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My mouth dropped open at his bluntness. "Listen up, buddy! I don't know who you think you are, but there is no way on this green Earth that I am going to sleep with you. Not today. Not tomorrow. Probably not ever! Understand?"

He narrowed his eyes. "That's what you think, mate."

I clenched my fingers into tight fists. I seriously could not believe the gall of this man.

"Try it, I dare you, " I challenged.

I probably shouldn't have said that. I quickly learned that he liked challenges.

He slung me over his shoulder, carrying me like a sack of potatoes. I began hitting his back and kicking my feet, trying to hit him in his stomach.

"Put me down, you big oaf! You caveman! I'll kick your dang butt when I get down from here!"

"You must be tired from your journey, " he growled. "You're going to bed to get some rest. This is not up for discussion!"

I paused in my futile attacks. "Wait, so I'm going to bed to…sleep?"

He chuckled, catching on to what I was thinking. "We will have plenty of time for that, mate."

He made it out of the school by now, and he was heading in a direction I couldn't name. I remembered Salvador saying that there was a dorm building a couple of miles from here. He couldn't be planning on walking all the way there, could he?

I also wondered how Salvador was doing. He was sure to have bruises on his neck tomorrow.

"My name is Mi—Amber, " I grumbled. What was up with these people either calling me their queen or mate? It was getting pretty annoying.

"Amber…" he mused, testing my name out on his tongue like a new flavor of candy.

"I'm not even tired, " I complained, resting my elbow on his shoulder and propping my chin in the palm of my hand.

"You will go to bed and get some sleep, " he repeated stubbornly, his tone final.

"Who the heck are you, anyways? Why would no one stop you from killing an innocent girl and almost killing Salvador?"

"She wasn't innocent, " he hissed, sounding strangely like a snake. "She pushed you, and you almost hit your head, which could have caused you to suffer a concussion, and they can be fatal if severe enough. Therefore, she almost killed you."

I was stunned at his far-fetched interpretation. "You exaggerating! I ran into her, so she shoved me. I would have done the same to her."

"You mean more than her. You're more important."

"Says who? Killian?" I bit out sarcastically. "Your royal king that you all bow down to? Seriously, you people need to grow a dang backbone and stand up to him! He can't be all that, can he?"

"I would beg to differ that he is all that, " the blonde responded, his voice a mixture of amused and irritated.

"So he can get away with whatever he wants?" I pressed. "That's so ridiculous! What if he murdered someone? You're telling me everyone would just…stand by and…let it…happen?"

My voice lowered until my last word was a hushed whisper, the pieces falling together. All of those students and teachers hadn't done anything for that girl or Salvador because… oh.

"Shit, " I hissed, hitting my head with the heel of my hand.

"My mate shouldn't curse."

"I have a name, Killian, " I spat. Why wouldn't anyone clue me in?! Thanks a lot, stupid school!

"Yes, speaking of that…" He set me down (finally!) and I took a moment to observe our surroundings. We were in another patch of trees. The forest was obviously healthy. The trunks were thick, the bark was strong, and the foliage was dense and a vibrant green color. I eyed a heavy looking stick discarded among the tall grass that I could use if worst came to worst. "Did you change it?"

"What?" I squeaked, quickly clearing my throat and glaring at his scarily accurate accusation.

"Did you change your name?" he asked suspiciously. "It just doesn't seem…right."

"You're telling me that I don't have my

nie. But sorry, buddy, I don't have my magic lamp with me today, so your wishes will have to be on hold for the next girl that comes along."

I just have a way with words, I know.

His shaking became worse. Was it something I said?

"You are my mate!" he bellowed.

He pushed me away from him seconds before he exploded. Not literally. His blood and guts stayed inside his body. He just…changed.

His skin rippled. It thickened, and his pores elongated. They shone in the dappled sunlight, turning into gold scales. The stubble on his chin lengthened into a couple strands of whiskers. His teeth sharpened to a lethal tip. His nails curved into claws that could kill five men with one swipe. His body grew into a thin, long, sinewy shape.

The most grotesque change he underwent was when his back arched. A ripping sound echoed throughout the woods, like his skin was being torn apart too quickly. Two gigantic gold wings sprouted from his back, stretching out incredible lengths before folding comfortably against his body. He crouched on his four legs, his figure curving and twisting like a snake to accommodate to the cramped clearing. His eye stared at me intently, the same unsettling gold eye as the man.

"You're a…a dragon!" I gasped.

He nodded slowly, his whiskers floating alongside his enormous head. His tail flickered, testing for something or waiting for something to happen. I continued staring at him…it.

He moved silently, stretching out his body. The air silently parted for him. He curved around my body, and I spun around in a circle so I could maintain eye contact with him at all times.

He created a circle around me, enclosing me. He seemed to be checking for something, reassuring himself.

I felt it. A scale. Against my leg.

Then I did black out. Like a loser.


I think she should name him Toothless. How to Train Your Dragon 2 was awesome, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet!!

So a lot happened in this chapter. I feel like the plot is moving pretty fast, so unfortunately the next couple of chapters might be fillers. On the bright side, look forward to some one-on-one time between Killian and Mia!! :)

Oh, and this story is #907 in Fantasy!! I know that it doesn't have very many reads, but your votes and comments make it popular, so hopefully other people will see it and want to read it! Thank you guys SO much for your wonderful support and especially your kind comments.

Keep 'em coming please! Vote, comment, and follow me! <3

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