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When I finally emerged from the bathroom with a scratchy throat and empty stomach, the first thing that caught my eye was a pile of ashes on the floor. Xavier breathed heavily like an enraged bull, preparing to charge at a matador; his chest rose and fell with constrained rage. His hands clenched into powerful fists, his muscles bulging with meaty strength. His eyes glared into the ashes hatefully.

"Where's the note?" I croaked. It had to be analyzed. Even if I was afraid of seeing those words again, they were already ingrained into my mind. I couldn't get away from them, so it was better to be practical than stupid from fear.

Or maybe it wasn't, because Violet silently pointed to the pile of ashes. Her eyes flickered back and forth between the burnt parchment and Xavier.

I understood instantly.

"Xavier, " I sighed. "We needed that."

He snarled viciously, making Violet flinch back, but I knew his anger wasn't directed at me. As I walked towards him, my gait was only hesitant from my dizzy head, otherwise sure and strong, if not almost willing to go to him. His arms shot out to wrap around me as soon as I was within range. He held me as close as possible without hurting my more fragile, human body. I felt his chest vibrate against my cheek with the sound of his growling.

"You were threatened, " he spit out. I mentally rolled my eyes. Way to state the obvious there, Xavier. As if I hadn't noticed. "Someone threatened your life, Ivy!" he continued, as if sensing my flippancy. "Someone so much as entertained the thought of you dead, and I. Will. Not. Stand. For. That! Not in my kingdom! Whoever he is, I'm going to-"

He froze, his arms fractionally tightening. I didn't think it was that big of a deal at the time, but now as I looked back, it was probably the worst thing I could have done at the time seeing as it threw Xavier into a crazed frenzy of protectiveness.

"Achoo!" I sneezed again, sniffling afterwards. "Do you have a tissue?" He didn't move, not acknowledging anything around him. "Xavier?"

"What, " he hissed, "was that?"

"A sneeze?"

"Have they infected you already?" he demanded, but he continued on his train of thought before I could calm him down and explain. "Is this what they have harmed you with? A disease that makes you make odd sounds and liquid to fill your nose? Will you drown in it? They will endure ten times any pain that you suffer! Asphyxiation will appear merciful compared to what they will be forced to go through before death graces them with an escape from the life I will put them in!"

"Xavier, listen to me!" I commanded fiercely. His eyes focused slightly, zoning in on me instead of the far off distance. "You need to calm down. It's just a cold. I get them frequently."

"You've had this before?" he puzzled.

"Yes, " I nodded slowly. "And it's relatively easy to cure. I'll be fit as a fiddle in a week."

"Isn't a fiddle a musical instrument? And I would say that you are quite fit. Perhaps not as strong as the average female, but I like that about you."

"It's an expression, Xavier. It means healthy."

"Someone has tried this on you before, though? This is good. They do not know that we understand how this disease works. Perhaps we can mutate it and reciprocate."

"It has nothing to do with whoever that note was from, " I explained, resisting the urge to snap my fingers in front of his eyes so that he would give me back his attention. "It comes from a virus. Do demons not get sick?"


"That explains a lot. Look, I'm going to be tired and sneezing a lot the next few days. Try not to overreact too badly?"

"I'll make sure you get better, Ives, " Violet input from her spot on the bed. I peeked around Xavier's broad shoulder to see her grinning. "We can eat chicken noodle soup, drink Sprite, and watch movies all day!"

"And I get to drown a box of Kleenex in my snot, " I cheered sarcastically. "Whoop-de-doo."

"The chefs will prepare anything that you ask for, Princess, " Xavier mumbled, pressing his lips against my forehead. "I will make sure that you get well again and return to pristine health. You are and always will be my main concern."

"Thanks, " I whispered back. I squashed the desire to tilt my head up for a kiss. If Xavier was baffled when I was sick, imagine if he got it! He would think he was dying, poor ignorant boy.

"Now, " he planned. "I need you to make a list of the necessities for you to recover as quickly as possible. I've already told the head of the Royal Protection Branch to schedule his best guards to guard you. It's a Code Red, so you will be heavily monitored for a while until things calm down a bit. I will talk to my mother and father so that we can converse about any enemies of who this letter might be from. Also, I'm going to need you, Violet, Jace, and I to have a meeting to work out a couple of issues."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing major, " he cooed, peppering my face with chaste kisses. "I do not want you to fret about it. Focus on your health. I will take care of everything else, including you if I do not think you are doing an adequate job."

