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Dedication is to that lovely lady right up there AND applesauceonranbows! You both rock. Stay awesome :)


Xavier and I were torn about returning home or staying with Seth and Eva. The vampires had generously offered us a room to stay in for as long as we'd like, but I was anxious to get back to Willy. Xavier, even though he had similar worries, pressed for us to stay away a little longer for my own safety.

I had tried everything to get him to change his mind: begging, seduction, anger, more pleading, and finally the silent treatment. The last one frustrated him the most, but everyone else who saw us found it hilarious. I might sound childish, but my maternal instinct was kicking in. I had to protect my son.

Xavier was just as stubborn as I was, and in the sexist way that mates worked, he had the final say when it came to my safety. I had tried to get Eva to help me, but even though she admitted to understanding my need to see Willy, she agreed that males had the right to make the ultimate decision.

So what did I do? I sulked.

The rest of the day with the vampires dragged. After I had resorted to not speaking to Xavier until he agreed to take me home, I didn't know what to do. I had already worked my body into an aching pile of mush after dancing with Eva, so I bid adieu to everyone except a certain demon and retired to the room my mate and I were supposed to share tonight. I prayed that he wouldn't follow me in there, and my prayers were answered when I saw the empty quarters.

I huffed onto the bed, burying my face in the multitude of pillows. My plan didn't go any farther than irritating Xavier until he cracked and complied to my wishes, so until then I was left with a glaring amount of free time. As I looked around the room—finding nothing that would capture and hold my interest—I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. I was quickly coming to the realization that mates usually entertained each other. With everyone else paired up in the castle, I couldn't help but wonder if Xavier was having the same bored, lonesome problem of finding something to do as me.

The room was beautiful, undoubtedly. The bed was huge, much larger than even a California king size. The sheets were a dark, deep red with black accents and pillows. The curtains were equally as dark, cloaking the room in shadows, just not the shadows that I was looking for. Xavier's shadows. The pictures decorating the walls were of gorgeous scenes and stunning angles of ordinary objects to make them not appear so ordinary, but I barely glanced at them before averting my attention to something else. They looked lifeless to me; there were no dimensions or purpose. The landscapes were flat and too bright. The other objects appeared just as bland as if the picture had been taken carelessly and without an intention. I eventually stared at the wall blankly, lost in thought to pass the time.

Eva was the first one to come see me. She sat beside me silently, and we shared a comfortable silence.

"The boys are together, so I figured I'd come be with you, " she explained, even though I hadn't requested her reasons. I was happy enough with her presence, and I didn't care of the reason behind it. "Seth yelled at me too, so he's pouting with Xavier."

"What did he yell at you about?" I wondered.

She grinned shyly, rubbing her stomach. "According to him, dancing puts too much stress on me."

Every little clue fell into place: her worry over my future pregnancy, her hysteria and maternal instinct, Seth's warning to stay within the castle grounds because of her condition, and now the stress she endured because of dancing and possible stretching a muscle. "You're pregnant."

She nodded. "Seth has been extremely overprotective lately, upping security and such. He's also worried about my body with it being so young, but Julie, his grandma, assured me that I shouldn't have any complications at all. She's the royal doctor."

If I was being honest, I was appalled at her confession. How could someone so young endure something so tiring? She had the body of a fifteen year old! Her mind was only seventeen, too! I didn't say any of this, though.

"Well, congratulations, " I stammered uncomfortably.

She smiled soberly. "I'm happy, really I am. But…well, everyone thinks we should have waited, but how could we? Seth's ready to become a father, and there are plenty of teenage mothers. Vampires, we're very intimate. I know you think I'm too young, too. And I don't blame you, " she quickly added on before I could justify myself to her in the least offensive way possible. "I would have thought so too, when I first came here. And Elena and Cassie are in the same position as I am. The only difference is that everyone cares about me, because I'm a princess."

She sighed before continuing.

