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Double update! Make sure you read Chapter 22 before this!


"Can you talk?" I asked Mr. Spaz.

He nodded, coughing. Blood sprayed out of his mouth from his abdominal wound.

"What's your name?"

"What does it matter?" Killian spat, instantly enraged by my question.

I repeated myself.

"Den—" he gasped, "—ton."

"Alright, Denton. Why doesn't your king come talk to me?"

"He was going to, once, " he responded, looking at me imploringly. I thought back to the second and last time I'd seen Denton.

"You must come with me!" he wheezed. His eyes darted around frantically, and I could see tiny droplets of sweat collecting on his forehead.

"He'll be here soon anyways, " I waved him off. Killian must have sent him to make sure that we met up. Didn't he trust Maria and Jane? I chuckled to myself, realizing that I did manage to escape their claws for the time being, so maybe he did have reason to send another guard.

"You're meeting with him?"

"Yup, " I nodded. His shoulders slumped in relief. His breathing almost evened out. It was the calmest I had ever seen him.

"I can't believe—" He cut himself off. He returned to his panicked state, the sweat sliding down his temples. "He's coming! He can't see me with you!"

There were two different men.

Denton didn't work for Killian. He worked for someone else, a different king.

Killian snarled.

"Nikolai!" he called.

The blonde guy who had guided me to the right train emerged from the crowd. I went to wave to him, but Killian threw his fist into Scary Russian Guy's stomach before he made eye contact with me. Nikolai was lifted off the ground, hovering a few feet in the air before smacking into the cold cement floor on his stomach. His breath rushed out of his mouth as he hit the ground in a whoosh! He tried desperately to draw air into his heaving body.

"That's for letting him get close to her!"

Killian waited for him to crawl onto his hands and knees before smashing his foot into his face. The blonde's head snapped back, exposing his neck. I swear the back of his head touched his shoulders.

"That's for letting him talk to her!"

His hands closed over his neck.

"And this is for not even fucking knowing!"

He squeezed and twisted with excessive force. Nikolai's body slumped to the ground. Dead. His icy blue eyes were wide open, frozen in shock, regret, and failure.

That was the second time he killed someone in front of me, and no one

you know because your sneaky peeks when I change are not as discreet as you like to think."

I struggled to keep the blush off my cheeks.

He spit a tiny flame of fire onto the rose, as accurate as that secret pad in the locked room of our home. The petals lit up, glowing yellow and orange. The fire slithered down the stem, engulfing the whole flower. Killian's fingers remained unharmed, even as the flames caressed the tough, calloused skin. As the flames died down, though, the flower didn't disintegrate into dusty ashes. In its place was a golden rose, identical to the roses in our garden back home. I would know that sweet scent anywhere. It permeated our bedroom.

"Cool trick, " I marveled. He smiled, plucking the thorns out of the stem with quick, nimble movements. When he deemed the flower safe, he tucked it into my hair. I could imagine how the color complimented my eyes, standing out in my pitch black locks.

"You truly look like my mate, " he commented lovingly, trailing his fingers down my cheek. "My dragon queen."

He got a faraway look in his eyes, but they quickly came back into focus. I raised my eyebrow in question. I think someone just talked to him through his mind.

"He's ready to talk."


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So like I said in the last update, I'm happy that I'm finally getting into this story again. For a while there, it was like a chore, because I just wanted to get to the fun parts! I was actually tempted to start a few new books a couple of times. But alas! Killian and Mia have caught my attention again!

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