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"I think you pulled out a couple handfuls of my fur!" Salvador complained. He reached back and felt his shoulders. His eyes widened in outrage. I bit my lip to stop from laughing. He looked hilarious. "You did! I have two spots without hair!"

I smirked. "Serves you right."

In my defense, he could run at speeds I didn't think were possible. When we stopped at our destination and he changed back, he told me it was a supernatural thing to run fast. We had streaked through the dense woods, across a couple of fields of grass, splashed through a river, and winded out way through another patch of trees. We veered off the dirt path somewhere in the woods at a landmark I couldn't identify, but Salvador obviously did because he sprinted confidently the entire was here, zigzagging so much that I stopped paying attention and just enjoyed the ride as much as I could, which wasn't very much. I was scared that I would fall off and crack my skull open the entire time.

We arrived at the school, although I didn't believe him when he told me that we were here. The building was practically camouflaged in the thick foliage, but Salvador said that it had to be kept as hidden as possible. There was apparently another building that had the dorms a couple of miles away.

"A single building can house the entire school?" I asked doubtfully.

"The school is very exclusive, " he responded. "You don't apply to get in. You're told you're attending."

"Sounds fun, " I said under my breath. Salvador's smirk told me he had heard.

The red brick could hardly be seen behind the fat, succulent leaves. There wasn't even a sign or anything. You either knew it was a school and knew how to find it, or you walked right on by, none the wiser.

We walked through the doors without any interruptions. I had expected security guards with machine guns and metal detectors. Did those things not apply here?

Oh yeah! It was a school, not a prison. I kept forgetting.

Salvador grumbled at my flippancy of his lost fur and playfully shoved me to make me walk faster. I shoved him back, and he glared at me warningly.

"Aww, does someone not like being shoved? Does it make you feel unmanly to know that a girl can shove you? All of that muscle can't take a little hit?" I teased.

"I'll show you a shove, " he responded playfully, pushing me back. I could tell he was holding back a lot of his strength. He could probably push me farther than I could throw a ball. As long as I didn't use my powers to make the wind suddenly pick up and carry it farther, obviously.

I shoved him with all my might, but he barely even budged. He smirked down at me. "Aww, does the little girl wanna play with the big, bad boys?" he mocked in the same childish tone I had used on him. I grit my teeth and tried to knock him over again. He laughed, pushing my shoulder with one h

boy, " because it was obvious that this man didn't have a heart of gold. He had killed an innocent girl and almost killed his "most trusted guard" without batting an eye! And for what? I hadn't noticed them doing anything wrong. His aura screamed trouble and menace, and I remembered how no one had dared to stop his actions minutes beforehand.

No, I thought of that word simply because he was covered in it. His hair was a striking blonde, his skin a deep tan, and his eyes were a shade brighter than my own topaz colored ones.

He was attractive, I'd give him that. Oh yeah, he was definitely pleasing to the eye, a fine example of the beauty of human anatomy and what it was capable of. A popular and favorite purchase of eye candy, I was sure. But he moved with a certain authority that said he knew he was untouchable. Even if he hadn't been good-looking, he didn't need to be. He was masculine and powerful, and his desirable appearance only made people (mainly the female population) bow down to him faster.

He didn't say anything, instead taking my hand and leading me somewhere. Everyone stared at us as we passed, in a mixture of awe, shock, and respect. Why respect?

Maybe because I had tamed the beast, I thought to myself, silently laughing at my own joke.

I put the brakes on when I got tired of him leading me around by my wrist like a pet. Which wasn't very far. We only rounded the corner at the end of the hallway before I dug my heels into the floor, stopping us. He glanced back at me, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Where are you taking me?" I demanded to know.

"To bed."


Sorry it's so short guys, but at least they met! You'll get to see more of them in the next chapter, I promise. It's already started because I'm so excited for it!! :)

I'll let the story speak for itself so....

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