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"Mr. Spaz?"

All heads snapped to me as soon as I spoke. I couldn't believe my eyes. The guy shackled in iron chains to the grey, unsympathetic brick wall was the man who had given me my train ticket. Or, rather, the fake train ticket, before Nikolai had intercepted me and directed me towards that brilliant train station that brought me here. I also remembered talking to him at school, in one of those rare breaks when I escaped from Maria and Jane before Killian knew that I was unprotected.

He was the enemy? Someone who wanted to hurt me?

"My Queen!" he gasped.

"Shut up, " a guard spat, throwing a punch into his stomach. I gasped. Protruding from the demon's fisted knuckles was a blade of fire, now dripping blood. Mr. Spaz's mouth dropped open, but no sounds of anguish escaped. None had to. His eyes told of the agony he was experiencing.

Don't you dare intervene Killian warned. I'll have no choice but to take you away. This is an interrogation. If he cooperates, he has nothing to fear.

I looked at him helplessly. I had no idea how to communicate without words.

Just think of what you want to say to me he supplied. Imagine me knowing your thoughts. Share your words with me. Express your thoughts through your emotions. Let me understand both the words and emotions of your thoughts.

He's dying. His look told me he understood my feelings behind that statement as well. I wasn't squeamish about death. It rarely bothered me, actually. I was a part of the real world enough to understand that it was a part of life.

What I didn't like to see were people that I knew dying. I affiliated myself with very few people. So when those people were gone, it hurt like a bitch. Every connection was personal. None of them were forced upon me, like the connection of family. Each person I allowed myself to get close to was my choice. Their death felt like karma mocking me, teasing me with friendships that she couldn't wait to rip away from me. Just to remind me how unlovable I was. I didn't get to have relationships with people.

He is of value to me Killian assured me. As long as he holds information I need, he doesn't need to fear death.

And when you know everything he knows?

He gave me an unapologetic look.

I get to take my frustration of this situation out on a punching bag that no one will miss.

How can you say that? How do you know no one will miss him? What if he has a family?

He's a messenger, love he explained softly, soothingly. He was chosen for this job because he has no family. No friends. No lovers. Nobody. If he were to get captured, which he has, he has no obligations except to his employer, no reason to go back. He won't say a word. No threat to his loved ones will break him, because he has none.

So how will you get him to talk?

He seems like he wants to talk to you he grudgingly admitted. If that doesn

owly faded from dark purple to stark white. Killian turned away from him, stalking towards me. He had a small smirk on his face, basking in the fear that saturated the atmosphere in the room. His eyes were practically sparking like a live wire, warning that his anger was nowhere near pacified. His bulky form was shaking, and his charcoal shirt, which was snug before, began ripping at the seams, giving way to the straining, bulging muscles it tried to conceal.

"That was fun, " he commented. I looked back at the shackled man. He was half dead. If Killian had wanted to kill him, though, no one would have dared to interfere, just like when he killed that blonde girl my first day at the school, before I'd even seen his face, much less knew his name. "You can talk to him now, love. I think he realized his place."

"And where's that?" I asked tightly. Everyone knew he wasn't dangerous before.

"Under us, " he responded with satisfaction. His forked, golden tongue fascinated me much more than it should have.

"Malicious asshole."

"Sexy, malicious asshole king, " he corrected. "Also known as your mate."

"Well, no one can deny that you're the king of assholes, " I retorted.

He chuckled, the deep, wicked sound sending shivers down my spine. "As long as you're my queen."


I know that I just kinda cut that chapter off at kinda a bad spot, but that's because I can't stop writing and am almost done with the next chapter too! It should be out within the hour, by the end of the day at the latest.

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