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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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I winced once again. So much pain. So much death. By now, my body thrummed with agony as, with each perishing of an ally, the mental and emotional string connecting me to them snapped. As each connection broke, the pain resembled a bone splintering or a tendon tearing. There was nothing I could do except keep searching. I had to find Cain. Killian would be pissed if he realized my agenda, but I'd rather break this one promise to my mate than have any other mental strings snap.

Too late. Plyith, one of Julian's fiercest warriors and a gryphon I'd dined with more than one evening, roared in agony. A furry released her jaws from around his neck, screeching in victory. She retreated from her kill in a jerky dance with her wings stretched to the sides and her neck elongated, showing off her hairless, leathery gray skin. Plyith's sounds of pain died down into pitiful rumblings before lying still. His golden fur was stained with blood and matted with mud. His connection with me, thick with friendship, broke with a resounding crack that rang in my ears. I couldn't help by moan in anguish and mourning.

Before I could recover from this most recent shock, something bowled me over. I skidded across the ground, smearing cold, wet mud on my cheek and side. I had landed with my arm at a weird angle underneath me, and my body weight crushed it. Instead of getting up immediately, I experimentally wiggled my fingers. From my shoulder to my fingernails tingled, but everything seemed functional.

I glanced up to find Jane face-to-face with a dwarf. Jane, in all her five foot tall glory, stood over the ragged man by about a foot. He held a wicked looking knife in his hand, the blade jagged and as long as my forearm. He snarled at her, his yellow teeth giving the same unhygienic impression as his straggly brown beard and bushy eyebrows. His greasy brunette locks were tied back with a leather cord at the base of his neck, and a red stocking cap rested just over his dull grey eyes.

Jane, on the other hand, glared so hard, I wouldn't have been surprised to see purple sparks shoot out of her violet orbs. Her wings twitched as she sized her opponent up. Sequins dangled off of her purple tank top, tattered from fighting. Her navy blue skirt adorned half a dozen rips and tears.

The dwarf charged at her, holding his knife high above his head. Jane easily slid under his attack, wrapping her arm around his neck and giving a forceful yank. His eyes bugged as he chocked. A streak of lightning illuminated her passive expression as she committed a crime that seemed far too heinous for her. The crack of thunder masked the dwarf's strangled breaths.

He tried to swing his blade backwards and catch her in her thigh, but Jane saw his movement just in time to elevate herself into the air, evading the blow. Her legs then wrapped around his upper arms and chest, restricting his movements and giving her more leverage. She pulled harder, and the man fell to his kn

In my peripheral vision, I saw a blast of fire eliminate a hoard of reapers. Love, wait for me, he begged, preoccupied with other battles. I could imagine the torture I was putting him through: to save as many lives as possible, or to be by my side to ensure my safety at all times. When I was near him, the more logical choice was easier to deal with. Now, the separation was painful to think about as worry gnawed at both of our stomachs.

I'll see you soon, I promised. Protect those who need us.

Up the mountainside we weaved, eight creatures ready to look death in his icy blue eyes. The rain struck our exposed skin like bullets, and the wind whipped the stinging skin. Whitecaps foamed hungrily as the black water swirled, the undertow powerful to even a mermaid's standards, as sometimes the three of them had to dip under the surface to regain their strength in the tugging, upwards battle.

I scanned the banks continuously, just in case somebody was hiding behind an obstacle or bend, ready to attack us as we flowed past. The air chilled as we climbed higher and higher until, finally, a voice called out to us.

"Looking for someone, ladies?"

I slammed to a halt, splashing into the water for a moment before raising myself into the air, levitating a couple inches above the churning river. Leaning casually against a boulder, Cain smirked at us. His crossed arms bulged against his expansive chest, and his muscled legs braced assuredly against the unstable, pebbled ground.

Eva, Ivy, and I gathered at the front of our spearhead formation. Maria and Salvador growled threateningly, and the mermaids bared their fangs from the shores of the water.

"Honestly, " Cain gushed, "I cannot adequately express how lovely it is to see you all here."

His wicked smirk told us he truly was pleased to have all of us gathered here with him... alone.


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