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"By the end of this, you will never doubt my love for you again."


He sighed at my unconvinced tone. "You'll see, " he murmured.

We stood in front of a full mirror. Every inch of myself was reflected back to me, encased in a border of black, metal roses. Killian stood behind me, towering over my frame that looked petite next to him. My head only reached his chin.

Yet, I couldn't help but admit to myself how well we fit together. As if we were two halves of a whole, every womanly curve I had aligned with his bulging muscles. Every edge and bump settled against each other. I felt like one of those games babies play to learn shapes, where they have to put the square in the square hole and the circle in the circle hole. Killian and I fit together like that. Our bodies had finally found the right shape, and we clicked perfectly.

"I've meant every loving word that I've ever said to you, " Killian confessed. His large, tan hands rested on my shoulders, rubbing soothingly, as if I was a tiny, frightened animal he had to relax. His palm could encase the entire curvature of my shoulder.

"You think I'm tainted." It was a statement, not a question.

He paused for a minute, strengthening my belief. His eyes connected with mine in the mirror, a shade darker than my liquid gold ones. He held my gaze confidently, never wavering even as he collected his thoughts.

"I won't say that I don't care about your previous lovers, my beautiful mate. It matters a helluva lot, and I don't want you to ever think that I will allow that kind of behavior to continue. But the past can't be changed. No creature has the power to do so. We can only shape our future. And I'm going to make sure that your future is with me and only me."

"Why not just let me go?"

"Because, you silly girl, " he sighed, "it is physically and mentally impossible for me to do so. This bond, yes, it does influence our feelings for each other. But it does not create them, love. Our emotions are not fabricated by our connection. They are simple enhanced. What you feel for me, and I for you, is your own true feelings. The bond only helps us act on our impulses."

I bit my lower lip as I considered his explanation. He groaned, sounding tortured.

"The things you do to me..." he whispered huskily, taking his thumb and drawing the flesh from between my teeth. It popped out dark pink and plump. The soft pad of his finger rubbed it, as if entranced.

"I've never been so captivated by a single creature. If I had the leisure, I would do nothing but observe you all day. You are so unpredictable, beautifully unexpected. Mysterious, although you always say what's on your mind. Confident, yet cautious. An intriguing personality that has me undecided if I want to figure you out or allow you to continue surprising me."

His fingers trailed down my arms, tangling with my own dainty digits before grasping on to my hips and tugging me closer to his body. His chin rested on the top of my head, his warm breath teasingly stirring my bangs. His chest rumbled against my back as he spoke.

"I have no doubt in my mind that I want to explore your body, though. I could spend the rest of my life worshipping your body

tilting it just so. He smirked.


His lips descended on mine without mercy. I couldn't fight him even if I wanted to. My fingers combed through his blonde hair, tugging at the ends to angle his head better. Our lips locked with a furious passion. His were warm and surprisingly soft, even though they moved with a strength that could bruise. I was quickly becoming breathless, but there was no way I was going to break away from this glorious man first.

Damn, I sounded like such a chick. I think the last time I called something glorious was when I snuck into a wedding and ate some glazed chicken. The cake was a close second.

He eventually let me breathe, and I gasped for air with embarrassing need. He smirked again, filled with male ego.

"I think-"

"Don't, " I warned. "Not a word. Let's go."

I marched out of that room with what little dignity I had left.

He caught up to me easily enough.

"I love you, " he reminded me in my ear.

I couldn't help but smile.

"So this means I'm coming with you, right?"

"Is my answer going to make a difference?"

"If you say the right one, you can pretend to have made the decision for me."

He growled in exasperation. I laughed.

I wondered if this was what love felt like. Not love for a bed and warm blankets. Not love for food. Not love for heat.

Love for another person.


Not too sure how I feel about this chapter guys. Let me know what you think in a comment please!

So I just got back from camp and I met this guy and I kinda really like him even though he lives like an hour and a half away and oh my gosh I need to stop! My hormones are out of control for this guy. My head is like, "Girl, focus on more important things, like writing and college!" But then the girly side of me is like, "Go text him and Facebook stalk him!" You can guess which side usually wins...

Ok, sorry for wasting your time with my boy problems. Why are males so distracting?! It's not fair to my sanity!

Anyways, vote, comment, and fan! I love you guys. Thanks for being so patient for updates!

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