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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Now that I've established close relationships with others, feelings that used to be fleeting remained with me for long periods of time. Around Eva and Ivy, I felt playful, mischievous. Around Aria, I felt respectful and respected, two completely new emotions to me. Around Killian, I just felt horny. All the time. Damn, I was addicted.

True to her word, Aria diffused whatever grudges, petty or otherwise, that stopped everyone from working together. Vampires and werewolves got along (Maria apparently had a problem with their arrogance, and I loved watching her suck it up and deal with it. I liked her well enough to tolerate her, but I preferred her mate's company so much more), mermaids and sirens stopped bickering like sisters over the last piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, and all of the fairies agreed to work together rather than pitting their magic against each other.

It was truly a sight to behold, all of this power in one place. Whether that power stemmed from magic, strength, speed, or beauty, no one cared anymore, because everyone one of these was an advantage that would help us.

I preferred practicing in solitude without distractions, and my favorite place to do so was the balcony-the very one I had once deliberated jumping off of when Killian had locked me in his room, with beautiful golden roses blooming beneath me and their floral scent wafting up into our room. I loved fine-tuning my gifts during sunset, when I could oversee every creature sparring in harmony, see the fluid transition from one attack to another, the effortless strategies developed by combining all of these talents together. The setting sun bled the last of its color onto the clearing, and the sky was the same yellows, pinks, and oranges as the people it bid good day to. Into twilight they all would practice, until the stars appeared in the inky black sky and there was no more natural light to see by.

Sometimes, I would see them glancing at me. The ones that were seeing me for the first time gazed in wonder at their queen. I stared back at them, gifting them with a little smile if they could hold my eyes for a second or two before bowing respectfully. Salvador, Eva, Ivy, Seth, and Xavier all smirked at me with I-told-you-so expressions. I merely lifted a challenging eyebrow at them, and they resumed their work soon enough, not willing to get on Killian's bad side. My mate would stare at me, too. More often than not he was either commenting on some fighting technique or in deep discussion with Aria. He was the most solemn I had ever seen him, like a war general or one of the countless businessmen that the professional prostitutes (as pro

ches (a shit ton of them, apparently), trolls, ogres, and reapers (the guiders of souls once they passed into the afterlife) all coming after us. Me. Just to list a few of my enemies that I didn't know were my enemies. And Denton's king, whoever he turned out to be.

"Don't tell me that you doubt me, Mia."

"And I'm supposed to lead us against them?" I pressed, ignoring him.

"I'm not going to tell you it will be easy, " he admitted. "And some of us will die. After the death of the last phoenix, everything turned to shit. But it's up to us to fix it. Up to you. You three princesses. And I will be behind you every step of the way."

I considered this. I had mastered my gifts by this point. Ivy was a killing machine in her demon form. Eva could do just as much damage as Seth. What was I worried about?

Everyone else.

Aria was right. Bonds had started to form between me and every creature here. Some of them were warriors, natural fighters that couldn't wait to get on the battlefield. Others were mothers and fathers. I couldn't believe the youth of a few. Mates were being found left and right from this huge congregation. How were they supposed to fight when they were obsessively worrying about their other half?

"Will you make sure everyone eats?" I sighed.

Killian kissed my forehead, then my cheek, then my lips. "Of course, love."

That night, Killian and I would make love. The next morning, chaos would commence, and by tomorrow night, there would be a winner of this damned war.


It's going down for real!

That's all I'm going to say. Vote, comment, and share! Until next time! <

(Forgot to write down what place we got. High #100s, I think. Thanks lovelies!)

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