involved.

Malayo pa ang mansyon at mukhang mahabang lakaran pa ito. I was wondering why the sun is freaking love to shine too much. Kung gaano kalamig sa labas ng kuweba, ganito naman kainit dito sa unknown na lugar na to.

Suddenly our senses just caught something around the cornfield. I can movement, and it is freaking scaring me.

"Prepare your weapons." Mahinang saad ni Yuan but it is enough for the six of us to hear it.

Napalunok ako. It is too scary for something who is coming which you don't know what is it. I was wondering if I am this weakhearted, am I be able to turn into a full fledge Knight? I doubt it, ngayon pa nga lang para ng dinadaga yung dibdib ko. Lahat na ata ng mga palatak eh naisigaw ko na sa utak ko.

"These movement, it's making me scared." Saad ko. Pero bahala na, this is life threatening situation, do or die.

"There is nothing to be feared." Kalmadong saad ni Yuan.

"Fear the unknown." Saad ko. That thing is the most fearsome thing, things that you don't know if they are your enemy or not.

"There is nothing unknown in this world, if it is it will only be categorized as a demon. If it gives harm, then we will kill it." Saad nito at biglang naningkit na ang mga mata nito.

Napatingin naman ako sa direksyon na tiningnan nito. The movement became more closer and suddenly something jump up so high and landed in front of us. The way it look like, it looks like a human but dressed like a cowboy with hat and when it stands clearly, we recognized it right away.

"A scarecrow?" Naisambit ni Avis.

Nagkatinginan kaming lahat. We are all in question why the scarecrow is freaking moving!

"It may be possessed." Maikling saad ni Jin.

"Then get an exorcist!" Naisigaw ko.

They looked at me like I had grown two heads. They must be thinking I am stupid, but di ba pag may sinapian, eh exorcist kaagad ang kinukuha?

"This is not a stupid movie. That thing sure is controlled by whoever the demon habituating in this village." Saad naman ni Violet.

I almost rolled my eyes. Just one scarecrow is not too much.

"Is this a joke?" Tanong naman ni Luna.

We all shrugged with the idea. Then in a one swift moment, the scarecrow attacked us in its most daring way. And with one swift slash of Jin, it turned this into a hay on the ground. That was too easy, and to think-

"Holyshit!" I screamed. When we killed one, 20 of them sprung from out from the cornfield and did the landing with the first one. They really know how to make an entrance.

"Shit. But this is easy." Saad ni Violet.

We began with swinging our swords cutting and slashing. It is unexpectedly easy, but seriously halloween is still too far, seeing them are like we are having a halloween party or something.

Tagumpay na napabagsak namin ang dalawampu. Pero napatingin na lang kami sa taas when there are shadow dots and became bigger. Nanlaki na lang ang aking mga mata ng makitang another wave of scarecrow are coming.

"I am getting impatient wi

human in this freaking thing in front of us! Aren't they seeing it?

"Can't you see it? He is freaking demon with horns and black markings!" I said furiously.

Nagulat naman ang lima at napatigin ulit sa demon but their face turn into confusion.

"He looks so human to me Snow." Saad ni Avis.

What? Are they under some kind of illusion? But this demon, looks so demon to me!

"Don't trust its face. I can see his real face. Don't get swayed by it. This place is already suspicious and all of this may come to just an illusion!" I nagged them.

I eyed the demon furiously. The fear I felt before somewhat vanished into thin air. The demon looked at me as if questioning my existence and eyeing me like he will about to devour me.

The demon showed a bone chilling grin as it flashed its shark like teeth as its pupil glows.

"I never thought, a mere human will see through." Saad nito at nakatingin sa akin. He looks really scary but I don't care. "The likes of you, must die."

With those statement, the floor we are standing swirled and everything is swirling. Agad akong hinawakan ni Yuan at ang apat naman ay pinalibutan ako. As the place is changing, it turned into a barren death land with dead trees and scattered skulk around.

"Stay behind me." Diin ni Yuan.

I do not plan on letting them fight alone. This is our mission and we fight together with this forsaken demon who is looking for trouble and eyeing the death of me.


I would like to take this an honor to thank the people who doesn't ran with comments lol. @fhev_c and @beberlynbolasa. You have no idea how your comment motivate me on creating and plotting the story. I am really glad that you are open and witted.

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Thank you so much and god bless.

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