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Bear with me. The fun part is yet to come, trust me :)


I was born like everyone else. There was nothing extraordinary about me until one fateful day when I was seven years old. I haven't been normal since then.

I guess I should start my story by saying that I didn't know my parents. Never have. And apparently, they had no interest in knowing me. The fact that gave me up for adoption when I was two weeks old was my first clue to figuring that conundrum out.

I sat brooding in my room that I shared with three other girls. I did that a lot, brood. I used to like doing other things: going to the lake hidden in the woods behind the adoption agency building, playing with the other girls my age, keeping my grades up in school. Then I came to the realization that it was all pointless. I was too queer.

I tried to move past my cursed eye color and powers. I attempted to fit in for a long time, almost a year. Whenever I had to do a project in school, though, my partners would barely peep a word, too engrossed by my strange golden irises. At least they didn't know the weirdest part about me. If they did, I had no doubt that my mere presence would send them running for the hills.


I glanced up from my lap, where I was absentmindedly playing with my fingers.

"Yeah?" I answered halfheartedly, trying to decide if I would actually pay attention to what Mrs. Britt had to say to me.

"Happy birthday, dearie!" she squealed, throwing her arms around me. I chocked on her strong, too sweet perfume, trying not to breathe in too much of the overwhelming stench.

"Thanks, " I coughed. Then in my usual monotone, "Did you need something?"

Her eyebrows furrowed together. "I can't just come to see you, Mia? Honestly, child, sometimes I wonder if you really believe that the whole world is against you."

I wanted to retort, Well, I have yet to find someone who has proven me wrong. My parents and friends all abandoned me. You'll probably kick me out as soon as you can, too.

My mind clicked in realization as my eyes widened. Today was my eighteenth birthday. I was an adult. That meant...

"You're kicking me out?!"

She sighed. "Now, honey, we all knew this day was coming. I didn't want to be so blunt about it, but you will have to move out tonight. Why don't you stay for dinner, at least? I would have made something special, but little Tommy begged for macaroni 'n' cheese."

I narrowed my eyes at the mention of the little brat. Tommy was too innocent of a name for such a devil spawn. He not only thought he was King It around the adoption agency, he also had a malicious obsession with hair: pulling it, sticking gum in it, cutting it in the middle of the night. Not his own, though. No, of course it was never his own.

Mrs. Britt's mention of him only fueled my anger towards her. She flinched instinctively at my intense glare, no doubt intimidated by my glowing bronze orbs. "No, that's alright. I'll just pack my things now."


"I understand, " I cut her off. "Please leave."

She nodded, looking relieved that my short temper hadn't snapped on her. She hurried out of the room, glancing back at me nervously once she was at the threshold.

"This is for the best, Mia. You'll get to see the world, meet new people, enjoy life, and all the while learning some responsibility while you do it."

"Not to mention, I'll be out of your poofy hair, " I muttered under my breath, seeing her wild hair dart down the hallway, leaving behind an unsettling scent of hairspray and perfume.

I sighed, dragging out my single, huge suitcase from under my bed. I smacked the top a couple of times, stirring up clouds of dust that had created a thin film over the plain black case. I waved my hand in front of my face, turning my head away with a sour expression.

I called on the practically nonexistent air currents to come alive once I opened the suitcase. They did so willingly, collecting my clothes and toiletries in gentle gusts and setting them in my bag. I gathered my few books that I'd stolen from the school library and some notebooks where I'd made my notes about my powers.

Nodding in approval, I zipped up my life and trudged out of the room that was never really mine. I looked over my shoulder at the single bed with one pillow and pale pink sheets. There were four, one bed in each corner. The white walls and wooden floors hadn't been cleaned for years. A small wooden nightstand with a lamp stood faithfully next to each bed.

I didn't feel any remorse leaving this room behind. It was as if I was renting it for my childhood, because I honestly had no right to come back to it. Someone would replace me, and then someone else would replace her. It was a never-ending, pitiful cycle of empty, hopeless illusions that we belonged here.

I walked down the desolate hallway with a stoic expression on my face. It didn't look so bad in the morning with girls in pigtails and half-dressed boys running around. Without any children, though, it was glaringly bare and plain. Not even a single photo added any kind of decoration to the walls or a carpet to add color to the worn floors that desperately needed polishing.

Mrs. Britt was too cheap for polish, though. She'd rather spend the money on perfume and hairspray.