"Xavier Angelo Drake, I took care of myself for seventeen years and-"

"And you, Princess Ivy Ross, were not mated to me for the past seventeen years. You are now. And since you are mate to the future Lord of Demons, you don't really have a choice because I…Take…Care…Of…What…Is…Mine." He kissed me between each word, his lips dragging against my skin in a sweet torturous way. His hair, still flaming, tickled me every time he bend his face. "Understand, Princess?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really, " he smirked. Next thing I knew, he had picked me up and I felt the what-was-becoming-familiar heat wrap around us. He had transported us to our room, laying me down on the bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked, pushing myself onto my elbows. His hands placed themselves on my shoulders, pushing me back down. It was useless to try and fight against his dominating strength. I flopped on my back in surrender.

"Princess, do you honestly think I'm going to let you run around on your own as you've been doing? Not only is there this threat hanging over your head, but also when you are unwell? Do not fool yourself with my soft words. My thoughts are not nearly so tranquil."

I knew he was correct in his last statement. Even though his voice resembled a soothing melody, his hair was still alight, the fire dancing wildly on top of his head as if they wanted to grow, but had no space left to consume. His eyes remained bottomless pits of blackness, the only lights being the two solitary flames. His inner demon was nowhere near calm.

If I was smart, I would have agreed with him now and persuaded my point to him later. My wild streak prevented that. This newly revived part of me refused to back down so willingly. I delivered my next words without much thought.

"You expect a mere cold to stop me? Some ignorant fool is all it takes for you to lock me away like some damsel in distress?" I accused. "If I am royalty as you have made me out to be so far, then what do I have to fear? Tell me, Xavier, do you think you have a coward as your mate?"

"I have a mate that listens to her male counterpart, " he responded coolly.

"Your musings are incorrect, " I retorted, pushing his hands away so that I could sit up. "I will not be afraid of a riddling, faceless halfwit that actually believes he or she has the slightest chance at harming me. Or anyone in this castle for that matter! I have supreme confidence in the demon race, and I haven't even met the ones who protect us! Yet here you are, knowing fully well the capabilities of your men, and you dare think that they would not give their lives for you? You promised me before that they would lie down and die for me. Do you not believe in your words anymore?"

He averted his eyes so that his glare wasn't directed at me. Small sounds came from him every few moments, animalistic noises that would make the strongest of men hesitate before approaching him. His arms suddenly wrapped around my waist, reeling me into the protection of his massive body.

"The coward is I, Princess, " he admitted softly. "My fear is not that my men do not perform their job perfectly, or that you are not one of the strongest, most stubborn people I have ever met. My only worry is losing you. And because of that, I will hide you away where no one will get the chance to hurt you. I am the weak one, Princess. I am the coward."

"I trust you to protect me, " I said, putting my hand on his downcast face. He lifted his eyes, now back to their naturally unique look of the flames being contained in his iris. His pupil and the whites of his eyes had returned.

"I will, " he vowed fiercely, kissing me gently. "With my life." I returned it just as caringly, showing him my submissiveness that used to be so dominant in my personality. It was rarely shown anymore, though, except to my mate.

I had to pull away to sneeze again, ruining our moment.

"I should make some arrangements, " he sighed, not moving from our embrace.

"Lay with me? Make them in your head?" I asked, trying not to beg. I don't think I did very well.

"Are you going to sleep?"

"Yes." The virus was already wearing me out.

"Would you like anything when you wake up?"

"Soup, please."

"Alright. Go to sleep Princess."

I slept f

ind you and he's the one that told me to give you some flowers. He said girls liked that. I took the thorns out because I didn't want you to get hurt, but you probably are annoyed because you are smart enough to not prick yourself. I tied them together too because I always have. Not that you probably remember. You were terrified when I first introduced myself behind those letters.

"Anyways, I'm rambling. The point is, I don't know how to be apologetic. I've never had to be before, because what I say goes. You are most likely thinking that's arrogant and selfish of me, but it's true. It is how I grew up. All I know is that I have this heaviness in my chest where I suppose my heart is. My gut coils painfully often, especially right now as I stare at the tear tracks on your face and know that they are because of me."

His voice hitched here. I knew this was hard for him, but I couldn't find my own voice to stop his. All I could do was let him continue his painful monologue.

