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Updated: 2018-01-31 19:37

I know that I NEVER update something so short, but I tore my tendon connected to my pelvic bone, so I have to keep my leg straight and immobile for at least 2 weeks. That means that, since I don't have a laptop, it hurts to sit and type up a chapter for you guys :( Just wanted to let you know what's going on. Sorry!


I excelled under Jace's watchful eye. He handled a fire knife like one was born in his hand. Within a couple of hours, I was hitting the target perfectly. In the next few days, I could sink the blade into the center from fifty yards away. Demons had a little bit more extra strength than humans, but it wasn't one of our main abilities. Xavier said vampires and werewolves usually dominated in the muscle category.

My mate and his pair number made slow but steady progress. By the end of the week, they were talking to each other civilly, usually discussing my fighting and other safe, polite topics. Nothing too personal. I noticed them growing closer, though, as the bond nursed their easy friendship back to health. They were cracking jokes in the hallway like they used to before I knew it, and eventually talked everything out. Violet and I were there as buffers in case things got heated, but they never even raised their voices at each other. I think they were too relieved to finally talk to each other again. Jace didn't need an apology for Xavier's silence. The regret was written across my mate's face, which lately had been passive and stone cold. The sorrowful expression spoke "sorry" a thousand times.

It seemed like the condition of our house spread throughout the entire demon race. As things improved, so did our economy. Some dark fairies were supposedly recovering from a civil war, and their new queen was trying to stabilize them. Our resources were offered in generous amounts, and the markets boomed.

The volcanoes had left behind glowing emotions for the demons, too. Families were growing closer than ever before. Education averages were skyrocketing, even though I was constantly checking up on the scho

exceptionally possessive today."

"And you're being mouthy, " he retorted, flipping us over again. He hovered over me enticingly. "What should I do about that, hmm?"

"Forgive and forget, " I answered.

"And why would I do that?"

"Because Willy is going to come in here any second asking for lunch, " I smirked, raising my head so our lips brushed slightly. "So I would get off your high horse and enjoy kissing me for a few minutes before we have to act like nothing happened."

His head whipped towards the clock on our nightstand, seeing that it was indeed close to lunchtime. He growled at my logic, smashing his lips to mine with bruising force. I responded eagerly. "Just this once, " he said, nipping at my lip. I resisted the urge to laugh at how tightly I had him wrapped around my finger. He had said the same thing yesterday.


If you want me to fully explain what happened, you can PM me, but the outcome is that my writing is gonna take a backseat until I'm better. I just want to focus on healing, and then I can start picking up where I left off. So sorry guys, you have no idea how much it sucks not being able to even sit here without pain and write as much as I want to :(

Anyways, enough of that pity party! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, no matter how short it was. Vote, comment, and fan! :) I love you guys <

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