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Killian's P.O.V.

I was the last one of my kind. I watched my mother and sister be slaughtered right before my eyes after they were raped. Repeatedly. My father was forced to watch as well. I was next, but I outsmarted them. They should have known better than to try to outsmart a dragon. We were clever creatures. I pretended to be dead at the precise moment, slumping to the floor dramatically and heaving a deep, "dying" breath. I was already covered in blood, so the idiots couldn't see my wounds healing miraculously. Even my broken bones and torn ligaments realigned themselves, and the tissue molded back together as if embracing old friends.

The one time I truly regretted my enhanced hearing was that night. My father was beaten and chained like an animal so he couldn't fight back. Not that he didn't try. He believed that he had to live to find another woman he could at least share a companionship with—since he would never love someone as deeply as my mother ever again—and birth another son that would hopefully, by some miracle, carry the dragon gene. It was almost impossible for the child of non-mates to inherit any kind of power. The bond the two had with their mates rejected passing down any kind of benefits to the child.

He fed off of his anger, hissing and roaring at the death of his mate and children. They killed him eventually, after hours of trying to get close enough to hurt him. Cowards.

I listened as they cheered at his dead body, hanging limply in his chains. They boasted of their strength and bravery at murdering the last of the dragon race.

You think you are brave? I wanted to scream at them. You think you are strong? You shackled us! We were defenseless! You used spears and guns against our nail and tooth! You are nothing!

Instead, I stayed silent.

Then came the question of what to do with our bodies. They decided to show us off to their friends for proof, then skin us to keep as prizes. We were all in our dragon form, our most basic image, changed from our human form due to our defense mechanisms when we had first saw them. They put their weapons away to carry us better.


I really don't have emotions to speak of while I was attacking them. My vocabulary was reduced to simple commands. Bite. Tear. Rip. Claw. Burn. Kill. Nothing but death and destruction was thought of.

Kill. My monstrous claws ripped through the man's chest, the soft skin giving way easily.

Burn. I roared, bringing a wave of fire up my throat and out of my mouth. The attacker turned to nothing but ash.

Kill! My teeth sunk into three men, tearing into them like a starved animal does to their wounded prey.

When I shifted back into my human form, exhausted, I saw blood and ash. Nothing else remained of the people that harmed my family. I looked back at them, whimpering pitifully. My sister, so young and fragile. My mother, sweet and caring who didn't know the meaning of merciless. My father, strong and proud. All of them dead.

I promised myself, in that moment, that nobody I loved would ever be harmed again. I refused to fall like my father. I would be stronger than that. I would protect my mate and our children. I would build up the dragon race once again with her. We would be superior, crushing any obstacle in our path.

No one would hurt her. I would protect her with my life, and in return, she would honor me with strong sons and graceful daughters. I would love and cherish each and every one of them, showing them how to defend themselves so that our race would be unbreakable like it once was. My mate would show them compassion and understanding to make them blossom with elegance and care.

Something shiny caught my eye, interrupting my inner soliloquy. I maneuvered meticulously among the bodies of my family, carelessly sloshing through the ashes and blood of the others. The blood created a sticky ooze that attracted the dusty ash, and soon my feet and calves were black and red rather than my natural tan skin tone.

I squinted when the sunlight reflected off of the mystery surface again, glinting into my eyes. I dug through loose stones and rubble to uncover the most prized possession among us dragons: my father's crown. I held it carefully, dusting it off with the soft pads of my fingers. It was gold and littered with jewels that possessed brilliant luster. Elaborately carved, legends say that the man who made it didn't finish it in his lifetime and had to pass the job down to his son, who completed the glorious project when he was an old man. It took two generations of meticulous work to produce such a headpiece.

And it was mine now, I realized. My hands rose shakily to place it on my head. It nestled into my blonde hair, fitting perfectly.

I glanced around our cave that had been my family's home ever since I was born, looking along the ground for a piece of glass that would show me my reflection. My parents used to live in a magnificent castle, adequate for the royals of supernatural races. When they accepted the fact that they were being mercilessly hunted, they moved themselves into a cave buried deep in the mountains. We had been guarded for years by the boulders and unstable pebbles among the steep slopes that could send even the most surefooted man plummeting to his death with a single misstep.

