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"She is not to be touched, " Killian declared as soon as I crumbled the impenetrable wall with a flick of my wrist. "She planned on killing Cain."

"You believe that?" Xavier snapped. Salvador growled at me.

"You're blinded by love, " Ivy scoffed.

"Nobody will harm one fucking hair on her head, " Killian hissed back.

"Killian..." Eva began, only to be cut off by his threatening step towards her.

"Know your place, princess!" my mate snarled. "I won't stand for anything negative being said about her. Queen Mia had nothing but good intentions. She's showed me."

Everyone exchanged uneasy glances. They all knew the authenticity of rooting through somebody's mind.

"How much did she reveal?" Seth hesitantly asked. "Vampires have been able to trick others before by closely guarding their thoughts and memories."

"One more challenge and I will personally slay every one of you!" Killian roared, muscles coiled tightly. He was obviously still wound up from the war and itching for a fight. His defenses were sky-high. "And she's showed me everything. Every memory she's ever had, each emotion she's felt, I've seen all of it. Do not doubt me again!"

A few terse minutes passed before Eva took a single calculating step forward. She closely monitored Killian's reaction to her advancement, prepared to fend off the dragon at a moment's notice. After only a couple of steps, Killian's chest began to rumble—which I felt against my back since he had his arms wrapped protectively around me from behind—in warning.

Seth went to join her, urged by the need to protect her from possible danger, but Ivy held up her hand and silently joined the lithe blonde instead. Ivy analyzed Killian's stance intently, catching even the slightest twitch of his fingers as they dug into my waist for control of his inner beast. I felt hot breath stir the loose hairs on the crown of my head, and I could imagine the sharp teeth being bared at the two girls.

Once they were a few feet away from us, they regarded us uneasily before making their request.

"Show us."

My jaw dropped.

"You want me to bare my soul to you two, two girls I've only known for a few weeks? Every weakness, embarrassment, and fear?"

"Don't try and hide behind you're tough exterior, " Eva replied. "We all know you would've died for us out here, just like we would've died for you."

"You don't believe me?" I spat, disgusted at their duplicity. First they were my friends, then they didn't believe me enough to spare my life.

"If you were in our shoes, would you?" Ivy challenged.

"I didn't come up this mountain for nothing!"

"What are you so afraid that we'll see?" the demon pressed.

"Your approval of my actions isn't enough for me to openly humiliate myself for your pleasure, " I stated firmly.

"We've all made sacrifices today, " Ivy snarled.

"I lost one of my closest friends!"

Salvador howled softly in agony.

"I lost one of my nexus numbers!" Eva snapped, the frustration and pain showing on her expression. "Your feelings aren't worth much at this point, don't you agree?"

Killian dug his nose into my neck, hissing under his breath at the verbal attack I was receiving.

"Let us in, Mia, " Ivy sighed. "Eva and I were both human. We understand how you feel. By now, though, you need to accept what cannot be changed. People will get hurt if you don't, people you care about. Don't make your transition as hard as it's been thus far."

I studied the two females in front of me, hardened by burdens I truly wasn't educated enough on to judge them by, and sighed heavily. I had to start somewhere.

uck to my side faithfully, pushing his heartbreak out of his mind to focus on the situation at hand.

Eventually, after hours of stomach-turning labor, nobody remained except for the vampires, demons, Salvador, Jane, Killian, and I.

"Study hard, " Eva smirked. "You're top dog on the counsel now."

"I don't know what that means, Eva."

"You need to make sure the creatures under your watch are treated fairly, " Ivy explained. "Then the three of us along with a couple of other species, like the gryphons and werewolves, meet to discuss any problems."

"Sounds like a lot of work."

"Did you think being royalty was easy?" Seth asked.

"You're a royal pain in my ass every day, " Eva muttered.

I chuckled. At least I wasn't the only one that liked to annoy my other half.

"The prophecy came true, " Jane mentioned. "It's all over."

Beauty, brawn, and brains

Three will combine as one.

Once these princesses reign, Peace will have begun.

That damn prophecy was engraved into my head. I studied Eva, the beauty; Poison Ivy, the brawn; and me, the mate of a dragon, who used her brains to survive. In that moment, surrounded by bloodshed and my people I loved, I knew that peace had truly begun, not only throughout the supernatural world, but also within me. I had finally found home. Now, I could stop pretending to be somebody I wasn't. I could just be me. Mia, mate of a hardheaded, possessive, blonde dragon king.


Last chapter got the feels running high! A big thank you to everybody who helped me through this entire trilogy! It's finally over!

The big question: will there be an epilogue?

I'm not sure. I actually really like how the ending turned out. I'm not sure if I should chance it by trying to write a better one, even if making little mutant dragon babies for Killian and Mia would be a ton of fun.

So I'm definitely going to rewrite Nobody's Angel before I begin any other books. Just so ya'll know what's up. If anybody wants to help me with that, feel free to PM me, because at the moment I have no clue where I'm going with it!

Continue voting, commenting, and sharing with your friends, family, colleagues, pets, and rocks about this series! Thank you all so much for everything! I'm almost to a thousand followers, and that's just a little bit crazy. I NEVER expected to get this kind of a response to my writing. Just wow.

Lots of love! xoxoxo

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