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I was worried about Jace.

He would have long talks with Violet, and I think they were making progress, although I couldn't be too sure. They locked themselves away in their room and wouldn't come out for hours on end. When one of them finally did emerge, it wasn't a pretty sight. Jace usually had a defeated, anguished look on his face. He walked with his head down, shoulders hunched. Nothing like what demon royalty should hold himself. Violet usually cried. I comforted them both as best as I could, but I could only do so much. For the most part, I could dry Violet's tears. Jace took some comfort from me, but I wasn't who he really wanted. Needed.

Xavier was hell-bent on ignoring him, though. He never made contact with Jace's pleading gaze. When they passed each other in the hall, Xavier would move as far away from him as possible. Being in the same room was out of the question. If they accidently brushed up against each other, my mate would cringe away, ignoring Jace's expression as it crumpled from his reaction.

The way Xavier acted put a rift in our relationship too. I thought he was acting like a big baby. He wouldn't even talk to him to try and fix things. We got into our fair share of fights, but thankfully they never surmounted to anything other than yelling, then one of us storming off to cool down, usually to see Dawn or Ignis. I had attempted the silent treatment once. It hadn't lasted more than an hour before I gave into his gentle caresses and apologizing kisses.

We kept our arguments carefully secluded, far out of Willy's hearing range. He was settling into the castle beautifully, and the last thing Xavier and I wanted was to disrupt that. He was always kind, thanking the servants and wondering if he could help them. They politely declined every time. After he realized that he wouldn't be able to help them work, he made it his personal mission to entertain them. He would talk to the chefs for hours, asking about different spices and herbs. The food lovers were more than happy to babble on about their passion, going into great detail to describe what the plants looked like before they arrived in the kitchen, where they originated from, and their purpose for going into certain dishes. Willy became their official taste tester after no more than a week.

The maids and servants that cleaned also coddled our son. Not a single person could deny his big, blue eyes and shock of curly, blond hair. Even the security guards that had arms as wide a tree trunks stooped to Willy's level, crouching on their heels and listening attentively to him. Willy inquired about everyone's families, their jobs, and their personalities. He practically took on every single person as his mentor, learning cooking, guarding, cleaning, and, of course, ruling the demon race from his dad and grandfather.

Jonathon and Felicia seemed to be the only ones not having a problem with Jace after the incident. Jonathon, of course, had been beyond furious, and he had sentenced Jace to be punished as any

t the fuss was all about, they scoffed at me. I couldn't blame them. I was at least a foot shorter than most of them, and their biceps were thicker than my thigh. Then they saw me in action, and they eagerly assisted me, adding little tidbits to improve my form, make my feet swifter, and increase the power of my punches.

Violet saw my practice one day, and she nicknamed me Poison Ivy. The name spread throughout the kingdom faster than wildfire, and soon even Willy's friends that he was slowly making at school began calling me that. Seth and Eva visited just to tease me about it. When I asked Dawn if she was going to start calling me that too, she looked at me blankly. At least I had someone on my side, even if the name did sound impressive.

My fighting is what finally put the water under the bridge between Xavier and Jace. I would catch my mate staring off into space while trying to do a maneuver he had taught me. Sometimes, when we were sparring, he would randomly go slack, as if possessed by an epiphany of some sort. He finally cracked under my persistent questioning.

"Jace is the most talented guy I know with a knife, " he confessed, referring to the blades of fire I had been whipping towards a dart board. No matter what anyone told me, I could never quite get the flick of my wrist right.

"Then talk to him, " I suggested gently, rubbing his tense shoulder.

He didn't answer me for a long time, and I went back to throwing my knives. After I had missed the bull's-eye five times, Xavier silently left and returned with his pair number.


Really short, I know, but it's what I've got. Better than nothing, right?

I don't even have any questions for you guys... This is really just a filler chapter. It's leading up to the end of the book, which will leave you guys with a big shock. I'm super excited for it :)

Vote, comment, follow! I love you guys soooo much! Next update should come much faster, but no promises.

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