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Nothing in my eighteen years of life could have prepared me for this room of individuals. I would have gawked at each and every one of them if I hadn't been stuck in a school filled with creatures that had beforehand only existed in my imagination for the past week. Killian breathing down my neck every moment of the day helped explain their overbearing, intense habits, too.

Xavier and Ivy properly introduced themselves while Willy stood tall next to his father, puffing out his chest when Ivy mentioned him. His eyes promised mischief, although they turned respectful when he looked at Killian and me. He looked a lot like his adopted father, although Xavier was obviously more mature than his son, radiating danger and ominous intentions than mere childlike trouble. He was beyond attractive, I'd give him that, but he paled next to Killian. The dragon swamped him in everything he was proud of: height, muscle, and malevolence. He was like a viper compared to a rattlesnake, the lesser of two evils.

Ivy, as motherly around Willy and submissive to Xavier, her mate, as she was, couldn't completely claim an innocent appearance, either. I was still spooked about her flaming eyes, even though she told me that all demons naturally possessed such fear-provoking appearances. There was something in the way she moved, like a lioness—a skilled hunter—that told me not to underestimate her. She was undoubtedly feminine, but I had no doubt she could be the bait as well as the killer to any victim she chose. Like a black widow spider, she could turn from seductive to deadly in half a second. I was sure of it.

If Killian was a rattlesnake, and Lord Xavier was a viper, then Prince Seth was a King Cobra. He wasn't the deadliest in the room, but he was recognizable and exotic. There was no other word to describe him, exotic. Oh, I could list off every synonym to attractive, but that wouldn't cover his smoldering green eyes, his inky black hair, his gorgeous tan skin, or his lean, agile figure that moved with so much grace, it would make any male model cry. Prince Seth was the epitome of perfection, and there was no denying it. His beauty was what made him fiercely lethal. I couldn't imagine any living female denying him anything, even their life.

Princess Eva was equally stunning. Feelings of jealousy bubbled in my stomach as my self-esteem plummeted. Her golden hair flowed down her back in perfect waves, and her dark blue eyes held all the mysteries of the darkest parts of the ocean. She was tall, even without heels, and outrageously skinny with curves in just the right places, teasing everyone around her with possibilities hidden under her blood red dress. Her smile was annoyingly white with teeth so straight she had to have worn braces. Yet, I couldn't imagine her with any kind of imperfection. Her skin, not quite as tan as her fellow vampire, was unblemished and silky.

Yet, even in the presence of such obviously powerful people, I couldn't help but feel superior. Yes, Ivy looked like she wielded a knife just as well as a fork at fancy-dancy dinner parties, and Eva was probably Miss Supernatural in every beauty pageant she entered, but none of those things mattered. I could freeze the water in their veins. I could drop the ground they were standing on a hundred feet or so into a hole. I could whip up a tornado to ruin their fancy hairdos, and any fire Ivy tried to use on me, I was just as in control of it as she was. And I had no doubt that I was stronger than she was. I didn't care how much training she had; I had trained on the streets of a human city. I wanted to see something that was more dangerous than that, with rapists and murderers hiding behind seemingly normal facades.

I was a little more hesitant around Seth and Xavier, seeing as how they could probably beat me in a fight. Their shirts strained against their muscled torsos and broad shoulders. Their pants encased long, sinewy legs with thighs that could break bones if they got the right grip around their victim. I grudgingly had to respect them, but I could see in their eyes that they respected me too. Stalemate.

Introductions were made, even though everyone already knew my name, and everyone else knew each other. Seth and Xavier were talking about some kind of dark fairies they were friends with, and I shuffled my feet, bored and irritated with idle pleasantries. Killian must have noticed my tense stance and annoyed expression, wrapping both of his arms around my shoulders to hold me still. He drew me back against his hard chest despite my protests. I didn't want to be seen as submissive around newcomers. All four—Willy had been told to go play, and he had said he was going to see Wildfire, whoever that was—caught my resistance and seemed shocked by it. Ivy and Eva looked at each other, smirking about something or another, sharing a secret joke between themselves.

