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Killian was such a liar!

As soon as I began gathering enough air currents to lift myself up, he'd interrupted me.

"What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously.

"I'm going to fly, " I responded in the same tone, raising a critical eyebrow.

"Not right now, you aren't. We have to get back."

"You just said—!"

"Later, " he pressed. "You can. Later."


I ignored him, turning my back so he couldn't distract me and continuing to push out that feeling I got while on Killian's back—the wind sliding past my cheeks, combing through my hair... So powerful, yet so pliant, wrapping around me...

Hot breath puffed on the back of my neck. I swallowed my shriek, spinning around to see my mate in all his golden scaled, reptilian glory. His tawny eyes bored into mine, daring me to test him now. I folded my arms, annoyed. He didn't play fair.

It's time to return to the school, my queen, Julian, the leader of his pride of gryphons, informed me. His silent approach should have startled me, but his gravelly, deep voice was surprisingly soothing, like a brother's. I didn't even jump.

"Hmm, " I hummed absentmindedly, keeping my eyes in Killian.

He wants you to climb on his back.


The sooner you get back, the sooner you can fly, he offered sensibly. I glanced at him over my shoulder. I caught the end of your conversation. My apologies, Queen Mia.

I waved off his formality. "It's Mia. And no worries, it's not like we were whispering."

Thank you, Mia. Killian hissed softly, his wings twitching. Your mate is impatient. We will meet you back at the school.

"Alright. Fly high, Julian." I learned that was basically "Travel safely" to creatures with wings.

We always do, he responded.

Of course, I didn't get to fly when we got back, either. Quite the party was waiting for us. Basically every creature that was willing to fight for us was gathered.

"Why are they all here? So soon?" I asked Killian, scanning the crowd. They were, ironically, separated into the groups that Eva, Ivy, and Killian had described like a high school cafeteria. Incubi, succubi, and gargoyles mingled with the vampires. Fairies, pixies, elves, nymphs, and giants socialized with demons. Werewolves, centaurs, satyrs, and witches were clumped together, greeting the incoming gryphons enthusiastically. All eyes turned to Killian and I when we got there. Eva, Seth, Ivy, and Xavier leaked out of the mass of bodies to talk to us.

"We will be prepared for the war, whenever it happens. Don't expect it to be so far into the future, " Killian warned. "The rest of the time will be spent training together, so we know how to fight efficiently as one unit rather than individual species."

"The sirens and mermaids have arrived upstream, " Seth told us once we were in hearing range. Well, once they were within my hearing range. "They're getting used to their legs."

At my questioning look, he explained. "Their tales turn to legs once completely dry. The transition is very unpleasant, but they will get used to it. Imagine if you suddenly got fins after years of walking, " he explained analogically. I nodded in understanding.

"Oh! Violet and Jace just got here!" Ivy exclaimed, disappearing in a flash of flames.

"Our pair number, " Xavier briefly clarified before vanishing as well.

"What about your little group?" I asked Eva and Seth.

"Our nexus number is coming with my parents, " Seth said. "They're organizing arrangements to compensate our absence."

"I hope the twins are okay, " Eva muttered, worrying her supple bottom lip between her teeth.

"They'll be fine, " Seth comforted, pulling her into his side. His arms wrapped around her with assurance.

A howl echoed around us, and I turned to see Salvador rushing through the throngs of people with another wolf, probably Maria, a step behind him. Everyone smartly parted for them as they bounded across the clearing. An answering howl was followed by multiple others as packs and packs of wolves met my first furry friend.

The wolf leading all the others met Salvador's chocolate brown wolf. This one was dark grey, with its fur getting lighter under his belly. It had cream colored fur on its legs and paws, and his muzzle was closer to white. His dark, intelligent eyes appraised Salvador fondly.

Spare shorts and pants were passed out as the wolves all changed back to their human form. Girls quickly slipped on any kind of top they could find.

"Ryker!" Salvador gasped happily, pulling the man into a friendly hug. They slapped each other on the back, and I winced at the sound I heard across the clearing.

"Salvador, Maria, " Ryker greeted back fondly.

A couple dozen other burly men trickled out of the hundreds of wolves, greeting Salvador and Maria respectfully.

"Those are the Alphas, " Killian told me. "They are the leaders of their packs."

"Is Salvador an Alpha?" I asked.

"No, but he deserves the respe

ed, restraining his dragon. His eyes squeezed shut.

"Don't. Say. That, " he snapped. I took no offense. His anger was hiding his pain, his frustration.

"You can't resist me, " I taunted, supremely confident. "If I want you to take me, you will." Of that, I was sure.

"Now is not the time, love."

"I think it's the perfect time, love, " I replied, boldly trailing my hands down towards his hips. His fingers gripped my own, stopping their exploring.

"Don't tease me, vixen, " he ordered harshly. Whether he meant my physical touch or my endearment, I wasn't sure. I didn't plan on stopping either one, though.

"I'm not, " I urged.

"Then say the words, " he challenged. His eyes flew open, unleashing his intense glare upon me.

"I love you, " I whispered silently.

"Louder, " he snarled, tugging me closer yet to him. Our hips fit together now.

"I love you, " I repeated. At least I was audible now, if barely.

"Again!" he snapped. "Are you embarrassed by your affection?"

"I love you!" I responded angrily. My tone was perfect. This man made me delirious with rage, and we fought more than agreed, but I loved him. There was no denying that.

I slammed my mouth to his, our passion building with our combined anger. Our teeth gnashed, our tongues dueled, and I couldn't pull away from him if I had tried. This wasn't natural; this was something entirely different—the mate bond. I had succumbed to it.

"You will take me, " I demanded. My core tingled in agreement.

"I won't be gentle, " he warned.

"You don't have to be, " I reminded him. He growled louder, swinging me into his arms. My legs wrapped around his torso, gripping him tightly. Our tongues met again, his forked one beating me into submission. For now.

Howls followed us as Killian got us to our bedroom. The wolves were echoed by roars, grunts, snarls, all kinds of sounds as every other creature celebrated their king's and queen's affection.

"Just so you know, love, " he whispered wickedly, "you're on bottom."

"This time, " I conceded.


Sorry this chapter took forever to get out. I had the first part up to the sexy scene at the end there all typed up, but that last steamy bit wouldn't come to me. I love how it turned out, though! Guess I was focused too much on college stuff... On the bright side, I only have one more essay to complete my application to the University of Michigan! Wish me luck! :D

#124 in Fantasy guys! We're getting up there! Also, I noticed something. This story has 257 comments and 1.6K votes. That is more comments than either Nobody's Angel or Dancing with the Devil have gotten and more votes than Dancing with the Devil! That's so incredible guys! Thank you!! :D

There are so many people I wanted to dedicate this to, but I ended up going with JumpingJaslyn because she makes me laugh :D Also thanks to blooey7 for being the first to comment, KelseyThePurpleQueen for commenting more than once, erilane_ for reminding me to get my butt into gear and update, and writer131024 and AnyellaDan for their sweet comments that melted my insides like a snowman in summer!

Ok, I'm late for work, but I wanted to get this up! Vote, comment, and fan! Love you guys bunches! <

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