As drastic as the change seemed, it wasn't too horrible. We dragons loved the mountains. It brought us closer to the sky, into the clouds where we liked it. Of course, we were reptiles. We liked the ground too, but our wings yearned to be used, to glide through the crisp air without a care in the world. Since we couldn't showcase ourselves

, though, we had to settle for our location at the high altitudes, becoming more and more restless every day that we hid our wings.

Dragons were the midpoint of the elemental cross. Rock, water, air, and fire: each one was a part of us. Our reptilian side called to the ground. The scales that covered our bodies, although similar to a reptile's, glided through water as easily as a fish. Our wings allowed us to soar through the air. We breathed the feared element of fire, using it as a weapon like other animals used their lethal teeth.

I was the last dragon, though. My mate would never possess all of these qualities. If she was a mage or witch, she would be able to control a couple of elements, but never as absolutely as I did.

This thought caused a sharp pain to radiate through my chest. Dragons were purebreds. We did not mingle with other species. Our mates, although chosen for us, were always other dragons. My mate would be the single differing scenario. She might even be afraid of me for my powerful qualities.

I finally found a shard of our mirror among the wreckage on the ground. I picked it up, angling it so I could see my face and the crown.

Everything about me was golden.

Like all other species, dragons had a specific color that would identify them, often because of their eyes. Vampires were red because of their eyes. Demons were black due to the shadows that constantly encased their bodies, even in the brightest light, and also their empty eye sockets when they became angry, leaving a single flame to serve as an eye in the otherwise black hole. Dragons were gold, for our superiority and eye color. And I lived up to the stereotype.

My hair shone in the dying rays of sunlight that leaked into the deep cavern, as if absorbing the light greedily. My skin was golden tan, even though I hadn't bathed in days. My eyes, my characteristic trait, sparkled like bottled amber. My crown sat proudly atop my head, gleaming in the last bit of sunlight for all it was worth. When I grinned at my obviously powerful image, my tongue slithered out like a snake's. The thin, forked muscle appeared to be coated in bronze.

I wondered what my mate would think of my appearance. Despite being blonde and tan, I looked nothing short of malicious. Many women imagined the demons when they pictured strong, cruel men. I believed I had overheard that Jonathon and Felicia had birthed a son, Xavier, when I was a toddler. He would be the picturesque insurgent, most likely causing trouble constantly and living up to his malevolent expectations. I had no doubt that I would make him appear as an angel when I stood next to him, though.

My gaze was unintentionally intense, and my nose was crooked from my recent beating. I didn't bother trying to reset it. My body healed naturally, and it would align itself enough. If it was a little crooked, I didn't mind.

My muscles were coiled around my bones thickly, and my broad shoulders and wide chest coupled with my impressive height made my size abnormally large for my age. I would most likely tower over her.

Better to protect her, my dragon side reasoned, ever the voice of wisdom. I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

I wanted to find her as soon as possible. She could be anywhere, though, and I had no idea where to begin my search.

I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I would make her come to me.

I decided that I would give her two things. First, I would share my eye color with her, so she would stand out. No one else would posses such a startling, unnatural iris as her other than me. Second, I would give her my powers. She would be able to control all four of the elements as well as I could. If she grew up knowing of her abilities, then mine would seem ordinary by the time we met. Since I had not felt the mating pull yet, I knew she wasn't ready for me. She had time to get used to my gifts.

She wouldn't turn into a dragon, though. Only a child created by dragon parents would be able to change into their ancient form. The dragon was the very first supernatural creature, and therefore very sacred. I wasn't sure if my offspring would be able to change, but I had to try.

We could always try again and again until we got it right, my dragon supplied. I hissed eagerly at his idea. I had to find her first, though.

I decided to meditate and share my gifts with her once I was settled into a new setting. I had heard of a school built for protection of the supernatural creatures against hunters and enemy supernaturals. I would go there. She wouldn't understand what was happening to her, no matter her race, and would more than likely flee to the school for support and explanations. She would also (hopefully) realize that her qualities were dragon-like and understand that she was my mate.

I sighed, giving my parents and sister a royal, proper burial before descending the mountainside and heading towards this protection school. Only the thought of my mate made me squish my natural pride down and ask for protection from the hunters until she arrived. I knew it's what my parents would expect me to do. I would protect myself and my mate so that I could carry on the dragon species. I had to protect my mate twice as well as my father protected my mother. I had to keep her safe.

I nodded determinedly. There was no way she would ever leave my sight once I found her.


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