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I also want to give a big thank you to LittleMissThang06 because even though she wasn't the first one to comment, she always leaves super nice messages that I love reading. The longer the better! Thanks to both of you! :)


We didn't dissect anything in Creature Knowledge class.

In fact, all of the classes were almost normal. If I ignored the fact that we discussed some stupid prophecy these witch ladies chanted a thousand years ago in Witch History, it would have appeared to be a regular class discussion found in any high school.

Human Anatomy was normal enough. A lot of the people in that class looked absolutely clueless when they saw the diagram, though, and the teacher had to explain at least ten times that there was nothing abnormal about the body. No magical powers. No super strength. No mind reading. Nothing. I had a feeling most students here struggled in that class. It made me feel superior for a moment, before I remembered that the only reason they were so dumbfounded was because they were used to having some sort of dominance over humans. I was used to ignoring that part of me.

Creature Knowledge was similar to Witch History. We studied a different creature in depth for two weeks, then had a test on them. A different creature per chapter. We were discussing dark fairies, to which Jane smirked the entire class, already knowing everything.

I wondered if I would be able to find my fairytale books from when I was a kid and study from them? It seemed all I needed to do was read The Chronicles of Narnia and Twilight and I could ace the class!

I hardly paid attention in my first three classes. They were nothing more than a joke. Seriously, who cared what witch gave a special power to which species? Was it critical to know all the different wing forms dark fairies had?

Give me a break.

I listened for the first time when I entered my fourth hour class. Battle Technique. That sounded interesting enough.

The teacher looked up and grinned nicely at me as I walked in with Jane and Maria. He was far from unattractive, but I didn't smile back. I had to keep my guard up at this school. I had to remember that every single person here bowed down to Killian, and that made everyone my enemy. I couldn't trust any of them.

As the teacher, Mr. Grey, took attendance, I took the time to study him. Despite his name, his hair didn't have a streak of grey in it. Instead, dark brown covered every strand, as if he'd had an accident in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I couldn't help but wonder how much brighter his blue eyes would look if he had blonde hair. His skin was too pale, too, even though Jane had told me he was a necromancer, and they were apparently naturally pale.

Maybe I would need that Creature Knowledge class.

I noticed people—were they even people? Creatures? Critters? Scary things that go bump in the night?—were looking at me strangely. It wasn't in the way that I was stared at in my old school, with fear at my freakishness. These students gazed at me in wonder, just like Killian had promised. They appreciated me, just because of my gold eye color. I didn't even have to do anything to earn their respect. It was given out freely.

Not that I did anything bad. Despite my rough appearance and preference to be alone, I wasn't a rebel. I didn't disrupt classes and start fights for no reason. If someone messed with me, sure, I'd mess with them back with my fists and some nasty words. I didn't do anything unless I was provoked though. I was like a sleeping tiger: harmless as long as you left me the hell alone.

Mr. Grey kept glancing at me all class, though, just as much as the other students were. Wasn't it his job to set an example? You know, be the mature one and all that jazz? Apparently not, because he glanced at me more times during his lecture about the advantages of attacking in waves than if I had spontaneously grown a third eye. He probably wouldn't even care, as long as it was gold.

The class was hands down my favorite of the day. When the bell rang, I was actually upset about leaving my seat. My mood only soured worse when I realized I would get the joyful presence of a hardheaded s

talk, I got a peek at his tongue. My eyes widened at the thin, forked tongue that was nothing short of snakelike. The color was just as unusual as the shape. It appeared to be dipped in liquid bronze, the gold color contrasting with his pink lips and the dark cavern of his mouth.

He backed me up into a wall, caging me in with his arms.

"You are my mate!" he hissed in my face. His tongue tickled my lips as it slithered out of his mouth when he spoke. It felt strangely erotic, causing tingles to shoot down my spine. I rolled my lips into my mouth.

"You are the center of my life. Your voice is my personal melody. Your smile makes my dark world brighter. I need you to function correctly. If anything were to happen to you, I would go insane. I would be uncontrollable, an evil so powerful that many would die before anyone could kill me for the safety of the supernatural worlds."

Was this his attempt at being romantic? Sure, his words were sweet, but I don't think any Don Juan got his girl by locking her in his room. Casanova didn't trap a girl between the wall and his body and tell her that her life was in the palm of his hand.

A song I once heard came to mind, and I snorted at how my life had been reduced to a couple of stupid lyrics. If Killian was trying to play Cupid, he wouldn't be the ordinary man in a diaper with arrows. Oh no, he would have a shotgun and love grenades. They would match his dragon wings instead of angel ones.

"So what gives me the right to control your life, mate?" he growled. "The fact that you got stuck with a dragon for a mate. Get used to this life, because there is no way you can escape me."

There's the Killian we all know and hate!

"So I'm some pretty trophy you get to keep?" I spat. My voice dripped with sarcasm. "That's why you want me here so badly?"

"I want you here because I fucking love you."


This chapter is really late, and I'm really sorry about that.

I can't say that updates are going to come super quickly either, because now that school started up, I have to focus on that. This is my junior year and I'm taking 5 AP classes, one of them is AP Calculus. 5 AP classes+ACT prep=no writing time. I'll do my best guys, but no promises :(

Also, I know this chapter wasn't that interesting, but trust me when I say that it was needed. As much as I would love to have Mia/Killian moments every single chapter, it's not realistic. If you've read my other stories, you know that I try to have more depth than just the typical romance plotline.

I've been keeping track of the ratings between updates. This got up to #445 in Fantasy and #549 in Adventure. Thanks guys! :) <

Boom! Killian just dropped the L-bomb! :)

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