I could see what the fuss was about. Seth had his arm around Eva's waist, doodling little circles into her hip with his fingers. She seemed to enjoy his ministrations, leaning into him when he pressed gently with the palm of his hand, inviting her closer.

Xavier draped his arm around Ivy's shoulders, tucking her safely into his side as if trying to prove a point by towering over her with his skyscraper of a body. She didn't care about his possessive actions, snuggling into him whenever he tightened his arm, a thought or image instinctively wanting her nearer.

"Why don't you girls get better acquainted?" Killian interrupted whatever Seth was about to say. He wasn't asking us; he was telling. "Xavier, Seth, and I have other matters to discuss."

Eva seemed willing while Ivy mumbled under her breath how she was just as much of a warrior as they were. Xavier scowled at her, giving her a punishing kiss and nipping her lip in warning. She huffed, crossed her arms, and nodded. Without her son around, she lost all motherly details. With Xavier stepping away, she got even more sinister. Her eyes weren'

any of them because of how freakishly possessive they are. No other guy can have any sort of connection with you. Ever."

"But I have a guard. Salvador's a guy!"

"Salvador is also mated and a werewolf, " Eva contradicted. I didn't bother asking how she knew that. She either already knew, which was weird, or she dug around in my head, which I didn't want to know if she did. It was just cause a fight. See, I can be civil.

"Dragons don't share that intense of a bond with any other creature other than their mate. That is their only connection with someone else, the only leverage an enemy would have over them. It's the way it has to be, " she finished.

"So I can't have any friends because someone would use them against Killian?"

"You have to understand that if you were a part of a nexus number or pair number, then Killian would also have a nexus or pair number. He would be closer to him than brothers. Separation of those kinds of bonds is brutal, almost as much as a mate bond."

"But you're here, without your numbers?"

"She means permanently, " Ivy added. She got a haunted look in her eyes. "Although abandonment is also very, very hard. It's heart-wrenching."

I didn't ask why anyone would want to abandon a permanent friend. I had a feeling it was part of her story that she left out. It didn't stop the knife of longing and embarrassment from driving into my chest, though. Of course I didn't get to have a friend like that. I sucked at being a friend.

Before we could all throw our own pity parties, a sharp whiny resonated from outside. Ivy whipped her head to face the window, looking ready to take on an army. She relaxed when she saw Willy fly by, tightly holding onto a mane of flames.

"What are those things?" I asked.

"Hell horses, " Ivy supplied. "A bond specific to demons. I bonded with one. Her name is Dawn. That was Willy on Wildfire, Dawn's colt. Xavier is bonded with Ignis, Wildfire's sire." She smiled. "Ironic how that worked out, isn't it? I still can't believe our horses fell in love like we did. Copy cats."

"Sometimes I'm jealous of you, but the twins keep me busy enough!" Eva laughed. It sounded like angels singing. "I have a dog, Prince, " she filled me in. "He's a Rottweiler. Seth got him for me when he was trying to win me over. Then, we also have a set of twins: Raina and Zander."

"You want a round of applause or something?"

"Sure!" she beamed. "I may be a vampire, but that doesn't make childbirth pleasant!" She shook her head. "And Seth says he wants a third soon."

"Keep your legs closed, " I suggested. "Problem solved."

Ivy gasped at my blunt, offensive implication, but Eva giggled. "My husband is literally the prince of seduction! It's a bit harder to resist him than you might think, " she retorted.

Just then, the doors opened and her prince of seduction sauntered back in. Seth was pale as could be, his black hair contrasting like oil on snow. His red eyes were hard and cold. Xavier appeared in a swirling burst of flames next to Ivy, gripping her in a hug. His hair flickered wildly, like dry grass eagerly catching fire. His expression was twisted into a snarl that could make grown men whimper. And finally, Killian shot into the room, curling his dragon's body around mine in a protective circle. His gold eyes were calculating, his mouth open to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Smoke billowed out of his nostrils every time he exhaled, his breathing hard and as sharp as his claws.

I didn't know what had happened when Eva, Ivy, and I had been talking, but one thing was for certain. Whatever it was, it had pissed them off.


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