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Dedication to 1302elffGURL for her support in all my books and backing me up on a nasty comment in Nobody's Angel. It was my first really hateful comment, and I was really glad to have one of my followers there to help me out. Thank you so much!


There are times in our lives when we revert back to instinct, to what we know to be true. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. Maybe you threw a temper tantrum at eighteen when your parents didn't let you get a tattoo because they always succumbed under the pressure of getting you toys when you were younger with that method.

Maybe you cracked under pressure and did something you regret, some nasty habit you thought you'd kicked; cut your wrists one more time, had a stiff drink, smoked some good weed, indulged in a triple decker bacon cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake with extra whipped cream on top.

Or maybe you just curled up in your bed, hugged a pillow to your chest, and bawled like a toddler because there were very few things a good cry couldn't make better.

Well, I didn't exactly have these options available to me. Temper tantrums got me bruises from Mrs. Britt, not toys; I didn't have any drugs or alcohol near me, or else those might have been my next option; and there wasn't a bed, pillow, or anything cuddly in sight right now. But that didn't stop me from relying on my instincts. I did what I knew how to do, what always worked, what always got me what I wanted.

"What exactly are your powers, Cain?" I asked, tilting my head to the side curiously, watching him through my lashes.

"Would you like to see, my dear?" he prompted.

I hesitantly nodded, half fearful of his actions.

He simply studied each of us in turn, debating something. He saw how defensively Salvador crouched next to Maria, half shielding her with his massive body. He grinned maliciously. My heart plummeted into my stomach.

"Death unto you, little wolf, " he cooed softly. My blood froze in my veins at his words, and I felt like each tiny vein and artery shattered at the sound of her screaming, exploding like smashed crystal. Proud, loyal Maria fell to her side, whimpering and whining loudly. She laid in a puddle of her own blood, her thick fur mattered with the crimson liquid that ran in rivulets down the slope of the mountain with the rainfall. Invisible knives sliced her open, creating dozens of gashes all over her body. Her eyes flickered to mine apologetically before Salvador crouched over her, cutting off her line of sight.

Maria withered in pain before her back paw twitched for the last time. I raised a hand to my head, yelling in agony as her bond was snapped, her soul gone. Salvador sniffed her neck, whimpering, before raising his muzzle to the clouds—it was coated in her red blood—and howled in mourning. He desperately licked her ear, pressed flat to her skull in pain, trying to nudge her awake from an eternal sleep. Tail tucked and head lowered, I could physically see my best friend deteriorating mentally, becoming a shell of his former self without his mate, his other half.

"Ah, mates, " Cain sighed. "Such weaknesses. Proof that love is the root of all weaknesses. Pity, she was a pretty little thing. A bit rough around the edges, if I do say so myself, but that's just my opinion."

Stick to the plan, stick to the plan I chanted to myself. Grieve later.

"Where—?" I chocked out. I cleared my throat, erasing emotion from my tone. "Where did her wounds come from?"

"You see, that's the beautiful thing about my gift, " Cain explained. "I can kill anybody in any way that I'd like. I chose to stab her. I can kill any creature, because I don't need any instruments handy. For example, " he sneered, turning towards Ivy, "if I wanted to eliminate a demon, all I'd have to do is think of her drowning..."

Ivy suddenly chocked, her eyes widening in horror. The flames in her eyes beg

I kicked Ivy hard in her ribs, and she dropped to her knees. I had to get us separated from them. Sprinting over to Cain, I drove up a wall of hard packed Earth between the vampire, demon, and werewolf and us. Ivy clawed at the stone wall viciously, Eva tried climbing it, and Salvador barreled his huge mass at the barrier. None of them succeeded. Salvador began digging as a last, time-consuming resort.

"Impressive, " Cain commented.

"Like you, " I responded flirtatiously.

Mia, what the fuck do you think you're doing?! Killian roared, somehow breaking through the mind block I'd thrown up to ignore him easier. Get away from him! I'm your mate! You are in for the punishment of a lifetime when I get a hold of you! Get the fuck away from him! Mia!!

Don't distract me right now, Killian.

Don't distract you?! Distract you from your plans to kill me? Mia, get off of that damn mountain! That's a fucking order!

"You alright, little one? You seem a bit dazed... and ticked off, " Cain said.

"Killian's being annoying, " I responded. "Damned mind link."

"Let's give him something to think about, " he grinned.

I didn't bother agreeing verbally. My hands tangled in his blueish-black hair, and his gripped my waist. I smiled invitingly, seductively twirling his thick curls between my fingers.

"To a new life, " I mumbled, tugging his head down.

"To a revolution, " he agreed.

Our lips met in a heated kiss, filled with lust and promises.

Thunder cracked viciously overhead; the wind screamed; a dragon spit out a blaze of fire in protest, burning an entire section of fighters to charred flesh, friend and foe alike.

The next thing I felt was a burning in my stomach. I fell to my knees, hands clutching my stinging abdomen where a steady river of blood pumped out of a horizontal gash. I shoved my dripping hair out of my face just in time to see Cain's torso—separated from his legs, the same way he'd killed the mermaids—with Jane standing over it. She raised an impressive, bloody sword and ruthlessly decapitated him, not even flinching as his hot blood sprayed her bare legs. She turned to face me with flashing, enraged purple eyes, blue miniskirt and all.


I know this chapter took a while, but man do I love how it turned out!

Let me know what you thought! Lots of action just happened! Shit hit the fan, ya'll!

What'd do you think of Ivy, Eva, Salvador, Maria, Jane, Killian, Cain, and/or Mia? Who made some good choices? Who didn't? What are Jane and Mia gonna do?

More fun is yet to come!

Vote, comment, and fan! Thanks for the support everybody! <

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