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"Denton mentioned a rebellion? Well, our numbers walk all over them...right?"

He turned his head to unleash the sheer power of his gaze on me, and his doubtful eyes answered my question that seemed foolish now.

Killian had joined us girls almost as soon as we'd sat down in the lavish living room. Something about needing to be close to me instead of flying. His arm rested around my shoulders, and his other hand settled comfortably on my knee. I would have moved away from him, but it felt nice.

The deep red, velvet couches were luxurious in themselves, but the feather-soft carpet and paintings that screamed, "Expensive!" on the walls made the entire room obnoxiously lavish.

"Ready?" Eva asked, practically bouncing in her seat from impatience. I raised an eyebrow lazily. The more I looked at her, the more I realized she really was a bookworm, the type that buckled down and got her work done so she could go places in life. She'd run into a slight hiccup in her plans due to getting kidnapped by her vampire husband, but that didn't stop her from wanting to learn new things and be the best queen she could be.

I grudgingly admired her. Even if her happiness level was bogusly high.

"Sure, " I drawled slowly, just to irritate her. "Give me your knowledge."

"First and foremost, " she began, abruptly serious, "you are here because Killian is your mate. Alright, Mia? Mates need each other. You can't deny that you've ever been happier than you have been since being with Killian. Your pride may hinder you from vocally expressing that, but trust me, I know. You need Killian just as much as he needs you. Cast me for Hairspray and put me on "The Corny Collins Show" if you want to, but you can't say that you've felt like this before. This is love, Mia, and not the petty, fickle human love you were used to. This is supernatural. This is real. This is the mate bond."

"The prophecy isn't something you can run away from, though, " Ivy continued. "You are needed for it, and it is why you are here with Eva and me. You asked how we could just accept our fate, how we could willingly go into battle, knowing we may die. It's for the people we love, Mia. If we don't fight, people that don't deserve to die will perish. Blood of our friends and family will flow in rivers. You have the power to stop that. Could you live with yourself if you did nothing? Could you live with yourself if your friends died, and you lived?"

"I don't have friends, " I retorted.

"Salvador? Maria? Jane? Killian?" Eva pressed, annoyance in her tone. "You can look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't care if they died?"

I looked into her glowing, red irises. They had turned cold and hard, like rubies. Her tan skin tone had paled into a ghostly, threatening white. Her two fangs glinted in the light, milky white against her full, pink bottom lip. She looked ready to kill, a seductive huntress who could lure her prey in and kill them in the same minute.

I thought back to the people she had furiously listed off. Salvador, so caring and happy. Maria, irritating but sensible. Jane, sweet and cheerful. Killian, understanding and loving.

I couldn't imagine my life without them.

"You're right, " I said quietly.

ediately caught my eye. It was half eagle and half lion. Its head was that of a bird, with a great golden beak and tawny feathers. Its eyes were undeniably catlike, huge and intimidating. The rest of its body was made of feline muscle covered in golden brown fur. It had four legs, but the front two were birdlike with impressively sharp talons. The back two had the look of a lion that could heavily push off of the ground with grace and power. It had wings along its back, huge wings that if measured vertically, would equal at least two of me. The same ocher feathers as its head spread along them. Its tail belonged on a lion except for the same feathers that decorated the end.

The beast was absolutely magnificent. I had the urge to protect my instant friend, especially when it turned its head and pierced me with its round, intelligent eyes.

I don't know what you are I thought, but I will protect you.

And I will protect you in return, my queen the beast responded in my head, causing me jump at the unexpected male voice. My pride intends on helping you and our King.

Your pride?

Two dozen more of the creatures, all smaller than the first, descended from the sky. They all kneeled before Killian and I, showing respect and loyalty.

"A pride of gryphons, " Killian gasped softly. He was obviously shocked to see them. "My brothers of the sky, we welcome you and thank you for your allegiance."

We haven't forgotten the long friendship we share with the dragons the pride leader responded. We are happy to help, King Killian. We are also here to pledge our loyalty to our queen.

Killian turned towards me, pride shining in his gold eyes.

"May I present my mate, Queen Mia."

It felt natural to step forward without hesitation, head held high. So I did.


The image above is what I imagine the gryphons to look like.

Wow, I threw a lot at you guys right there! Sorry it was kinda all over the place, but the plot is really coming together in my head!

Vote and comment to support me in the Wattys 2015 please! :)

Lots of love! We got to #165 in Fantasy this time. Yay! <

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