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Dedication to blooey7 for making me laugh with her comment in Chapter 13!


This was going to take some getting used to.

Killian had led me all too eagerly to one of the many gyms the school had. This one seemed pretty standard, if not looked at closely. The walls were bare of any kinds of ropes, bars, or handholds. They were covered in some kind of material I had never seen before, something shiny, smooth, and cold to the touch. I had thought it was some type of metal, but Killian assured me it wasn't. The floor was covered in a slightly squishy, black mat that would definitely hurt if fallen on hard enough. The ceiling lights were protected by a see-through screen.

It appeared so innocent. No lines or dots for drills. No pull-up bar. Not even a clipboard or stopwatch in sight. If only I knew how horrible the bare room could be.

Killian told me we were going to focus on my powers. He would teach me to hone them, control them, and use them like I used my limbs—without thought, naturally.

"We'll start with air, " he decided without asking me. I shrugged, agreeing.

"First, just create an air current. Not too strong, just get the air flowing. Feel it glide through our fingers, " he instructed.

At first I could hardly get a breeze. He kept encouraging me, which made me concentrate harder. That was a mistake. A gust of wind so strong erupted from my outstretched hand, throwing Killian to the other side of the room. He slammed into the wall, slumping to the floor.

I immediately dropped my hand, rushing over to see if he was okay, chocking back laughter the entire time. The wall was dented from his body. When he got up and gave me a mocking, "Good job!" I slapped his arm.

He laughed and told me to relax.

"You don't have to think so hard when you tell your legs to walk, do you?" he asked after I couldn't produce anything but a couple wisps of air in twenty minutes. "You just do it. Trust your instincts. The air will listen to you. It's your friend."

I snorted but gave it a try.

I was too tense. Even I knew that. I took a deep breath, inhaling as much of the slightly cold, crisp air as I could. The coolness seemed to fill my body, making me feel lighter. As I let it out, my shoulders slumped. That was better.

With a clearer head, I focused on the air. I didn't try looking at it. I obviously couldn't see it. But I could smell the new mats, not yet saturated with sweat, blood, and tears. The cool air slid against my skin, caressing it fondly. As I raised my hand, it brushed against my fingers, asking for guidance.

Go I whispered in my mind. My hair tickled my shoulders as it followed the air current I had created, fluttering around my face.

"Good, " Killian murmured softly, stepping up behind me. His warm, big hands held my hips. "Stronger, now." His breath teased the sensitive skin behind my ear, and the air blew stronger. "Now make it as strong as you can, but make it go around us. See our bodies as immoveable objects, forcing the wind to find a different path."

Our clothes billowed with the strength of the wind, but we didn't budge. My hair was in my eyes, but through the slim openings, I saw how the doors rattled on their hinges, groaning in protest. I smiled, feeling powerful.

"Imagine us in the air, " he breathed. "Me in my dragon form, and you flying through the air next to me, held up by the air currents you produce. We would be like shooting stars to humans: beautiful, powerful, and so brilliant, they would wonder if they had even seen us."

"Can I?" I whispered anxiously, wanting nothing more than for this feeling to continue, even build. I craved this power, this freedom. I wanted more.

"Eventually, " he promised huskily. "Not today. You must keep practicing before you endanger yourself like that."

"I can—"

"Please, " he begged, kissing my neck. "For me, put your safety first. Please, Mia."

I shivered, unused to hearing my name. His deep baritone made it sound so seductive, like a wonderful, forbidden object. Something he knew others coveted, but they couldn't touch me. I was his.

"Time for history, " he announced later on. I had been practicing with the air, but I lost my connection with it when he interrupted my concentration. The miniature tornado I had created vanished.

"This day has taken forever!" I groaned. "Is school always this long?"

"Don't you go to school?"

"No, I usually skipped, " I admitted. I wasn't ashamed of my rebellious actions. I had better things to do than learn stuff that would get me no where in the real world.

"You'll have good attenda

"That's another thing, " I added. "Protection. I never had any. Never needed it. Never wanted it. Then you waltz into my life and start telling me what to do. Sleep now, eat this, drink that. You're trying to protect me so I don't end up like your family. Isn't it ironic how I don't give a crap about anyone, including myself, but you're protective enough for the both of us?"

My voice cracked on the last word. He hugged me tightly. I didn't even realize I was crying until he wiped away my tears with the pads of his thumbs, staring into my eyes with care and love.

And he was in love with me. I had never really mourned or cried for my unfortunate situation, mostly because I didn't know what I was missing out on. I hadn't known the meaning of love. My parents didn't love me. The mothers who ran the orphanage didn't love me. None of my unofficial sisters or brothers loved me. I certainly didn't love any of them. I only knew love for inanimate objects: food, warmth, pillows, and nature.

Now, though, I realized why little girls and boys would cry when they were brought into that dreaded house. I understood why they would be so sad when they didn't get chosen for adoption by a loving mother and father. I knew what love was. Love was what Killian showed me. And it was highly addicting.

I cried into his shoulder for my ignorance of such a wonderful feeling. I had only known him for less than two days, but the devotion he showed me made my stomach churn and my heart ache. I realized just how alone I had been. So, so lonely.

Killian shushed me, smoothing down my hair with his giant hand. He peppered kisses all over my face and whispered words of love into my ear. Gently, he began rocking us back and forth, the motion soothing me further.

"I'm here, " he murmured. "I will always love you. For forever, my love."

We kissed, a slow, steamy kiss that I never wanted to end. It wasn't a show of dominance or lust, like all of the kisses I'd received before. It was a kiss just because he liked kissing me. My head became hazy with the amount of things I loved about him all crashing together into the span of a few moments: his overpowering heat, his strong arms wrapped around me, his chiseled chest pressed against mine, his smooth and soft lips caressing my begging ones, his long fingers twirling in my hair…

I stopped thinking and just enjoyed. There was no doubt about it. I had become completely addicted to this feeling.


Sorry for the late update guys. But damn, today sucked so badly. I just got home and started writing. So how about you guys send some votes and comments my way to make me smile? I'd really appreciate it! :)

Like I said in my last update, I have shit to do. Thankfully no one has harrassed me for updates, and I appreciate that. Thanks for understanding that I have a life outside of Mia and Killian. Although I finally got this scene posted that has been in my head for months!

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