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I waited until Cain disappeared among the throngs of armed warriors; I waited until half of the enemy actually thought I'd be anything other than loyal to my people; I waited to catch them all off-guard.

"Now!" I screamed, pointing forward. Every person tensed, ready for battle. On their side, they prepared for an attack. On our side, we prepared to witness our successful rouse. None of us moved.

Confused shuffling rippled through their defenses. Movement came from far away, as black specks appeared over the mountain summits. I smirked in glee. I would recognize Julian and his pride anywhere.

Fly high! I exclaimed optimistically. He roared in agreement, the sound hardly reaching my ears through the rain and distance.

Gryphons flooded out of the mountains—the same mountains that had been my mate's home before he came to the school—and they flew determinedly over the crowd of our enemy. In their powerful legs, they clutched boulders, which they dropped over the massed creatures. The huge rocks rolled and crushed those who couldn't get out of their way. Some of the gryphons dropped with their simple yet effective weapons, screaming a sound somewhere between an eagle's cry and lion's roar. They descended into the swarm, tearing at them from above with their powerful claws. They snatched up the more powerful creatures that would require more grounded fighting if they were to attack one-on-one, soaring into the storm clouds before depositing them from heights impossible to live from.

Slowly, blood turned the mud red-brown.

All three sides of our defenses moved in at once, mostly restricting our enemy. Hooves thundered down the mountainside as the centaurs and satyrs rushed to meet us, wielding monstrous swords, lethal daggers, and accurate bows and arrows. Mermaids swam downstream, where they would flow into a deep lake situated at the bottom of the mountain. Any creature that accidently stumbled onto their shores would quickly realize their mistake when they're dragged along the sand into the clutches of the carnivorous killers, either drowning in the wild rapids or bleeding from their wounds. (Mermaids were messy murderers.) The witches carried themselves on air currents, much like I did, chanting under their breath. And finally, my mate let loose and roar that was followed by a blast of fire, announcing his presence. The tension instantly rose as the enemy realized what they were up against.

Seth shot into the fray, leading a hoard of pale, bloodthirsty vampires. I sucked in a panicked breath, realizing I couldn't tell the good vampires apart from the bad ones when they were both in their true form. I guess I wouldn't be using that quorin wood. Eva and Seth were on their own.

Beautiful women followed, singing hypnotizing melodies that beckoned the unsuspecting men into their arms, which constricted and killed efficiently. Their voices possessed a dark undertone, a bewitching hallucination of dark promises that never came true. These were sirens, cousins of mermaids that had hints of dark magic in their DNA.

Incubi and succubi appeared to be children of demons and sirens, enchanting creatures with malevolent intentions. They killed with lethal precision and a seductive smile painted on their lips.

Gargoyles escaped from the tree canopies, joining the gryphons in the skies. They had angel wings instead of eagle ones, but they ripped into Cain's army just as effectively.

Salvador and Maria remained the only wolves in sight. If Ryker didn't get his packs out here in two minutes, I'd be killing a certain arrogant canine.

I nodded, allowing the rest of our army to rush around me into the fighting. I'd grudgingly promised Killian that I'd wait for everyone else to fight first in order for the enemy to be distracted as much as possible before I'd joined them. I'd also promised not to go after Cain. I'd keep my word once.

Xavier a

as gliding through air, but this time, the man fell. I couldn't see anything underneath that black cloak; no facial expression, no wound, no twitching to even indicate a body. The scythe's wood burned my hands, but as long as it didn't impale me, I'd be fine. The wind whisked the cloak and weapon away like ash, taking, I'm assuming, the soul of the reaper with it. Nothing remained, as if there'd never been a threat at all.

"You idiot!" I screamed at Seth. "Don't get yourself killed!"

"You're welcome, Angel, " he smirked, although his eyes were darting all over my face, giving away his concern. His hands slightly shook. I couldn't help but kiss him quickly, relieved he was still alive.

A scream that I'd recognize anywhere, one that was all too familiar, had another memory surfacing. A girl laying on her back, a halo of black hair cushioning her head, her quick smile nowhere to be found on her quivering lips...

"Cassie!" I yelled, sprinting around the battlefield, desperately trying to locate her. I eventually did, only to cover my mouth in despair. Cody cradled her limp body to his chest, his shoulders shaking each time he glimpsed her dead eyes, his ring on her finger, the stake of wood protruding out of her chest...

The sight transported me to a castle on a night with weather just like this, except there were too many distractions here. Seth strangled another unicorn that rushed at my turned back. Julie wasn't coming. Nobody was coming...

Part of me died. The happy part. The part that smiled a silly things and found joy in dark situations. The part of my personality that Cassie had lovingly blossomed withered at the sight of her dead body. I had four reasons to live: Seth, my twins, and Elena. Nothing else mattered. Not without Cassie there.

I shut down. I did whatever my logic told me, and I didn't think twice. I would be right. I knew how to kill, so that's what I did. At this point, that's all I could do.


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