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"I wasn't planning on cutting you, " she hissed. "But I can't say that I'm very upset that I did."

A thousand questions raced through my mind, but I couldn't speak. Time was moving too fast. I clutched my head, trying to stop the dizziness as my vision swam. Cain was dead? I was a traitor? Killian... why couldn't I hear Killian in my head anymore?

I slowly raised my eyes to see the tip of Jane's sword hovering at the base of my throat. She stared at me with cold eyes.

"You have thirty seconds to fucking explain yourself, Mia, " she snarled, "or I'm going to kill you knowing that I just saved the entire supernatural world from a backstabbing bitch."

"Killian will kill you!" I gasped, more for fear of her safety than to defend myself.

"I don't care. I can see you for who you are."

"Jane..." I began, looking at her to try and see the friendship we used to have. I may have been a sucky friend, but I still liked her.

"No!" she spat. "You don't get to act like we're friends! I don't befriend traitors!"

"I'm not!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, " she snorted. "Did I interrupt your kiss with Cain? Or were you getting ready to kill him with your tongue?"

"I was going to kill him!"

This was not going how I had hoped it would. My plan sounded fake and pathetic now that Jane had interrupted it and cut right to the chase.

"Do you even know how to kill him?" she sneered. "How would you have gone about doing that? It's not like you paid attention to the lessons in school!"

"Nothing covered anything like Cain."

"Where's your weapon?" she pressed. "What, did you think he'd let you choke him?"

"You forget what I'm capable of, " I retorted defensively. I understood her confusion, but I was still her superior.


"Forget it, Jane, " I snapped. "It was all part of my plan. I've done this to a hundred guys before. Any horny guy will do whatever the hell I want him to do. If you don't believe me, I can't make you. But there is only one person who I need, and you certainly are not him!"

"You think Killian will want you?" she scoffed. "You kissed his enemy!"

"Our bond is stronger than your credulity."

"I'm tempted to break down that wall and let the others judge you before you get the chance to deceive our king!"

"Speaking of which, how did you get over it?" I asked, eyeing the monstrous rock wall that wasn't even cracking, despite the struggle I could hear from Salvador, Eva, and Ivy on the other side.

"Are you really that freaking stupid?" Jane sighed, fluttering her wings and hovering about ten feet off the ground. "None of them can fly, can they?"

I blushed, glaring at her to hide my embarrassment.

Before we could continue arguing, Killian came soaring over the wall, spitting a mouthful of fire at it. It exploded into a million stones. Eva, Ivy, and Salvador went to attack me, but Killian curled his golden, snakelike body around me, giving us the privacy of his hard-as-steel scales.

I stared into the eyes of my mate, easily seeing past his fury to the cutting betrayal I'd cut him with. He studied me carefully, searching for the truth. I didn't avert my eyes, standing tall with my hands dangling casually by my sides. I was hiding nothing.

They all want you dead Killian spoke softly. Ivy lost her son. Eva lost one of her nexus numbers. Salvador lo

ness, but the others might have. I couldn't thank him enough for granting me that favor. I truly didn't deserve that privilege.

Finally, I felt his mouth at my temple, gently kissing along my hairline until he reached my ear. And he whispered six incredible words.

"I understand. I forgive you, love."

I cried harder, tears of joy now. Everything was over. Of course, Killian and I would fight like cats and dogs every day, but the threat hanging over our heads was eliminated. We could annoy each other in peace.

I kept my head buried in his chest until I stopped crying. Killian allowed me to collect myself before I had to face the others. We still had one more thing to fix in privacy, though.

"Love, I know that you love me, " he began gruffly. "My heart tells me that you do. But my mind... It keeps doubting our bond. All I can see is your fucking kiss with that monster. Why...? What is this terrible feeling? I can feel that you love me, but these thoughts will not leave me..."

"You're confused, " I sighed. "I have felt that feeling ever since I met you, Killian. Only recently have I come to win my mental battle. Time will ease your worries, and your head will believe your heart again."

"Is this why you fought me so hard?" he breathed. "All of those times when I couldn't comprehend why you didn't feel the same way for me as I did for you, it was because of this feeling? This fear in your mind that your heart would only lead to your downfall?"

"Yes, but it is in the past. I trust our bond now."

"I do, as well, love. I need to. If I didn't have you..."

I kissed him, holding his face between my hands.

"We don't have to worry about that ever again. We will always have each other. There would be no life for us without the other in it, and we both know how much this world needs us."

Killian smiled.

Every King of Assholes needed his queen.


This ending is kind of rushed because I have work in fifteen minutes but here's the next chapter after that terrible cliffhanger! Thank you to everybody that commented and voted, keep telling me what you think! I read every single comment!

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