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Warning: Not that exciting, but I promise next chapter will rock your socks off! :)

"I'll kill them, " Killian growled. "I'll kill every single one of them! They won't get anywhere near you!"

I didn't bother pointing out that Mr. Spaz had already talked to me multiple times. Killian had just turned back into his human form, and I didn't need him bursting into scales and fire in this confined room, no matter how tiring his useless babbling and endless pacing was.

The room was simple, but I could see why it was locked. It was small but filled with things I could only assume were some of the most coveted possessions in this strange new world. A pure gold tiara. A gold necklace dripping with diamonds of all shapes and sizes. A small gold crown that looked like it was meant for a boy instead of a man. These valuables screamed "precious." It was no wonder they had to be protected.

"—to leave, " Kilian sighed.

"What?" I asked, coming out of my daze. So much wealth had me hypnotized. I had never seen anything that came remotely close to its brilliance. "Who's leaving?"

"We are, " he clarified. "I said, I'm sorry that we're going to have to leave. I wanted to allow you more time to become accustomed to me and our new life, but we have no more time. We have to leave. Now."

"Where are we going?" I didn't put up much of a fight. It would be pointless of me to because, for one, Killian could easily make me go and two, why wouldn't I? It wasn't like I was living my dream life here. If Killian wanted to go somewhere, I was game for a little adventure.

"To the demon realm. Seth and Eva are already visiting."

"Why?" I wondered. "Who's there? The devil?"

"You may call him that, " Killian smirked, "but most just refer to him as Xavier. Ivy is there, as well."

"You've talked about them before, " I remembered. "Why are we going to see them?"

"Maybe you should have paid attention in your classes, " he retorted smartly. I pulled a face at his back as he turned towards the far wall. "Eva will gladly explain."

He began pressing along the wall as if searching for a certain stone, and I knitted my eyebrows. What was he doing?

I realized that it wasn't a wall at all when Killian found a hollow spot and peeled back the seemingly cemented stone out of place. He breathed deeply, then spit into the empty space. He didn't spit saliva, though. Out of his mouth shot a tiny ball of fire, which triggered some kind of signal. The wall groaned as it shifted out of place, and a part of it unhinged in the form of a doorway. It was the ultimate form of camouflage.

Killian held his hand out for me to take. I was too awed to fight his silent request.

"Are you the only one that can open it?" I asked.


As if he had done it a thousand times before, Killian spit fire towards dark corners of the room like the boys at the orphanage used to spit watermelon seeds. They arced through the air and landed precisely on the wick of c

wer, flowed down my back in gentle ringlets. I never noticed how my clothes, simple jeans and a black jacket, fit along my curves, that I was slowly gaining from the hearty food Killian had in his kitchen, so well.

I looked more gorgeous, sexy even, than I ever had. Those were dangerous feelings. With sexiness came confidence, and with confidence came power. I felt so, so powerful. I was finally in control of my own life, and no one was going to knock me down. With my fiery armor and paired with Killian in his dragon form, it was hard to not raise my head and grin maliciously at the image, a grin filled with promises of dominance and authority.

So I didn't resist, and I smiled to myself before Killian spit onto another secret pad, the roof separated like the Red Sea for Moses, and we flew towards a new world. This time, I was ready.


I know this isn't that great, but I promise next chapter will be amazing! Who's ready to meet some of our favorite characters from the previous two books?

I also wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible. This was way more important than government homework! The response from last chapter was phenomenal. Thank you guys sooo much. It meant so much to me to hear how much you guys missed me and didn't give up on this book.

From your awesome response, we got up to the #227 spot on Fantasy! The top 25% people! I couldn't wipe the grin off my face! :D

School is still a blur, but the ACT is in March so I should have some serious time for writing between that and AP testing in May. Something to look forward to :)

Tell me who you guys are most excited to see in the next chapter. Eva? Seth? Ivy? Xavier? Willy?

Or do you guys still remember Elena, Colton, Cassie, Cody, Violet, and Jace?

How about Marshall, Sarah, John, and Felicia?

I'm excited to write about the hell horses again! Ignis and Dawn all the way!

Vote, comment, and fan! <

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