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I hope this was worth the wait!!!


Aria said goodbye to us that next morning. She'd done all she could, and her energy was close to expiring after being free from her imprisonment for so long. We all bowed down to her, sinking to our knees so we would be shorter than she was, allowing ourselves to be less than her, as we rightfully were. She had tears in her eyes as she looked down at us, feeling for the first time in what had to be centuries respected for the witch that she was. She bid us farewell, and promised to assist those of us that died today to the afterlife, where our loved ones would be waiting to receive us with open arms and ambivalent smiles. Knowing my family history, she couldn't look me in the eye when she promised this, but she did squeeze my hand and nod towards Killian, guaranteeing that he would die before I did if our fate came to that. If this became the case, my mate would be there waiting for me. If I did died today, it would not be alone.

They're coming everybody mumbled. It was time. I asked Salvador how they knew. He said that the weather was influenced by who lived where in the supernatural world. The climate listened to the power within us, to who we were deep in our souls. At that moment, I truly understood the power of the supernatural world.

"Haven't you noticed how it rarely storms?" Maria commented. "Enough rain comes to prevent a drought and keep the foliage healthy, but the clouds are usually white and fluffy, if existent at all."

"Over that way, " Luke pointed towards the northwest. Angry, purple clouds brewed warningly. "That's where they will come from."

There was nothing left to do but wait. Only fighters had come. There was no one to get to safety, nobody to protect except your own. I found Killian and pulled him away. Eva and Seth and Ivy and Xavier had the same idea. We all met toward the northwest point of the clearing, with the woods to our right, the school and dorms miles behind us, and mountains to our left. Ahead of us, there was nothing but grassy plains that would, inevitably, soon be stained red.

"I don't even know what to do, " I admitted. For the first time in a long time, I felt like crying. I felt like I had failed at something vitally important.

"You kill, " my mate soothed. "That's all you can do. I'll be with you, protecting you."

"Why me?" I pressed. "I think that's what I never understood. What makes me so special? Why us three girls, who all used to be human? We're nothing extraordinary."

Eva and Ivy had stopped talking to their mates to listen to Killian's answer. By their stupefied expressions, I knew they had never thought to ask this question. They had thought they were leaders because of who their mates were. But that couldn't be right, or else the men would be leading this war, this final battle. What had made us so special for all these years, wasted years spent waiting for us? We may have the strength and beauty of a vampire, the naturally sinful fighting skills of a demon, or the cunningness of a dragon's mate with every element at my disposal, but at heart, we were just...human.

"Do you know how rare human mates are?" Killian responded softly, caressing my cheek with his fingertips. I shook my head. "Extremely. It's not common to have the three most authoritative species ruled by queens that used to be mortal. But we've never been in a time like this before. Never have we been so unreasonable with each other, driven into hiding like I was. It wasn't enough to be supernatural anymore; something essential was missing."

"What?" Eva whispered, mesmerized by Killian's words.

"Innocence, " he responded, hanging his head in shame. My heart ached for him. My mate shouldn't be disappointed in himself. He was amazing, and the people he cared for would always be safe under his protection.

"Elaborate, " Ivy pressed, just as fascinated as the beautiful blonde. Xavier wrapped his arms around her shoulders, clutching her to his chest. She gripped his wrists, holding him there with just as much vengeance. Neither was letting the other go anytime soon.

"All of you girls pure. So serene. We needed an unbiased opinion, somebody who could look at our situation and truly evaluate each possibility. You...wanted peace. That's something that we should have been like. But we had our own grudges, and

t. Furrowing my eyebrows, I reached in a pulled out something red and papery.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to throw my Kit-Kat wrapper away. I turned it into ash with a quick flame. I was slowly getting used to having food at my disposal, but that didn't stop me from shoving whatever my eye caught into my mouth, forgetting that I could count on my next meal.

A clap of thunder made me gauge the inevitable storm. The opaque clouds breached our perimeter, spitting droplets of rain at us. I could see fairly well through the rain-everyone could from our enhanced eyesight-but a human would be blinded by the pelting water. The storm would cause confusion, if nothing else.

"Will you be alright barefoot?" I asked Eva. "You might slip."

She scoffed. "I'm a dancer, Mia. Have some faith."

"That's another similarity, " Ivy noted. "Don't you dance, Mia?"



"No, but I guess I'm flexible."

"Closely related to dancing, but more aggressive, " Eva grinned. "Of course you would be a great gymnast. It just makes sense."

"If you say so, " I told her, forgetting her riddle and focusing on the shrinking amount of grass between us and them.

Within ten more minutes, the enemy had halved the distance to us. We were all soaked to the bone, but none of the demons showed any sign of being wet. Every aspect of their fiery appearance remained intact, oblivious to the fact that the rest of us were drenched. Lightning lit up the battlefield, wind whipping at any vulnerable skin and thunder roaring from deep within the clouds. The pixies shivered in excitement, feeling the electrical energy calling to them, tempting them to feed off of nature's power.

Through the haze, I could finally see our enemy. They were assembled like us, with their leader at the point of their formation. I raised a critical eyebrow at the man who wouldn't stop staring at me, disguising my disbelief.

Of every possibility I'd imagined, I could never have guessed that this would be Denton's King.


Any guesses on who the mystery man is?

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