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She's A Natural By windxdancer97 Characters: 1588

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Mia knew she wasn't normal.

She was just trying to get people off of her back. Instead, they gawk at her unnaturally golden eye color and lithe, beautiful body. Let's not forget to mention that she can control all four of the elements with a flick of her wrist or fluttering her eyelashes. She might get thrown into the loony bin if people knew about that, though. Just maybe.

On her eighteenth birthday, after the oh-so-wonderful present her foster home gave her of slamming the door in her face that was now officially an adult's, a mysterious man thrusts money into her hand and tells her to get on the midnight train. Confused but not having anywhere else to go, she follows his instructions.

She didn't realize that she would end up at a protection school for supernatural creatur

es. She didn't realize she was needed to fulfill a stupid prophecy some witch lady chanted a thousand years ago.

And she definitely didn't realize she would meet her mate, whatever that was. All she did realize was that he was hardheaded, possessive, and a dragon.


This is the thrid and final book of my Supernatural Series! It can be read seperately, but I would encourage you to read the other two first. It might make some of the other stuff make more sense. I go into way more detail with the vampire and demon stuff...

So yeah, copyright and all that. This book is mine. The ideas are mine. I seriously try to be as original as I can be, so please don't steal my ideas. Thanks guys! :)

Um... Read on!

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