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Keep in mind this story, as well as Nobody's Angel, is seriously unedited. I'll eventually go back and make everything flow together, like with Eva's age (I know she's 15 here, 16 in NA...) but bear with me for now!



At first, I thought that I had spoken the word, but the voice wasn't mine. My gaping mouth closed as I turned around to see Violet behind Xavier and I.

"Jace?" she whispered.

"Violet, beautiful, " Jace breathed back, sweeping her up in a hug. "I'm so sorry I had to leave like that, honey. It won't happen again, I promise."

"But… Your dad?" she indicated towards the man. "You ran away to meet him?"

"No, sweetheart, I…I've actually known him for some time now, " Jace admitted.

"You've known him?" Xavier interjected. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Oh, this is my favorite part!" the man, Jace's father, exclaimed. "Let me tell them, son. Let me explain how you realized that Xavier wasn't fit to be Lord, so we decided to get rid of him!"

"What?!" Xavier snarled. "Jace? What is he talking about?!"

"Well, you see, it all started long before he began planting those notes for me, " the man explained.

"You sent me those notes?" I gasped, looking at him fearfully. "Jace, you want me dead?" Violet recoiled from him at my words. Xavier clutched me tighter.

"No! Ivy, no, please, let me explain!" Jace begged, trying to reel Violet back into his body while pleading with me for forgiveness with his eyes.

"Well, someone had better!" Xavier snapped. "What's your name, anyways, traitor?" he seethed, turning his burning eyes towards the stableman.

"Peter Walker, your highness, " he sneered.

"Xavier, you have to understand, I didn't realize what he was planning!" Jace begged. "He told me how he was forced to work hours on end of hard labor, and his meals weren't edible. He lied, told me that he would get beaten when he didn't do his work correctly. He said the only way to escape his treatment was to become the stable master, so that's what he did. He told me that I was his son, that I could help him. He just wanted me to give you those notes, I didn't read them! I didn't know what they said!"

"How gullible you were, boy, " Peter tsked. "The abuse stories were to gain your sympathy. I knew you wouldn't listen otherwise. You would never turn on your pair number without reason. I made you see reason."

"What about afterwards?" Xavier snarled, baring his teeth at his best friend. "How you pretended to not know anything about Ivy's assassin? How you suggested Willy was guilty, when it was you!"

"Whoa, you're getting ahead of yourself, boy, " Peter interrupted. "Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

"I revealed myself as Jace's father shortly after I came to realize he had found his mate. He didn't believe me at first, but I told him things only his father would know: his birthday, how he wasn't truly of royal blood, that his mother was dead, and he didn't know his father.

"After I convinced him, I set my plan into action. I made up little white lies about being abused, how the food was inedible, the long hours, blah blah blah. The food wasn't that great, and the working hours seemed long and tiresome. I simply exaggerated a bit. It was then that I convinced him to turn against you and side with his long lost father; how he deserved to be Lord of the Demons instead. I could lead better than that idiot Jonathon until he came of age, anyways. Since he had found his mate, he could rule with her."

"I felt pity for him!" Jace tried desperately to explain. "I stupidly believed him when he said he was abused. I…I was just trying to be a good son to him. He's my father…" His voice trailed off when he realized Violet was staring at him with disappointment, and Xavier's glare was murderous. Peter cleared his throat.

"Anyways, I explained what I wanted to do. He had access to the castle that I didn't, so I had him plant my notes. He

on him constantly. You weren't born to privilege like he was, yet you can do just as good a job as a lord as he can, even if you don't have royal blood running through your veins! Peasant blood is the blood that you are made of, and you are more of a man than any of these pompous royals that are only respected because of who their dead ancestors are!

"I knew we could do it, son. You and I could be Lord of Demons better than the Drake's can! Your lovely mate—Violet, yes?—she would make such a wonderful mother to all of those demon children! She would set a fine example of what a mate should be like, worrying over her mate and waiting up for him like a mate should. Not trying to escape like Ivy did, the ungrateful bitch."

Xavier went to attack him at that statement, but I held him back. I could see the look in Peter's eyes. He had expected Xavier's possessive instinct to kick in, as it had. They glared at me, disappointed that Xavier hadn't come close enough for him to kill as he knew he would try to.

"I only needed a certain heir out of the way, " Peter growled, glaring at Xavier. "Ivy would have been taken care of by a past friend of hers. We made a lovely deal, him and I."

"A friend?" I carefully asked, recalling he had mentioned that someone had persuaded him to spare my life.

"Hello, Ivy. Nice to see you again."

I gasped at the strikingly familiar face. A face that I had once thought so handsome, so roguishly attractive, until I'd met Xavier. He didn't compare to my mate's sinister sexiness that I was so attracted to. Xavier snarled fiercely by my side, stepping in front of me so that those mischievous, once temptingly bad boy eyes wouldn't see me. He was rigid, ready at kill at any second as soon as my "friend" was stupid enough to come any closer to me.



What?! Another cliffhanger, Tara? Really?!

What can I say? I'm kinda evil >:)

I'm super tired, so I won't leave too long of an A/N. And the questions are...

1.) Did anyone see James coming back?

2.) Did you understand Jace's reasoning? Be honest, I'm kinda iffy on the explanation part. I suck at dialogue.

3.) What would you have done if you were in Jace's place? I'm really curious about this one. How could you choose between biological family, and your adopted one? It kind of blurs the line between right and wrong. If you want to comment, comment on this one please.

4.) Any guesses on how everything will turn out? I'm always open to ideas, even though I have the ultimate outcome planned. Details, though, are always welcome.

Happy reading! Love you guys. <

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