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Appearances shouldn't faze me anymore. I'd witnessed my best friend turn into a giant chocolate wolf, and my mate could morph into a huge, golden, fire-breathing lizard. I used an innocent fa?ade to smuggle food from unsuspecting victims, and I could kill you a hundred different ways without moving a muscle.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Yet, as I looked at the man gazing at me longingly, miniscule amounts of apprehension prickled at the back of my mind. I almost felt sorry for the guy. He looked nothing more than human.

"Mia, " he beamed. "What a pleasure it is to finally meet you."

I hesitantly nodded my head in acknowledgement, reminding myself that this guy was crazy enough to challenge Killian and half of the supernatural species; he couldn't be alright in the head. I had to be cautious. His face fell slightly at my impersonal greeting.

"May we ask of your name, stranger?" Eva called out, her voice polite and amiable.

The man's face contorted into a sneer as he addressed the beautiful girl. "She may." He tilted his head in my direction. "Not you, your royal, loose seductress, " he spat.

"Watch your tongue, enemy, " Ivy retorted, curling her upper lip back to show off her pitch black fangs.

"Oh, the famous Poison Ivy, " the man chuckled. "Your name promises more than your face. I thought you'd be more...menacing."

"That would be me, " Xavier rumbled, the threat resounding from deep in his chest.

Denton's King scoffed. "You demons are so arrogant."

The horses Xavier and Ivy straddled stomped their hooves impatiently, throwing their heads with suppressed annoyance.

"Let's make this easy, shall we, my dear?" he addressed me now, throwing a stunning smile my way. "Come with me, and we can all walk away peacefully."

"I don't even know your name, " I reminded him.

"How rude of me!" he gasped theatrically, smirking at Eva's scoff. "I am Cain Henderson."

"Cain, " I repeated, frowning as he grinned with pleasure.

Eva gasped softly in the background, muttering under her breath.

"Should your name ring any bells?" I asked bluntly.

He smirked, nodding towards Eva. "Your friend recognizes me, but I will elaborate. Over two thousand years ago, I thought that supernaturals should reveal themselves to humans. My brother disagreed with me. I had a solid argument, but he decided to rally up supporting species. I couldn't persuade an army, so I was forced to relinquish my opinion. The dragons and phoenixes forbid any creature to reveal themselves to a human, unl

and back up your noble words, " Cain mocked. He blew me a kiss. "Good luck, Mia! May you make the right choice."

I wanted nothing more than to kill him then and there, but something told me he was waiting. He was ready to murder wave after wave of us with his back turned. He had power, but I didn't know what it was yet. He obviously wasn't stupid. He would try his best to save his own ass. I would have to wait him out.

I felt every creature's connection in my head. The strongest one was Killian's, who had listened to every word that was said. Eva, Ivy, and Salvador tied for second. Maria and Jane also had deep links with me. Every creature that stood behind me, waiting for my, Killian's, Seth's, or Ryker's command, had become a part of me. Thousands of relationships, varying in intensity, waited to see what I would do. I was the center of this intricate web.

If you are with me and my mate, King Killian, I whispered, fight with us now.

Pledges came in a plethora of individual sounds, combining to produce an earthshaking roar made my ears ring. I grimaced because this would be the last positive sound some of them would ever make.


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