When I walked past the dining room, everyone stared. The younger ones had

curiosity and slight wonder in their eyes, amazed that I was going to leave the orphanage and face the world on my own. When I was their age, I couldn't imagine leaving either. I knew better now.

The older ones, like Tommy, smirked in satisfaction. They would get more food on their plates thanks to my now permanently empty seat.

The ones my age stared in marvel at the odd looks, probably not even registering the suitcase in my hand and the fact that I wasn't coming back. I didn't bother snapping at them like I usually would have. They might as well look at me for the last time. Even so, they leaned unconsciously back in their seats, always slightly afraid of the power in me that they could sense but never understand. I didn't blame them. They would have to be crazy like I was to understand.

And I am crazy, I mused as I mindlessly walked down the concrete steps and started aimlessly along the sidewalk. I had no one to explain my sudden abilities to me, and no kind of information could be found on the Internet, true or fictional. Not that I would know if what I was reading was factual. I only had my own experience to base my research on, and even that was limited. It wasn't like I could showcase my powers in the middle of a classroom without being sent to the loony bin.

A sudden gust of wind that I had nothing to do with whipped my black hair around my face, creating a curtain of darkness that obscured my vision. I hastily swept it back into a sloppy ponytail, tugging my hat down to conceal my eyes. I didn't need to freak anyone out tonight, when it was dark and I was all alone. The weakly flickering streetlights were the only source of light to guide anyone brave enough to wander the streets at this time of night, and I was getting jumpy from the ominous atmosphere myself. I could only imagine if I unleashed my unnerving gaze on some poor hobo.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets, trying to thaw my tingling fingers. My breath clouded in front of my face, and my nose had to be turning pink. It felt frozen already.

Just as I was debating if I could flirt my way into getting a free meal at McDonald's, since I had no money, I noticed a man running my way. I thought he was just going to pass by and continued racking my brain for cheesy pickup lines that a gullible, horny teenage boy might fall for.

Maybe I'll have room for your Big Mac if you can sneak me one right now, stud.

Or maybe...

Can I get a Big Mac? Oh, your name's Mac? Well, I'm sure you're big too, but can I just get the burger for now? Maybe later, hot stuff.

That would work, right? I would say just about anything for some food right now. That macaroni 'n' cheese wasn't sounding too shabby after all. My stomach rumbled in agreement. Dang it, why did Mrs. Britt have to tick me off? Why did Tommy have to smile so smugly when I was leaving, and I had to get out of there before I socked him? The orphanage was only a few blocks back, but I was too prideful to go begging for some food.

I was jarred out of my internal grumbling when the man didn't run past me. In fact, he stopped directly in front of me, holding his knees as he wheezed.

"It's..." he gasped, "!"

"Yes, " I responded slowly, unsure of his motive and how he thought he knew me. It's not like I was his long lost niece or something. That's why I was in an orphanage. I had no family.

He muttered some gibberish under his breath in a language that sounded like Swahili, but I couldn't be sure. I wasn't very fluent after the word "simba."

The Lion King was the best.

I was about to ask him what he was saying—and if he was indeed speaking Swahili—when he grasped my shoulders and shook me gently.

"I've found you. You must go to him." He spoke quickly, as if panicked.

"You must have me confused with someone else, " I said tersely, trying to walk around him.

"No! Wait! Come back, I beg of you!" he called, easily catching up to me. I cursed his stupidly long legs.

"Look buddy, " I sighed, "I'm not in the mood for whatever game you're playing. You're looking for some other chick, okay? Leave me alone. I have a date with Golden Arches."

"You must not date!" he gasped, gripping my arm much rougher than he had before. "You belong to him. He has been waiting for you for many years."

"You're insane. Let me go before I—"

"I can prove it to you, " he interrupted. "You've always wondered how your eyes changed color and you were gifted with powerful abilities years ago, yes?"

I paused at that. How did he know...?

"Get on this train at midnight, " he urged, shoving a train ticket in my hand. "You will be protected. He will always protect you."

"Who are you talking about?" I demanded, getting frustrated that this guy seemed to know more about my life than I did. I mean, come on! It was my life!

"Get on the train, " he insisted. "You will have all the answers you seek soon enough. Take care, my queen."

I stared after him as he disappeared into the night, becoming swallowed in the hungry shadows.

I glanced down at the flimsy paper in my hand. It fluttered in the breeze, and I gripped it tighter. Where else would I go? What purpose did I have to stay here?

I sighed, trudging to the train station that I didn't know would take me to an entirely different life.


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