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Here is the long awaited finale! Enjoy!


Maybe it was Xavier's fierce protection. Maybe it was my sudden need for comfort. Maybe it was Violet even, who—although she wasn't a demon herself—still influenced the demon world as Jace's mate, and she needed comfort at the shocking revelation that James was a demon too. It might have been the overwhelming influence of all three. Whatever it was, the first volcano, the one closest to us, erupted.

The pent-up fumes were released, blanketing the once serene landscape in a layer of thick, black smoke. My vision was instantly clouded, making the visibility about half of what it was a couple of seconds ago. Flashes of bright, golden lava glowed among the dark clouds, reaching for the sky in bursts of energy before plummeting back to the ground, rolling down the mountain side if waves. I could do little more than watch, enthralled, as a sea of red and orange liquid heat rushed down towards the valley. Towards us. Towards me.

Xavier was watching my reaction, half captivated by my expression and half fascinated by the lava just as much as I was. He had stupidly turned his back towards his enemy, and Peter somehow found the self-control to resist his own rapt interest in the volcano and attack.

Xavier roared in agony as Peter dug his flaming nails into Xavier's lower back. I gasped in identical pain, feeling my mate's discomfort through our bond. It felt like multiple knives were driven into me, crippling me. I couldn't understand how Xavier found the strength to rip Peter's hands off of him, whip around to face him, and retaliate.

While Xavier was distracted, James made his move. He wrapped his arms under my own two limbs, rendering them useless. I tried to reach behind me to grab him in some type of hold, but all I caught were wisps of his hair.

"No!" I protested, struggling uselessly in his hold.

Violet screamed, unable to intervene with her capabilities, or lack thereof. Xavier tried to help me, his face morphing into a mask of pure outrage, but Peter attacked him again. Jace was trying to help his pair number without causing any real harm to his father. He just deflected any hits aimed at my mate, still obviously torn between the two sides. His actions spoke louder than all the words he had tried to use to explain his decisions.

I was no match for James. Even if we were both demons now, James was male and knew how to fight. Sure, my struggles were a bit stronger, and my punches and kicks did slow him down, even if they did glance off of him most of the time; if I didn't get help soon, though, he would easily overpower me.

The angry, protective whinny was the most beautiful sound I could have ever heard in that moment. James, not expecting the hellhorses, stared wide-eyed at Xavier and Dawn, both galloping towards us with all they had. Dawn was a step ahead of Ignis, but the overprotective stallion yanked on her tail with his teeth, slowing her down enough so he would be the first one to fall upon the fight, protecting her from the first blows.

James tried to move hastily, but he was disoriented now with the horses now outnumbering Peter and him. He could have taken me if Xavier was distracted, since Jace would neither stop him nor help him, but now that Xavier and I had our horses, our defenses doubled; now we were on the offensive, and James went to retreat. "Come on, Ivy!" he grunted, trying to throw me over his shoulder. "Time to go, baby."

"Over my dead body!" I snapped, trying to kick him. He held my legs down, making them immobile. I clawed at his back, punching, biting, scratching, doing anything I could to slow him down enough for Xavier to help me. He had to be defeating Peter with Ignis' help…

A shadow fell over James and me. I gasped as the monstrous stallion reared up on his back legs, kicking his two powerful forelegs in the air threateningly. James didn't have time to react once his shock wore off. Following his master's very first command to protect me, Ignis slammed his powerful hooves into James' head. His body slumped to the ground. Ignis, seeing I was now safe, went to help Xavier.

Dawn raced over to me, nudging my side for me to climb onto her back. I heaved myself up, accidentally tugging on her mane for leverage, but she didn't mind in the chaos still raging on around us.

The heat of the erupted volcano continued to call to me, and it was so close, too close. I was helpless to do anything but answer its call, turning Dawn around so she galloped towards the mass of molten lava. It didn't ooze down the mountain like normal lava did, instead racing towards us just as quickly as we were it. It reacted like it was alive, flowing faster than if mere gravity was the only factor. We met halfway, about a hundred yards from where Peter, Xavier, and Jace continued to fight.

Dawn voiced her joy as the red hot liquid surrounded her hooves, and I eagerly jumped down to join her. I bit my lip to stop myself from shouting out in pure bliss as it circled my legs, caressing against my flesh like excited felines welcoming home their master. I greeted it just as eagerly, basking in its heat like it was an old friend. The other three mountains surrounding us erupted almost simultaneously as soon as I had touched the lava.

It wasn't long before all of it pooled around us, bathing the valley in lava. I glanced behind

face into his chest before I could see it surface completely.

I heard the shower curtain rustle, and I peeked out to see Jace had pulled it around the tub so Peter's body was hidden. He snatched a towel and began drying himself off. Realizing it was useless, he stripped down to his boxers and patted his damp skin with the soaked towel.

A hissing sound came from behind the curtain, and I jumped in fear that he wasn't actually dead. Jace nodded in satisfaction, although his eyes were dull and blank.

"His fire is extinguished. He's dead, " Jace confirmed. It was then that I realized the only way to kill a demon was to put out their internal fire. They had to drown.

My mind flashed to one of the conversations Xavier and I had when we were getting to know each other.

"Sadly, the drowning is partly my fault, and it won't fully go away, but we need to be able to have you face it without expressing you are afraid, at least."

"Your fault?"

"I told you, I am fire. Fire and water? Water wins every time. Not a good combination for me. Since you're my mate, your unease around water is due to my helplessness around it."

Xavier tugged on my arm. "Come on, Princess. It's over."

"James?" I questioned fearfully, remembering his limp body being left behind. He would need to drown too. I didn't want him getting away, knowing he was still out there, planning to kidnap me for himself.

"I've sent some guards to retrieve him. They are taking care of it." I nodded, releasing a breath I didn't know I'd been holding.

As I was being led from the room, Jace called out. "Wait!" Xavier paused, but didn't turn around. "I just wanted to…" Jace started before trailing off, at a loss for words. "I'm sorry, " he eventually said. "I'm so, so sorry. To both of you."

I turned around, appraising him intently. "Did you ever want to kill me, Jace?" I asked him. He shook his head immediately. "Did you ever want to kill Xavier?" He looked at me incredulously.

"No!" he cried, his tone ringing with honesty.

I shrugged. "You obviously love Violet. The only thing you are guilty of is trying to please your father. You were stuck between your real family and your biological one. There is nothing for me to forgive you for. But, " I added when his face filled with surprised hope, "the final decision is Xavier's. I am simply his mate. He ultimately decides what happens to you. I can only influence him."

Jace gaped at me. I realized he was surprised at my submission to my mate, accepting that he was going to handle this situation however he wanted to. I had little actual say in Jace's fate. "You truly are a demon heiress, " he murmured. "I understand, Ivy. Thank you."

I nodded once before allowing Xavier to guide me from the room. Before we rounded the corner, I saw Jace's eyes fill with tears at his pair number's harsh silence.

Actions really did speak louder than words, and Xavier threw that back in Jace's face without a second glance.


This isn't the end! Still more Xavier, Ivy, Jace, Violet, Willy, Dawn, and Ignis to come! :)

Time for me to rattle your brain with questions! Yay! :D

1.) Do you agree with Ivy or Xavier? Does Jace deserve to be forgiven, or does he have to earn your turst back?

2.) What would you do if you were Violet? Forgive him? Be cautious around him? Hate him forever?

3.) Was Jace to heartless to his own dad?

4.) Did James deserve to die?

Short A/N, I know. I don't know what to say. I think the story says it all. :)

I love you guys! Vote, comment, and follow! <

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