"Seth is freaking out. He hates leaving me alone. Despises it, really, and goes berserk when I do something he doesn't think is safe. But that's the way he is, I suppose. That's how all supernatural males are with their mates. I just hate fighting with him over the stupidest things."

"You know I'm always here for you, right Eva?" I told her. She laughed before nodding.

"The funny thing is, " she replied, "I never had many friends before I came here. When I was still human, I had two people: Elena and Cassie. Even my relationship with my family was rocky. Then Seth kidnapped me and brought me here, that Neanderthal. Now I have every vampire who wants to be around me, an entire castle of friends and family, and now you… Thanks, Ivy."

I smiled. "No problem."

She giggled. "I acted pretty childishly when I first came here. I was convinced that I could somehow escape, get back to Earth." I blushed, remembering how I had thought the same ludicrous idea. "Maybe that's too instinctual, though. Your blush tells me that you thought the same thing, but have you ever pull a prank war on your own mate before?"


She laughed loudly. "It was so immature! My nexus number and I—that is, Elena, Cassie and I—thought that we could actually get away with it! We ruined all of their clothes after finding out that they stole ours, dyed their hair, put gummy bears in their showerheads so they had a sticky shower… I can't believe we even thought of this stuff! And Kenya, my stylist, helped us!" She was in hysterics by now, laughing at the memory, and I joined her. The picture she painted in my head was so ridiculous, it was funny.

"Seth's hair was a bright, neon pink for days, " she added, causing a burst of laughter to fly out of my moth. I couldn't take her seriously, but her roaring laughter wouldn't have been so loud if she was lying.

"Did he get you back?" I asked, wiping tears from my eyes.

"Oh, yeah, " she nodded seriously. She shuddered, but her half smile made me wonder if she was shivering in disgust or pleasurable memories. "He made my entire wardrobe…to his liking."

My mouth popped open. "But…you're…and he's…!"

She waved her hand. "Age doesn't matter with mates. I have the body of a fifteen year old girl, and he has one of a nineteen year old, hormone crazed boy. It's only four years. What you should be worried about is his actual age compared to my seventeen actual years."

"Do I want to know?" I asked cautiously.

She smirked. "Ready?" I nodded slowly. "1, 907."

I gaped at her, probably resembling a fish. "How…but…eww!"

She laughed again. "I know, but when you think about it…who cares? He's still hot! Age is but a number, Ivy."

"I don't think whoever made-up that saying meant to take it that far, " I contradicted, raising an eyebrow in a dare for her to say I was wrong. She shrugged delicately, and I only now realized how dainty and small her shoulders were. It still startled me to think about how wise she was, despite her adolescence. Sure, she was only two years younger than I was, and we were the same age mentally. Despite knowing that fact, I couldn't shake the feeling that she had gone through a terrible trauma to become so mature, and the thought broke my heart. Xavier had mentioned her experiencing something awful once or twice, but looking at her now and actually seeing Eva for the girl—not woman—she was, I didn't want to pry into her bad memories in the same way I wouldn't ask Willy to repeat a nightmare.

"I'm not glass, you know, Ivy, " she spoke up casually. I paled; she could read my thoughts. "If you want to know what happened, I can tell you. I promise, I won't cry, nor will it won't stress me out. I was

for his own sadistic pleasure.

"But?" I pressed, feeling the impending heat engulf the cavern of my mouth.

"I'm not a patient man. I want you to be mine. Now, " he growled, and I saw the proof of his restraint as licks of flames escaped his mouth when he talked as if reaching for me in the same way fire always did now. I'm sure my inferno yearned for him with just the same intensity. Unable to hold back, he finally molded his mouth with mine.

His fire instantly swirled with mine, both of our internal fires caressing each other in the same way our lips did. Mine grew, the feeling of roaring heat flooding throughout every cell in my body. Xavier's fire that had swept up the column of his throat like a chimney fire raced down mine, mingling with the main heat in my gut. I gasped at the feeling, pressing closer to him even though light wouldn't be able to leak between us. My blaze was absolutely burning, the beautiful heat making me smile. I felt at peace surrounded by so much warmth.

