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No one could deny how great of a leader my mate was. He had a natural authority to him that made others heed his warnings and trust his judgements. His body boasted how capable he was physically, and his sharp tongue proved his intelligence. He wasn't one to be messed with, clearly.

Other times, though, I truly doubted him. Like now.

The gryphons had been such a gift to our army. (I had only just begun accepting that kind of terminology. It was strange to think I would lead a battle between good and bad supernatural creatures, but I didn't let my doubts show on my face.) Even I could tell their many resources: their lethal claws and talons, their sharp beaks, and their wings to name the obvious advantages. Killian told me to not worry about them when it came time to fight; they would prove their worth easily.

"They're almost as creative as dragons when it comes to war, " he had told me excitedly, his eyes lighting up with pleasure. I couldn't tell if he was enthusiastic about the gryphons or the fighting. "Don't worry about their safety. They can take care of themselves. And you, as well."

I made a face behind his back for that one. Eva giggled while Ivy smirked.

Now, though, the ever-present threat of bickering among Seth, Xavier, and Killian erupted. It was inevitable, and everyone instantly gave them a wide berth in caution. We three girls were the only ones to stand anywhere close to them when their voices began raising.

"It's time to go home, " Killian commented casually, innocently. "We will have more safety at the school."

"What do you mean, safety?" Xavier asked stiffly. A hint of a sneer was visible on his lips. Silent warning bells rang all around.

Killian gestured around us, encompassing the volcanoes, medieval castle, burnt grass, and hellhorses with a wave of his arm. "It's too risky to stay here."

"Are you questioning the competence of my men?" Xavier snarled.

"No, " Killian replied. A smug smirk tilted up one side of his mouth as his eyes twinkled mischievously. "But I will be questioning your competence if you don't move yourself and your pretty little mate to the protection school within the next hour."

Xavier trembled, trying to contain his obvious anger. His hair resembled dry straw on a hot day with how quickly it changed from brown locks to hungry, restless flames. The fire contained in his irises exploded, leaving only twin flames flickering in his otherwise black, empty eye sockets. His hands were clenched, the skin pulled taught across his knuckles. His skin darkened as if he was suddenly immersed in shadows.

I'm not sure if he was so enraged due to Killian's mockery or the fact that my mate had referred to Ivy as pretty. Either way, nobody moved an inch, watching the powerful demon as if he had a loaded gun pointed at every one of us. We didn't even breathe.

"Tick tock, tick tock, Xavier, " Killian taunted.


Xavier launched himself at Killian, my mate waiting with a satisfied smirk on his face and a glint in his eye that said he was itching for a fight, and he'd just gotten what he wanted. He crouched in something that resembled an American football position, one hand's worth of fingertips touching the ground. His other arms was slightly behind him, ready to strike.

Then, Xavier disappeared, combusting in a flash of flames that blew through the air as if there was a gust of wind pushing it, even though the air was stagnant. The fire blew right at my mate—through his legs, around his arms, circling his head—confusing

ver he was about to say.

"While you have improved greatly..."

"No, " I growled impatiently. "I'm ready. I swear I am. I'm comfortable the most with air—"

"I know, " he groaned, sounding pained. "You smell like honey and fresh air. It's addicting as hell."

"—and now I'm confident in the other three elements as well." I was so proud that I didn't stutter. That would have been the most embarrassing moment of my life. I don't stutter over compliments. I don't stutter over anything!

He seemed to be trying to word his rebuttal in a way that wouldn't upset me, yet still deter me. I stepped up to him before my window of opportunity closed. My hands found his chest, slipping up the twin slabs of muscle before dancing across his shoulders and down his arms, caressing his biceps. I stared at his body adoringly, and, for once, I didn't have to fake it. He really was someone I wouldn't mind doing it with in a McDonald's bathroom.

"I'm ready, " I breathed in his ear. His back was straight as a pole. Out of the corner of my eye, his fingers curled into tight fists. "Don't you think I'm ready?"

His breathing was coming faster. I had him right where I wanted him. "I'm ready... I want to do it with you, " I continued.

He hissed under his breath. My lips were brushing his ear now. "Please, Killian?"

"Yes, " he gasped. "Okay, you can fly."

Like riding a freaking bicycle.


Sorry for the late update guys! Life got crazy for a while there. I almost got...popular! It was weird! I started hanging out with some friends from school, then I got a job, then I met this other guy since the one from camp said he didn't like me... That was an awkward text conversation. Like, freaking bad you guys. But this guy goes to my best friend's school, and he's super sweet. So everything worked out in the end!

Anyways, this is also a filler chapter, so that sucks for everyone. But that also means that more fun stuff is coming up! Yay! :)

We were #126 in Fantasy this time guys. That's so awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Vote, comment, and share you guys! I would love for this story to reach more people, especially since we are trying to the Wattys2015!

Go, go, go! I love the support I get from you guys! It puts a smile on my face every time I see it! Love you all! <

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