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I couldn't look at Denton's legs. Not because I couldn't stomach the sight of them. No one could. They weren't there anymore.

All he had were stumps that ended maybe six inches below his hips. They were charred black, and the surrounding skin was a puckered, fire engine red. His bleach white bone was mostly visible. His hair was mattered to his head from sweat, and his cheeks were soaked from tears of pain. He hung limply in his chains, sobbing.

Killian chuckled when he saw Denton. The guards managed to produce a grimace of support for his mirth, but nobody could really understand his mirth.

"This is what happens when you threaten my mate, " he snickered. "Don't your actions seem foolish now?"

"My better for...her!" Denton cried. "He is...not...a monster!"

My mate scoffed. "Who is this pathetic king of yours?"


Killian shrugged. "No matter. I'll find him eventually, when he crawls out of whatever hole he's hiding in. And I'll do worse to him than what I've done to you."

Denton looked at me with watery, bloodshot eyes.

"How can you be...with such a heartless creature?" he inquired, breathless from his crying. His voice was hoarse, no doubt from his dry throat from screaming so much.

"Help us, Denton, " I insisted.

"Save yourself, my queen!" he implored. "His numbers are growing. Rebels are banding together. Justice for the actions of those who are guilty will come! And you may lead them, my queen! He knows your skill and your spirit!"

"The true king. You will know him when you see him."

I shook my head, aggravated by his useless hints.

"Who will I lead?"

"The side of justice."

"Yeah, yeah, I know that already. Who's on that side? What creatures?"

"Oh, all sorts, my queen!" Denton enthused. "Vampires, demons, witches, and many more! The rest are secrets, though."

"And the King? What is he?"

"I cannot say."

"So let's recap, " I suggested. "The true King is leading a bunch of rebels against injustice. I'm supposed to help him lead these vampires, demons, witches, and others. Is that it?"

Denton stared at Killian. "You will lose!"

Killian quirked an eyebrow. "Just me?"

"Your army! Especially your princesses!"

"Princesses?" I interrupted. "Eva and Ivy?"

"We will win, " Killian stated with conviction.

"You cannot win!" Denton gasped wildly. "The prophecy...will fail!"

I looked at him flatly. "You know about the prophecy?"

Despite his pain, he managed a weak laugh. "He hasn't been very truthful with you. Everyone knows it. Why do you think you're here?"

"Get to the point, " Killian snarled.

"You think he loves you?" Denton spat sarcastically. "Don't tell me you are that blind, my queen."


Killian had him in another chokehold within seconds.

"You may mock me and live a few weeks to tell the tale, but planting seeds of doubt in my mate's head? Making her doubt my love for her? You will die today!"

"My King can offer you protection!" Denton shouted. "Ask yourself what is more important: this man gaining more power than he already has and spreading tyranny to every supernatural creature, or your life, your happiness?"

"Torture him, " Killian hissed. "I don't care what the hell you do to him, but make sure he suffers for at least three hours before he dies!"

All the demons grinned maliciously. "Yes, my King, " they happily agreed.

I was dragged away before his screams started.

"I will let Eva and Ivy explain things to you, since I usually end up making things worse, " Killian sighed. "You know that I lo—"


"Yes, love?"

"Be honest. Am I here to help you win a war?"

He looked me dead in the eye. "Yes."

"Is that why you gave me the powers you did?"

"No. You know that I gave you your powers, but you still don't really understand how, " he admitted. I opened my mouth to deny that, but I quickly shut it. He was right.

"Three witch sisters gifted the three species of the princesses they saw leading us into war. Shaquella, the olde

"You must be his mate, resisting the prince of seduction, " Seth smirked. He ran his hand through his onyx, shaggy hair. "Do I not affect you at all?"

"Seth, " Eva warned. I wasn't sure if she was jealous of his attention not being on her stunning, blonde self, or if she was trying to remind him of my own mate. Either way, it was too late.

Killian dropped out of the sky, circling my body with his. His shoved his face in Seth's, baring his sharp teeth. Smoke billowed out of his nose, and his gold eyes were narrowed threateningly.

Seth raised his hands. "Come on, Killian, you know I was joking."

Killian hissed, spitting fire near his feet.

Xavier grabbed Seth's arm. "Stop your joking before you get killed, smartass."

"Enough!" I yelled. I pointed towards Seth and Xavier. "You two, get out of here. You're of no use to anyone right now, and you're pissing a dragon off. How stupid can you be?"

I shoved out of Killian's protective circle. "Go cool off. You're obviously still tense. You'll say things you'll regret if you don't calm down."

I directed my gaze towards Eva and Ivy. "You two need to explain everything nice and slow to me. I'm ready to listen."

Eva and Seth glanced at each other. Seth smirked. Eva wasn't smiling.

"I win, " Seth gloated, holding up her left hand. A mole on her ring finger was glowing before it faded back to its dull brown color.

"Shut up, " Eva snarled.

He kissed her soundly. "I'll collect my prize tonight, Angel, " he called back, sauntering off with a spring in his step. Eva watched him go, muttering under her breath.

"What did you just do?" Ivy asked, crossing her arms.

"Seth and I made a bet about the prophecy, " Eva grumbled. "He was right. How was he right?"

"What about the prophecy?" I asked moodily. I hated being left out. "And what was up with your mole glowing?"

"Seth and I like to make bets, " she explained. "Whenever we make a bet, we seal it with a handshake. This ensures that whatever the consequences for the loser are, they're seen through. Vampires are old fashioned. We take promises and bets seriously. There's no backing out once you make one."

"Let's go inside, " Ivy suggested. "We can start going through that bulleted list point by point, okay?"

I hesitantly agreed.

"Here it is!" Eva cheered, pulling a piece of paper out of a hidden fold in her blood red dress..

Oh my gosh. She seriously had it in her pocket.


You guys are getting spoiled...

Just some personality of all the characters coming back. We'll get to more fun stuff next chapter I think :)

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