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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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Dedication to LittleMissThang06 and oddone1216! You both rock my world with your comments! :)


"You did great, Princess."

"Did you see how many people there were, Xavier?! I was swarmed by them!"

"That's probably because there was just about every demon living on our front lawn. It's not built to hold so many. Even the demons that were hunting or busy with other obligations took a break from their duties to come and meet you."

"Why do they care so much?" I groaned, flopping onto our squishy bed dramatically. It bounced with my weight, making me smile despite my irritated mood. "I'm just a human."

"You are my mate, " he answered. His beaming smile after that statement showed how pleased he was with the thought. He sat next to my head, running his fingers through my hair relaxingly. My eyes slipped shut in exhaustion. "They have been restless ever since I began searching for you. As soon as you were in this realm, they have been dying to meet you. Men, women, children: all of them want nothing more than to bask in your presence. Men yearn to protect you. Women are eager to teach you the ways of our life: how to cook our foods, learn our traditions, and simply to get to know you so that they can be your friend. The children are the worst, though, and the best at the same time.

"Demon children are naturally drawn to you. You represent a second mother to them, very closely to how the Luna of a werewolf pack is a mother to the pups she leads. Our race has a more intense connection to you, though. Kids would honestly choose you over their birth mothers, the women that raised them, because of the unbreakable bond they share with you. As they grow up, their bond will be stronger than the ones you have with the grown men and women now, because they will have known you longer. Their loyalties as men and women will be unwavering, solidified by the fact that you, in one way or another, were a part of their childhood and raised them. Their children will have a connection that is even stronger than that, and the cycle continues until our children are born and a new woman sits next to the Demon Lord, either being our daughter or our son's mate."

"So it will always be like that whenever I interact with our people? That frenzied chaos that almost knocked me off my feet?"

He chuckled, sending shivers racing down my spine from the sinister sound. There were little things- a chuckle, a spout of possessiveness, a flash of temper at the silliest things- that made me realize I was getting accustomed to Xavier's demonic ways. I didn't jump when his inner demon erupted from the burning fire inside of him, making an appearance on the outside. His overprotective habits that would make any feminist want to cry- how he was constantly touching me, the way he angled his body so that no other male had a clear view of me, and his tendency to push me into the role of a fragile eighteenth century woman- didn't make me roll my eyes as much as they used to.

Yet, all it took was an unexpectedly fierce display of his, what some would consider, evil personality to remind me that my mate was, indeed, heir to the Lord of Demons.

"They will become somewhat used to their craving for your addicting presence, and you will alike become comfortable with their adoration, " he explained in response to my earlier question that I barely remembered. Stupid sexy demon distracting me with his bad boy looks and personality. "We demons cannot help ourselves, myself included, " he smirked. "You are too fascinating."

He hauled me up so that we were laying beside each other, slightly propped up by the pillows. He had his bed situated in such a way that the double doors leading out to his gorgeous balcony were just to the right, so in the morning the light didn't touch our sleeping forms. However, when we just laid here, awake, with the doors opened like they were now, letting in the outside air that never had a cool breeze to it, we had a perfect view of the lands.

My eyes caught the gardens first, particularly the night roses; dots of silky black flowers popped out of their plush green foliage. As my sight eventually forced themselves away from my new favorite flowers, I saw dozens of other, colorful flowers that somehow just didn't hold my attention as completely as the night roses did. Farther in the distance, the bustling capital of the demon world thrived. Stores, restaurants, and tiny shops dotted the busy streets, resembling a human town except for a few differences.

First, there were no cars since everyone simply transported themselves by fire to wherever they needed to go. Instead of the smoke from exhaust engines, the puffs of smoke that always disappeared within a few seconds originated from the flames that consumed the demons.

That was the second diffe

sped when I looked in the mirror.

He had placed a belt on my waist that defined my curvy hips. It appeared as one string that looped around my waist and connected in the front by an invisible clasp, hanging as a single strand down to my knees. This belt housed flames. The warm glow of the colors blended with the purple dress better than I expected.

I glanced at my arm, gaping at the ribbon of fire that encased my arm. The flames swirled up my arm like a candy cane of fire. It looked like a drawn out bracelet, the ones that wrapped around a person's bicep like a metal snake.

"Now you look like demon royalty, " he said in awe. I couldn't look away from the mirror. The flames cast shadows across my figure, illusions that distorted my curves the dress brought out. I didn't look human, that was for sure. I felt powerful from my new look.

"Wow, " was all I could muster.

I repeated myself when I eventually turned away from my reflection and saw my devilishly handsome mate.

The single word didn't describe him adequately. I continued trying to come up with a justifiable adjective to use, but my brain felt short-circuited from his handsomeness.

The muscles I had been gazing at so intensely minutes ago were now encased in black cloth: black pants that had to be tailored to fit him so perfectly; a black undershirt that stretched across his abs, chest, and bulging arms; and a black suit jacket that did nothing to hide the wide expanse that was Xavier Drake's shoulders. A blazing tie wrapped around his neck, settling contently between his two defined pectoral muscles.

His hair looked like he has simple ran his fingers through it a few times, a couple of defiant strands sticking out from the slicked back style he had hastily done. His penetrating eyes drank in my form as meticulously as mine did his. I didn't know what his excuse was, but I possessed no such self control that could even think about stopping my eyes from mentally picturing what was hidden under those clothes.

He cleared his throat gruffly.

"We should go, " his husky voice grit out slowly, the words sounding reluctant to leave his throat. "They are waiting."

"Of course, " I choked out just as breathlessly. "We definitely shouldn't stay here and-"

I was cut off by his lips descending vigorously on my own. My mouth eagerly succumbed to his vicious kiss.

Maybe we could keep them waiting for a few minutes longer.


Do my eyes deceive me? Another update that has come so quickly? I must be dreaming! windxdancer97, you are amazing! (Wow, I should be a freaking poet!)

No, my loyal fans didn't stalk me and glue me to my computer chair, forcing me to write another chapter. I did it all by myself! Aren't you guys proud of me? Two updates in two days? Yeah, that's how much I love you guys :)

Kinda a filler chapter, but that doesn't mean you can't keep commenting/voting/following! Stay awesome people! Wouldn't it be great if Xavier thanked you for commenting? He would show up in your room in a flash of flames and thank you you some sour cream and onion chips? Haha, make up your own fantasies, perverts!

Nothing else to say! Peace out! <

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