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Eva was a little too excited to give me a history lesson, but Killian insisted.

I was really getting annoyed with him. The entire time we've been here, he's either had his arm wrapped around me or I've been on his lap with his fingers doodling patterns into my thigh. When I looked behind once, his eyes were glazed over. I asked him what he was doing, and he said strategizing. His fingers never stopped moving. Was he on autopilot? Did he not even notice our contact?

Why did I care so much? I shouldn't care so much. It shouldn't bother me that he looked at me with possessiveness instead of love. He was angry when he first told me he loved me. I knew I wasn't reciprocating much, but I was trying, dammit. Would it kill him to look happy for once, instead of looking at me like I was a job he couldn't wait to be finished with?

Why did his arms have to feel so good wrapped around me, like I was finally being protected by someone? Why did I have this inexplicable trust in him? Why did he have to have blonde hair, making him so attractive?

"Does that make sense so far?" Eva asked.

I nodded absentmindedly.

"What did I just say?" she quizzed.

I shrugged, not caring about her disapproving look.

"Why are you not paying attention?" Killian sighed, still rubbing his fingers along my thighs. "This is important."

"Got more important stuff on my mind, " I mumbled.

"Mia, " Eva whined. "I don't think you understand how important this is."

"Don't care."

"What are you thinking about?" she persisted.

"Don't worry about it. Doesn't concern you."

"Tell me, " Killian demanded quietly. "Eva, please excuse us for a minute."

She left without a word. By the catcalls, I can only imagine Seth was waiting eagerly for her outside the door.

"What's distracting you?"


"It's obviously something."

"It's stupid. Drop it, Killian."

His chest rumbled as he rubbed his lips against the sensitive skin on my neck. "You don't say my name as much as you should, " he said, voice husky and ringing with content. I rolled my eyes. "Tell me."

"I have studying to do, " I growled defensively. I tried getting off his lap to find Eva and Ivy, but his hands held me down. Well, that was insulting. I didn't even have the strength to get out of his hands? "Let me go."

"No. This is bothering you. I'm not letting you go until we sort it out."


He hummed happily.


His humming got louder.

"I can't even say your name without you enjoying it!"

"Nope, " he responded. I wanted to choke the amusement out of his tone.

"Stop being so damn possessive! I don't want to be around you!"

That got his attention. His arms tightened.

"You don't want to be around me..." he repeated in a mumble. I struggled some more. He didn't budge. "No. That's not alright. You need to be around me."

"Well, I don't want to be. I'm going to find Eva."

"No, " he snarled. "You're not. You're staying here."

"What's your problem?"

"I need you near me."

I huffed, frustrated. "You wanted me to l

myself or ignore them. Eva and Ivy are shit outta luck with this war thing. And us? This entire relationship was a scam. There's nothing heartfelt about it except what this fucking bond is making us feel for each other. So let's just find a witch to break it or something, and we can both move on with our lives. My lesson is learned: don't take train tickets from strangers."

Killian did nothing but stare at me the entire time. His elbows were resting on his knees, and his hands were folded. The elements were calming down around me now that I had gotten most of my rage out. The flames died down to a peaceful glow. The air stilled. The water settled. And Killian kept staring at me.

"Say something, " I demanded.

He took a deep breath, filling his lungs to their bursting point before leisurely exhaling. That one breath probably took thirty seconds to complete, during which time he collected his thoughts. I was braced for his brilliant response.

"You are never allowed to repeat a single sentence out of that moronic speech, Mia. I've never heard anything so utterly absurd in my entire life."

Why was I not surprised?

"Go to hell!" I screamed.

"I have no proof that hell exists, but this is the next best thing, love. Your next request?"

I angrily ran my hands through my thick black hair. Nothing I said got through his thick skull.

"I see what the problem is, " he said softly. I was momentarily startled at how gentle his voice was. "Come here, love. I have something I want to show you."


Kinda boring. It's really hard for me to write dialogue, though, so I'm pretty proud of this chapter solely for that reason :)

So we finally see all of the emotions in Mia come spouting out. She's reached her limit. Next chapter we will close one problem and open/continue a new one. Yay!

Vote, comment, and follow! I love you guys, thanks for all of your support!

P.S. We got to #224 in Fantasy. Top quarter! Oh my goodness, thank you guys soooooo much!

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