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"You better not try to eat me, " I huffed.

"Not in the way you're thinking."

"Stop making stupid jokes and just get me to the stupid school already!" I yelled.

He chuckled again. Thankfully I was turned the other way while he stripped and changed, so I didn't see his face while he was laughing. There was only so much I could take in one day from him and still keep my wits about me.

Warm breath brushed the back of my neck, and I screamed bloody murder. I knew it! The entire "mate" idea was a scam so he could keep me here, then barbeque me when he felt like it and eat me before I knew what was going on. I was toast. Literally, he would cook me until I was a nice golden brown—

He nudged me, and I stumbled from the unexpected shove. He was standing as a dragon. The sun glinted off of his scales like jewels. His wings were folded against his body, and he crouched down so I could climb up the spikes on his back to get on. The spikes looked like they would work like a horse saddle, lined up one right after the other from his skull, down his spine in between his enormous wings, all the way to his tail.

His huge golden eyes were the same, though, and they looked at me now with almost a pleading look. Like his life would be worth living if I just rode on his back this one time. This was a test, and he desperately wanted me to pass it.

Somehow, the familiarity of his eye color gave me the courage to slowly walk up to his massive form. I reached out, watching him the entire time. He slowly bobbed his head up once, then back down. A nod.

He made a sound when my fingers splayed across the scales at his neck. A mix between an animal growl and a human groan. Something like a purr. Whatever it was, he sounded content.

His scales were smooth to the touch, like rough silk. The muscles under the skin was obvious. They tensed under my fingers, and I marveled at the pure strength he had. It was incredible.

I lost all common sense as I became engrossed in this fascinating form of Killian. He was a huge reptile, yes, but he was so much more than that. He was magnificent. The type of powerful creature you could only imagine about. His wings were large and strong in themselves, able to life his body off the ground. His body burned with an internal fire that could fry any enemy. His claws dug into the ground, scratching at the soft dirt as easily as they could scratch through flesh.

I wasn't afraid.

I nimbly climbed up onto his back, finding surprisingly ea

f my attempts to shut her up!

I would have thought that her "dark fairy" heritage would have made her more, I don't know, silent but violent? But no, here was this girl in a red plaid skirt, lacy blouse, and stockings assigned to follow me around that could supposedly kick ass if anyone tried to hurt me.

I didn't believe it for a second.

And she was equally as relentless. After she found out I didn't want anyone to know my name, not even Killian, she made it her personally goal to guess it.

I tried to ignore her outrageous guesses by glancing at my schedule.

History (Witch)

Anatomy (Human)

Creature Knowledge

Battle Technique


Training/Power Control (2 hours)

History (Dragon)

Anatomy (Dragon)

I knew that Jane was looking over my shoulder as I read my schedule. I was tempted to shove her away so she wasn't breathing down my neck, but I was almost beginning to like her. She was the kind of girl everyone liked.

It was weird.

"Oh, we have creature knowledge together!" Jane chirped. "That'll be fun!"

"We have all four of the morning classes together, " Maria added. She rolled her eyes when Jane wasn't looking. I held in my smirk.

"Creature knowledge?" I scoffed. "Sounds like a lot of dissecting!"


Okay, I don't mean any offense to anyone named Rachael, there's just a girl named that in my school and I can't stand her!

Anyways, here's what you guys were supposed to get at the same time as the last chapter, but the words decided to take their sweet time coming to me. Hope it was worth the wait :)

Vote, comment, and follow! :)

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