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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Snow's POV

The brightness of the sun hit our very eyes when we reach the end of the cave. We were all in awe as we saw the dirt path, sunny sky and the corn field. Everything felt weird, the place is still familiar like I went there before which I freaking sure I did not. Saan ko ba kasi ito nakita? Kahit anong gawing isip ko hindi ko talaga maalala.

"This is ridiculous. A sunny village in the center of Windolia." Saad ni Jin na namamangha. Lumingon ito sa akin. "How did you know, there was an exit?"

Napalunok ako. This is the thing, hindi ko nga alam kung paanong alam ko, kaya paano ko ba ito sasagutin?

"I just felt it." Sagot ko. Alangan naman sabihin ko na parang nakapunta na ako rito dati na hindi naman.

"How did you? You are getting weird every minute." Komento naman ni Violet.

"She doesn't seems weird to me. She is being helpful and we should be thankful." Saad naman ni Avis na nakakunot ang noo. Mukhang hindi nito nagustuhan ang pagiging rude ng dalawa. Well, wala lang naman sakin yun dahil talagang weird nga naman pero hinding-hindi ko sasabihin yun.

"Yeah, we know. It is just weird that she knows, it sounded like she's been here before." Sagot naman ni Violet.

"Please, give it a break. How can she when this is her first time in Windolia. Make sense Violet." Bara naman ni Luna.

Yan, nagsimula ng mag-away. "Please, stop. I have to admit this. From the cave as we entered, everything felt too familiar. I don't where or when but I felt like I've seen this place, the cave and this corn field. But I can't explain how, I can't even remember when did I see this." Paliwanag ko sa mga ito.

Natahimik naman sila at nakatingin sa akin. If their eyes are lasers, they are already making holes on mg body.

"Have you suffered some kind of memory loss before?" Tanong naman ni Jin.

Umiling naman ako. Ano to? Drama? Kasi uso ang amnesia? Wish ko lang sana para makalimutan ko yung mga masasamang ala-ala ko sa step family ko, but no.

"Then, you must be a seer." Komento ni Yuan.

"Huh?" Lahat naman kami napalingon rito.

I am what? A freaking seer? It is impossible since I never experience such as thing. I can't even see my future what the hell will happen to me.

"She must be a seer, but on a different case." Sagot nito. "She never went here, but she saw it before. It is impossible to be televise as well."

Ngayon naman ay lahat sila ay napatingin sa akin. It felt so awkward that they are bore stares over to me, which is I can't even agree that I am a seer. It just doesn't make any sense at all. But wait, before I always dream with odd things about demon that seems so realistic.

"Yeah, you must be. But we check the matter after we finish this mission." Saad ni Yuan.

Napalingon na lang kami ng marinig namin ang boses ng mga uwak. They are flying and hovering but they never dared to touch the cornfield dahil na rin sa mga scarecrow. Crows must be stupid, it is too obvious that those are just hays and formed like humans, how can they be deceived with low tricks.

"Now, what the hell is this place?" Tanong na ni Violet. "These crows are freaking me out."

"This must be a hidden village." Saad ni Avis na naging axcited pa talaga.

"A sunny village, in the middle of a Snow city? This is a joke." Sagot naman ni Jin.

"Then what is this village? A cornfield? This may

ow did you produced fire?" Tanong ni Jin.

"How the hell did you do that?" Tanong naman ni Luna.

"That was surprising." Komento naman ni Avis.

"How can you wield fire?" Tanong naman ni Violet.

Yuan just stared and like solving a hard puzzle. I did not intend to use fire but hindi na ako nakapag-isip. You know, adrenaline rush without thinking I released and uncover my freaking secret.

"Am......" Paano ko ba sasabihin sa mga ito. "Yes, I can wield fire as well. But don't ask me how did I do that. I don't know as well. One evening and I realized I burnt the paper I am holding with my bare hands."

"Who are you?" Tanong na ni Jin.

"I am Snow?" Nagtatakang sagot ko naman rito.

"I mean, what are you? How can you wield more than one element?" Klaro nito sa akin.

"I don't know. I don't even know why I can wield water when my family is just a normal human beings." Sagot ko naman sa kanya. Kung nagtataka kayo. Mas lalo na ako noh!

"Guys, lets put this matter aside. We have our mission, and we nearly died because of the attack. If you wanted to survive, we have to go on and leave this matter." Turan ni Luna. Alam ko na nagulat ito pero hindi na ito nagtanong pa. Mas pinili nito ang mission and I can see it as well that she sense the uncomfortable place I am in right now. It is not a good time to talk about this matter, where there is way more important than this.

"Yeah. We should not talk about this here." Sang-ayon naman ni Avis.

"Yes, we will talk all of this after this mission." Saad ni Jin.

"You have to tell us everything." Saad naman ni Yuan na ngayon pa nagsalita.

Napalunok naman ako. Pasalamat ko lang din dahil hindi ngayon ang pag-iinterogate ng mga ito sa akin. So we need to take to the next step, which capturing the demon.

"I felt demonic energy all over the place. This is the doing of a demon. We need to head to that mansion to stop it." Saad ko sa kanila at tsaka itinuro ang mansyon na halos hindi na abot ng aming nga mata.

They headed immediately without a doubt and braced ourselves for upcoming clash with the demon inside this forsaken village.


Oh noh! Trabaho ko na bukas, zombie mode na naman tayo mga bes!

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