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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Think of the most horrible sound you've ever heard. Is it annoying? Does it terrify you? Or does it fill you with guilt? Disappointment? Fear?

Mothers may respond that this sound is the noise of their baby crying. Students might say it's nails on a chalkboard. People who have survived an incredible event would probably tell you it's associated with whatever they went through: the screaming wind of a hurricane or tornado, an echoing gunshot, the rip of their clothes.

Mine was growling.

Of my stomach.

Annoying people, I could handle. Fear, I could overcome. But an annoying sound that came from my own body, that reminded me of the nights when I went hungry as a child? The nights when I was forced to practically sell myself for five dollars in the McDonalds bathroom, just so I could get a meal? A sound that I couldn't ignore or run away from, that wouldn't leave me alone?

I couldn't handle that.

It was after noon by now. I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday, twenty-four hours ago. The hype of finding out who Killian was and the overload of information had distracted me, but now that I was left alone to my thoughts, I couldn't help but notice how empty my stomach felt.

I remembered seeing a kitchen around the corner in the hallway. It was only a glimpse, but it was worth a shot. Besides, Killian had probably never gone hungry a day in his life. He wouldn't even notice if I helped myself to the food in his kitchen.

I had thought that dorm rooms were supposed to be crowded. As I wandered out of the bedroom and into the hallway, I realized that wasn't the case for Killian. Maybe every student had their own apartment like living area, but I doubted it. This type of treatment was only fit for a king.

The hallway branched out into five rooms. One of them was the lavish bedroom I'd just exited. I poked my head into three of the four remaining rooms. Kitchen. Living room. Bathroom. Nothing exciting.

The real fun began when I discovered the last door. It was at the other end of the hallway, farthest away from the bedroom. It was different than the other two doors leading into the bedroom and bathroom. This one wasn't furnished with fancy trimmings, no gold door handle. It was just a plain wooden door, even sturdier than the one in the bedroom, and locked.

"Great. First I'm Rupunzel, locked away in a tower, and now it's a remix of Beauty and the Beast, a room I'm forbidden to go in?" I mumbled sarcastically.

My stomach rumbled again, reminding me of my original mission. With one last curious look, I padded into the kitchen to raid it until I was so full I was ready to puke.

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how the expensive machines work, but I figured it out quickly enough. I rooted around in the cabinets, my eyes widening at the vast selection I had.

Soon enough I had meat broiling in the oven, pasta cooking on the stove, a creamy sauce bubbling behind it, potatoes boiling next to it, and soup simmering on the backburner next to the sauce.

I couldn't wait to get started on dessert.

Alright, so maybe it was a little clic

l tomorrow, " he mentioned casually when we were scraping the last of the food from the bottom of the bowls. "I have your class schedule. You'll be with me for lunch and the last half of the day. The first half, you'll be with Maria and Jane. They're your guards."


I wanted to slap myself. There were so many other things I wanted to say: I had to go to school? I needed guards? He was forcing me to be with him for half of the day? What if I wanted to eat lunch by myself, like I always did?

I was Mia Lane. I had a comeback for everything. I survived practically on the streets. I wasn't dead yet, even after being kicked out of the orphanage, even though I really only used the bed and roof, and sometimes the food if there was enough. I was the girl everyone avoided. I had magnificent golden eyes and even more magnificent powers to control the four elements.

And what was my response to this outlandish remark?


Even if the word was practically dripping with sarcasm, Killian didn't take the bait. He nodded, looking relieved that I hadn't blown up, like I probably should have.

I didn't bother making dessert, even though my recipe for Devil's chocolate food cake was sounding sorely tempting. I'd been ecstatic when I found all of the ingredients to make it, but the numbness that had taken over my body spoiled my appetite for it.

Instead, I turned around and went back to the bedroom, falling asleep until the next morning even though it was only three o' clock. I blamed it on the food. Killian watched me go with troubled eyes. I promised myself I would get my fighting spirit back the next day. My compliance made me feel even stupider than my lame comeback did.


Early update! Yay! You guys have bumped She's a Natural up to #338 in Fantasy and #759 in Adventure, and I just wanted to keep writing! Thanks guys!

So I won't leave you a ridiculously long note like last chapter, there's not much to say.

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