Xavier eventually pulled back, even though I tried to get him to continue. He smirked at me, chastising my eagerness and telling me that the change had already taken place. That apparently meant that he didn't have to keep kissing me. I pouted at him, making him relent, and we continued for the next couple of minutes. No fire was exchanged this time; it was just a passionate make out session between two lovers. Sometime during our kisses, I passed out from the heat, as Xavier had promised.

I had dreams during the time I was out. All of them starred Xavier, of course. At first, they started out with him in my world. We would have dates going to the annual carnival in my hometown, he would meet my mom, we went swimming in a pond near my house, and he would secretly show me his true form when no one was around. In all of these dreams, they ended with us kissing, sometimes going farther like we had that one time. As the dreams progressed, though, they became more demonic. I was in the demon realm now. Xavier was usually in his demon form constantly, and so was I. We would play with our fire, talk in the night rose gardens, play with Willy, ride Dawn and Ignis, walk up the volcano to peer inside, and my favorite dreams were when we would just spend hours in bed, sometimes not doing anything, other times having sex.

I woke up a couple of days later. Xavier was right next to me, lying with his body pressed against mine and his head propped up by his hand. He stared down at me, smiling when I opened my eyes. His free hand, which had been mindlessly rubbing my blaze, stilled.

"How are you feeling, Princess?" he asked, continuing to doodle mindlessly with the pads of his fingers. They didn't feel hot or cool anymore, rather the same temperature as I was. He affected me in the same way, though. His touch drove me crazy, and I could barely speak when he circled my blaze, swirling smaller and smaller circles until he reached the center. His playful grin told me he knew exactly what he was doing to me because of it.

"Like I need my mate, " I admitted, bringing his head down to kiss me. He laughed at my confession.

"I never left your side, " he mumbled around my mouth. "But I did miss seeing your beautiful eyes. I missed your smile, these lips, your kisses…"

"Make love to me, " I requested, and he was obviously having the same thoughts because he didn't question me at all.

Another hour passed. I doubt we would have even left that bed if it hadn't been for Jonathon. We had been lying next to each other comfortably, wrapped in each others arms and naked under the silky sheets that, even though they felt divine, still didn't compare to the texture of my mate's skin. My head rested on his chest with my arms encircling his waist. His one muscular arm wrapped around my shoulders, pressing me against him; his other equally strong arm gently traced up and down my side, the brawny appearance misguiding to his present task. His fingers mindlessly traveled down my arm, gently dipped into the curve of my waist, ascended the flare of my hip, and reached to brush against my thigh before returning to his starting point in the same fashion. If he was feeling witty, he would either stroke my blaze or wander over to my bare bottom, making my tired eyes fly open and an unexpected squeal escape my mouth.

All of his movements abruptly stopped, and I tilted my head up to see what had caused him halt so suddenly. His eyes were glazed over, and he stared at nothing in particular. I gently scratched my flaming fingernails along his chest to gain his attention.

"What's wrong?" I asked in a sleep voice, even though I really did care about his answer. I just couldn't shake the lethargic spell his fingers had put me under.

"We have to go back, " he insisted, jumping up and scrambling for our clothes. "Jace ran away."


Dun dun dun!!! Cue dramatic gasps! Ha! Weren't expecting THAT now were ya?!

I. Could. Not. Stop. Writing. This. Chapter! There were so many places that I planned to leave you guys with a cliffhanger, but I'm just too nice! I hope you guys like it as much as I do, but constructive critisism is always welcomed :)

Question time!

1.) Where do you think Jace went?

2.) Why did he run away?

3.) How is Violet taking this?

4.) How did you like Ivy's transformation?

5.) How is Xavier going to deal with having a freshly turned mate during this crisis?

6.) Do you think this has something to do with the assassin, or was Jace haunted by his own problems?

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