"I am not a good man, Princess. I've killed before. Numerous times. Before I met you, I took advantage of the, " he gulped, "the multiple females that were attracted to my status and looks. I have no mercy on those that anger me.

"But that is what I can offer you. You mean everything to me, and I can provide protection to you unconditionally. Anyone who tries to hurt you will be punished severely. I guess when I saw that note, my instincts took over." His eyes bore into mine. They were raw with pain and guilt. "Willy be gently and softly questioned with you in the room to intervene if you feel it is necessary. If he provides us with no reasons to suspect him any longer, all suspicions about him will be dropped immediately."

"You apologize profusely when I stormed in asking you about the schools, " I pointed out.

"My father assisted me, " he shrugged bashfully. "He told me to say sorry and tell you that I loved you. That is the only way to calm down an angry female verbally, especially a demon woman."

"I'm not a demon yet, though."

"You may not notice it, but your personality is changing slowly. It's adjusting to being around me for so long."

"I don't like it when we fight, " I sighed, holding the flowers to my chest tightly.

Xavier tipped my chin up with his finger. "Me either."

We kissed then, a passionate, thorough kiss that portrayed our emotions for each other. It was a makeup kiss, the kind that can only be shared after a fight. It was raw and needy, our lips both begging each other for forgiveness.

I tilted my head to the side invitingly, and he eagerly trailed his kisses down my neck, landing on his mark. I groaned at his meticulous treatment, getting a nip of thanks to my verbal appreciation.

Just as things were getting really hot and heavy, Xavier stopped.

"Damn it, " he growled against my skin.


"I have to share you now."

I giggled, standing him up and pulling his reluctant body weight behind me.

"Does the big bad demon not want to give me up just yet?" I teased.

"Never, Princess. I never want to give you up."

We walked slowly back to the castle, knowing responsibilities and prioritized schedules were waiting there. I carried my night roses in one hand, secretly liking how he had plucked the thorns off so that I could hold them without worrying about the prickly points.

"So how long will you be?" I asked as we were walking through the hallways. He gave me a questioning look. "Until you're done with your work for the day, so you can come and make me forgive you some more?"

He grinned, kissing me quickly and pulling back before I could reciprocate. I pouted at his retreating lips, receiving a smirk at my disappointed expression.

"We actually have to do this together."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"Don't be mad, " he mumbled under his breath, as if to himself. He threw the front door of the castle open, revealing throngs of people waiting for us. My eyes snapped open along with my mouth.

"Meet your people, Princess."


I'm not to sure about the ending to this chapter. Something about it just doesn't seem to be right... Oh well, it is what it is.

Whoa! Super long update! Do you guys love me or what? I couldn't find an ending point, so I just kept writing and writing and writing! You're welcome! :)

A lot happened in this chapter too, so hopefully that satisfies the need for some drama for a while! The plot is definatly thickening... Muhahaha!

Vote, comment, and fan! I want to hear what you guys think!

1.) Is Willy to blame?

2.) Is Ivy right in her belief that Willy is innocent?

3.) Is something wrong with one of the main characters? (HINT HINT!)

4.) Who do YOU think is after Ivy? Or is it all a big prank?

5.) Should she have forgiven Xavier so quickly?

6.) Was Xavier's speech good enough?

7.) Did you guys understand what the heck just happened?

8.) Is windxdancer97 the best author on Wattpad or what?

9.) Is Xavier the center of all your daydreams now? Do you fantasize about that sexy demon?

10.) Uh... Dang, what's something for number 10? Oh yeah! Who loves sour cream and onion chips?!?!?! *raises hand* I DOOOOOOOOOOO! <

Love and all of that other mushy stuff! (I'm like Xavier, I don't do affection well. There's this guy that I kind of like and my idea of flirting is this. Setting: English class where we are paired up to do a sign thing-y for The Scarlet Letter.

He-who-shall-not-be-named: Tara, you're writing it.

Me: Fine. Go get some markers then. *He gets markers*

HWSNBN: What color do you want? *Holds up like 5 different colors*

Me: Let's do red. It'll match the theme of the book.

HWSNBN: (Stubbornly) No. (Just because he likes to be difficult...)

Me: Fine. *Gets out mechanical pencil and ominously clicks the lead out* Give me your hand. How about I write it in your blood if you won't let me use the red marker?

Sad part is this is all true... So that's a little insight into my life. Not that any of you cared or anything, but thanks for sticking with me this far if you did! I'll let you stop reading my useless author's note now...


I love you guys!

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