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So, I had a really crap day and all I wanted to do was forget about it, so I came home and 5-6 hours later, I had this! At least some good came out of my poop day!

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Somehow, I convinced Xavier to let Violet and I still have the next night to ourselves. After a lot of debating, he compromised that we could have our fun, but the second he heard our breathing even out in unconsciousness, he was taking me back to our room. I could only be away from him for six hours because of the blaze.

"I still don't understand why I only get six hours to myself, " I grumbled as he walked me to Violet's door. Yes, because the world would come to an end if I walked myself down the hallway! Talk about overprotective. "It seems like an overreaction. I've lived without you for the past eighteen years, and that was when I still crossed the road without looking and didn't wear a seatbelt."

"Blazing used to be more like marking, without the extra effects, " Xavier informed me. "It was a symbol to others that you were taken. My name would still be inscribed, but it didn't used to have the pull it has now that forces us to be together. Not that it's a problem, but mates of demons did at one point have the freedom to be away from their demon counterpart."

"So you didn't used to be this ridiculously possessive?"

"It's not ridiculous, and no, even back then demons were just as obsessed with their mates. However, this became a known, powerful tool against us. Demons- still delirious with thoughts of our mates- didn't have the same pull when they blazed their mates. Our enemies would kidnap women on their relaxing walks or ambush groups of friends at quaint cafés.

"When the demons got home from work to find their mates missing, they were too late. Demons used to work long hours, but because of this pull, it is limited to five so an extra hour is available if something were to go wrong. The six hour time limit apart is not only to satisfy my complete adoration of you, Princess. It is for your safety, so that my enemies cannot snatch you up and run far before I catch them."

"How did the blaze get the added pull then?"

"For centuries after the idea was accepted, we searched for a good witch to help us. Do not misjudge my words, witches are not generally evil. However, they do harbor selfish intentions and most are too cunning to trust. Every nook and cranny was searched for a good witch, and eventually, my own grandfather was the one to find her.

"She was living on the outskirts of a elf community, far away from society but within a few days' walking distance, not that she could not transport herself there, but that is besides the point. Witches are known to like their privacy, mostly because they were judged so harshly in earlier years. The Salem Witch Trials had sent most of them scrambling to hide themselves in the furthest corners of the world, both human and supernatural realms. It was a rarity to find one, but they searched endlessly not only to encounter one, but a woman that was generous enough to loan such an extravagant gift.

"Dhalia was her name. Like I said, they had searched for about five hundred years before crossing paths with her. Thankfully, witches and demons have good relations. Err, that is, as good relations as we have with other supernatural creatures. If you hadn't noticed, we tend to keep to ourselves, mostly because of our brash and sometimes what are considered malicious ways. Witches and vampires are two of our closest friends, though, so she didn't run immediately, which gave my grandfather time to explain to her what we desired.

"She refused instantly. When they tried to negotiate, she teleported herself to a location they couldn't track, even though they tried desperately to find her again. Defeated, my grandfather called the rest of the search parties to retreat back home. Their search was futile.

"However, when they returned home, Dhalia was waiting for them. She said she and her two sisters, Andorra and Shaquella, had visions of great war coming, and they were destined to charm three species of supernatural creatures so that they could lead the rest of the army into war against a common foe.

"They thanked her profusely, of course. She was showered with gifts from the people and her every desire was fulfilled to the best of their ability while she housed with the royalty. She requested she stay in the attic of this house, the castle, for privacy matters and so that she wouldn't be an inconvenience with her elaborate décor. My grandfather insisted that it wasn't a problem, that she could stay wherever she wished, but she stubbornly demanded the attic.

"The servants cleaned it out, since it had been unused for quite some time. My grandfather described it to me. He illustrated how she painted the black walls stark white to draw pictures of elaborate signs and symbols that, even though they had no clue what they could have meant, fascinated them with their unique design. By the time she was done, all four walls were almost entirely black again, only thin strips and dots of white visible between the thick lines of paint she had used. She had the floor redone in wood, saying that she felt closer to nature that way, helping to relax her. They did as she requested and uprooted the cheap plastic flooring, replacing it with the richest wood, then polished it until it shone brilliantly.

"She set up tables upon tables, obsessively placing all of her decorations just so all around the room. Pots and vases lined t

is usual confident gait.

"Tell me everything, " I demanded instantly.

"I just don't know anymore, " she sighed, flopping onto the bed on her back, staring at the ceiling. "I mean, I though that he liked me. At first, he was so sweet and, yes he was overprotective and possessive, but I could look past that and see how much he cared. All he wanted to do was keep me safe.

"But now? How can he just disappear for hours without telling me? What am I supposed to do with that? Does he not care anymore? Was I not good enough? Is he off with some other girl? Because…I honestly think that I would do it if he asked me to. I think I'm falling in love with the guy, Ivy."

"He's stupid if he even thinks about another girl when you're here, not only with him, but waiting and worrying over him? He would have to be the biggest jerk ever to not see what he has. You're amazing, Vi. He's lucky to have you."

She smiled. "Thanks, Ivy. And that's what I try to tell myself. When he comes home and sees me, he makes me believe that because he's so sweet. All he does is hug me and kiss me. He freaks out if we aren't touching. Whenever I try to move away, he demands to know where I'm going, like he's afraid that I'm going to leave him for good or something. But then…he leaves again and I'm afraid this is going to turn into a routine. I don't want to have these doubts, Ivy. Where is he? That's all I want to know. That, and if he's okay."

"He's in a pair number with Xavier, heir to the Lord of Demons, " I told her teasingly, trying to lighten the mood. "I'm sure he'll be fine. He's powerful enough to handle anything that comes his way."

As soon as those words left my mouth, Xavier slammed the door open, stomping into the room furiously. Violet squeaked and moved back, but I stared back at his fiery eyes, wondering what had caused him to go demon. He snatched me up, squeezing me to his body as his chest vibrated with the ferocious growls coming out of his mouth. I turned my face towards his chest and kissed him, moving my mouth up and down soothingly as my hands wrapped around his lean waist, drawing circles on his back with my palms.

After a full ten minutes of this, he calmed down enough to explain what was going on.

"You are being placed under the royal guard, " he snarled, still brimming with lethal rage that made him who he was. "No arguments. You will have at least one guard at all times, up to five if I am not in the vicinity. Ten other far guards will be posted to watch over you in disguise of regular citizens. From now on, your every move will be watched and monitored."

"What brought this on?" I demanded, figuring that he was too angry to discuss any other options at the moment.

His fist clenched tighter around something, and it was then that I realized he was holding a piece of paper. I pried his fingers away from the crinkled parchment, smoothing it out along the bedside table.

My eyes widened as I read the simple poem. Bile rose up in my throat, and I dashed to the bathroom to puke up my supper. The daunting words rang in my ears over and over again, forever engrained in my head.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I know about Ivy, And she will die too.


*Silence* Yeah, that was intense.

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Love and all that other mushy junk! <

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